In defense of Black rebellion

George-Floyd-Protester-carries-flag-as-Minneapolis-police-ordered-to-abandon-posts-as-protests-intensify-052820-by-Julio-Cortez-AP, In defense of Black rebellion, News & Views
Minneapolis police officers were ordered to abandon their posts as protests demanding justice for George Floyd intensified on May 28. The protester carrying the flag may be harking back to the Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776, that says, “(W)hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them (the people) under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.” For 400+ years of slavery, followed by decades of lynching, then even more killing at the hands of police, it is our DUTY to rebel! American schoolchildren are taught to revere the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, the foundation of this nation, that followed. – Photo: Julio Cortez, AP

Writer’s name withheld

Rebellion is a necessary response to the continuous and unrelenting violence inflicted on the physical and spiritual being. The intention to engage in rebellion does not form overnight – instead it builds over time as a response to the evils of police brutality, poverty, violence, food insecurity, lack of housing and chronic disease.

Rebellion isn’t irrational, unnecessary, confused, sporadic or thuggish. Rebellion is the concentrated application of energy and thought towards the resistance against a system intent on destroying one’s right to life.

Rebellion is not a riot. It is an integral part of a movement for systemic and structural change.

What is happening in Minnesota is a rebellion.

Charging one cop for the brutal murder of George Floyd is not enough – the whole damn system is guilty.

Black people in America are subject to unspeakable violence with no end. The violence of slavery was translated into a system of mass incarceration. Redlining ensured that home ownership was impossible. Black people often live in polluted environments and endure limited access to healthcare, educational opportunities and transport links.

Black women are more likely to die in childbirth. Black trans women are murdered for existing. Now, in the time of COVID, Black people are dying in higher numbers and are being blamed for their own deaths.

Despite doing everything right, Black people can have their entire futures destroyed by racists like Amy Cooper, who weaponize the police to defend white fragility.

The police have always defended property and capital. They have protected the interests of those who chose to benefit from the enslavement of Black people. The police or the pigs or the slave patrols were always a danger to us – this is nothing new.

Charging one cop for the brutal murder of George Floyd is not enough – the whole damn system is guilty.

Black people must rebel – and shine in the glory of rebellion.

The ignited fires are warranted when one comes to understand that this burning is both cathartic and symbolic of a need to resist and dismantle the oppressive police state.

Rebellion is about demanding what is owed. The acceptance of rebellion is the beginning of a journey towards reparations and replenishment. Rebellion is enmeshed in healing and self-love.

No one who engages in rebellion should be labeled a criminal. They have in fact awakened from the nightmare and decided to respond in the right way. They have realized they have nothing to lose.

Those who are not part of the rebellion must watch, remain silent and get out of the way.

The revolution has arrived.

Minnesota, we are with you.

The writer of this piece has been published in the past by the Bay View but needs to remain anonymous for now in the face of threats.