Two women of the TL supporting Proposition A

IMG_1021, Two women of the TL supporting Proposition A, BayViewTV
Tenderloin, San Francisco – Assistant Editor Malik Washington talks to two advocates of Prop A, a measure to create “$487.5 million in bonds going to fund permanent investments in transitional supportive housing facilities, shelters, and/or facilities that serve individuals experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges.” The bill also adds its revenue is for the “improvement” of “the safety and quality of parks” and streets. Improvement is a word that in SF can mean anything from sweeping homeless brothers and sisters out to all forms of gentrification under the name of “beautification.” The bill includes, if necessary, “a tax levy of $14 per $100,000 in assessed value of property,” with the potential for landlords to “pass through up to 50% of any resulting property tax increase to tenants.” What do you all think?