Know your enemies from your friends

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One bad apple

by Joe A’jene Valentine

We’ve all probably heard the relevant sayings, “One bad apple, can ruin the whole bunch” and “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!” Yes, the tree being symbolic and indicative of the root, i.e., the very essence from whence the lone apple originated or fell. That’s the nature of what we’re actually confronted with in terms of the orientation which is systematically ingrained and promoted – i.e., reinforced – as regards law enforcement across the fascist-authoritarian board.

All else is … illusion!

There is no doubt that during the Nazi Germany genocidal onslaught there existed some “good” and “caring” Nazis, in the sense of some folks actually being under, or rather, not under, the brainwashing ideologies, but merely feigning conformity for purposes of self-preservation, since standing out like a sore thumb could be a very dangerous problem under conditions where the vast majority around you dutifully swim in authori­tarian compliance. 

It’s a basic and simple fact that under every oppressive order there were and are those who morally oppose the status quo, as I am sure was the case when our ancestors were being made to endure the barbari­ty that was slavery – direct colonial domination in white face.

Yes, there were also “good” and “caring” overseers since for some, it was simply a matter of economics. They, too, were born into a manufactured reality that was constructed via the powers that be – powers which created the socio-political conditions for even overseers to “get in where they fit in” or succumb to poverty etc., feel me!? 

Yep, their behavior and opportunistic thinking was definitely at the huge ex­pense of Black folks, and for that, those of this nature are to be condemn­ed. In other words, even as there are those who are “good” and “caring” people on a moral level, let us not ever be blind to the fact that, unless their “goodness” and “caring” goes beyond morally identifying and showing empathy or sympathy, it only amounts to nothing of real value as far as not being committed and active participants, however covertly, in assisting to eliminate the oppressive institutions or in the very least to serve to undermine their effectiveness.

My basic point is, particularly and especially as directed to those among us who persist naively, yelling or taking the incorrect position that “there are good and caring” law enforcement folks, is this:

So damn what! A “Black face, white mask” law enforcement official is present or intervenes during the time repressive racist measures are being executed towards securing and advancing the political interests of our oppressors. In terms of pursuing the ruling class’s programs and agendas from prisons to general society, “Black face, white mask” remains an active element of the masters-enemies system, unless he or she shows otherwise by deeds.

There are folks who look like us, who have willingly chosen their side and identify their interests to be totally aligned with their brothers and sisters in green or blue, period! Yes, their job is more important than you!

This fact is made bare across the world, where we continually observe those of the “badge” engaged in targeting and controlling the wretched, as this is their primary function and an oath sworn. Just recently, this permanent truth was shown all around the world, same song, by the fact that now former chief of police of Rochester, New York, was attempt­ing to cover up the outright murder of Daniel Prude, until his sly ass was exposed for the “Black face, white mask” that he is! 

What did the “Black” mayor over that way express: “I failed,” i.e., “I, too, became an unprincipled and willing careerist-motivated Uncle Tom, a complacent and collaborating agent for the Amerikan system of white male supremacy and capitalism-imperialism.”

This is nothing new and shall persist or exist as long as our opportunistic species survives. There’ll always be those who look like us but who are really colluding Buffalo Soldiers, Red Tails and Harlem Hell-Fighters, i.e., those who’ve bought into the deception, if y’all catch my drift …? 

We must cease playing with and entertaining illusions. This is what our true leader Frantz Fanon was emphasizing to us in his book “Wretched of the Earth.”

Wretched-of-the-Earth-cover, Know your enemies from your friends, Abolition Now!

Yes, truly, the enemy is within! They approach us with smiles, handshakes, carrots etc., but they’re ever subordinate to their mas­ters’ programs and agendas. Ask Colin Powell, Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Eric Holder, Condi Rice etc. Even the “radical” Liberal, Michelle Alexander, in her book “The New Jim Crow,” speaks of the “Black face, white masks” who took full advantage of the sacrifices made by primarily the wretched, in order to advance and secure their own live­lihoods – at our cost!

Study the insightful work by Robert Allen, who thoroughly exposes those amongst us, especially and particularly as regards to those of the middle and miniscule Black upper classes. The pattern is the exact same and can be anticipated in all fields of law enforcement, unless you play the willful fool! 

Happening across this racist country, by our folks and others by the millions, is ardent resist­ance to institutions rooted in and geared towards oppressive domination and naked racist violence.

I wonder, did the “Black” prison guard who dutiful­ly executed his orders, report what actually transpired with regards to the brutally racist measures committed at Soledad Prison on July 20, 2020, via repressive agents screaming “Fuck Black Lives.” Did he notify any federal agencies, speak with the press, etc.? Did he later quit, or right-on-the-spot quit his damn J.O.B.?

That’s a true “Black” person and/or righteous ally who genuinely cares about the wretched and who has a good heart, i.e., a person who is of a high character, motivated by uncompromising principles, rooted in justice, one prepared to give un-selfish sacrifice, etc. 

With­out that level and depth of commitment from all quarters or walks of life to include New Afrikan prisoners, we’ll go on losing! What must be recognized is that in fact, there is a method to their madness! Their immediate aim was to remind y’all who’s in charge! To exert a degree of force so as to “shake shit up,” to cause fear and sow divisions amongst those who are inclined to break wide.

However, what they also managed to display, as is happening across this racist country, is their fear! They recognize what’s on the horizon as far as our folks and others by the millions being ardently resist­ant to institutions rooted in and geared towards oppressive domination and naked racist violence, it’s called getting ahead of the game, i.e.  pre-emptive strikes!

Black-Awakening-in-Capitalist-America-cover, Know your enemies from your friends, Abolition Now!

The same was true as regards their reactionary measures post-Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, and indeed that of their deeply draconian response, however cloaked, in terms of when our folks and many others “went up” in 1992! They’re ever making assessments and readjus­ting their strategies and tactics.

They know and realize conditions shall continually spark major unrest. Based on the dynamics of this system of oppression and exploitation, there’s simply nothing that they, those at the apex of this monster, can truly do but to direct their law enforcement agencies and military forces to quell uprisings.

Again, for most of those of the “badge,” it is deep fear of our potential for serious and advanced organization, however positive and non-threatening, that actually is the threat! We understand human psy­chology and deal with folks amongst ourselves who are all image, masquerading cowards depending on their “gang.” 

Law enforcement is really no different, but, of course, with one crucial distinction, which is: They are organized and trained, even as they have an intelligence apparatus which they rely upon, as far as Uncle Toms and rats amongst us, from here to general society. Beware!

To be continued …

“Live to Give, Free of FEAR!”

Study the book “Black Awakening in Capitalist Amerika.”*

Send our brother some love and light: Joe L. (A’Jene) Valentine, C47779, Centinela State Prison A3-224, P.O. Box 921, Imperial, CA 92251.

* “Black Awakening in Capitalist America” is a classic study of the Black liberation movement of the 1960s. Examining Black Power and black capitalism, the student and radical movements, nationalists and integrationists, Allen argues that Black America, hemmed in by racism, constitutes an underdeveloped, domestic colony within the United States.