Rest in power, Comrade Karen Smith!

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Karen Smith, beloved comrade and activist well known for her work in liberating prisoners, passed away suddenly Nov. 28, 2020, in a car accident.

by Gregory ‘King’ Enegess

No amount of words will ever be enough to express my feelings for such a brilliant, strong, wonderful anarchist and komrade, Karen Smith. I am writing this in a state of anger, and I am broken in spirit. So sad, so lost.

Karen was such an inspiration and fire to this movement, and also to me. She was the greatest komrade, friend, love, partner, woman, agitator and organizer I will ever know. For so many, she was the spark that set Florida ablaze and the glue that kept us all together. The mother, the sister, the rage and, most of all, the love. We will forever mourn this loss.

We met in the revolution, her and I. Our love for the revolution and the struggle made the love that we had for each other so much more meaningful, so much more real. As I write this, I cannot imagine a life without her; can’t imagine this fight without her. 

She cared for people in a way I’ve never known. Her love and rage for this revolution gave so many of us power. Her love for me was unconditional and unmatched; my love for her will be forever.

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Karen, my K, was never the type of person to do anything the easy way. She was the brightest and loudest flame at every demonstration, often sacrificing herself for the cause and never laying down for any cop. She was the radical, revolutionary woman that I always dreamed of and I will forever dream of.

Every single second that I knew Karen, she made me believe in a life worth living, fighting and burning for. I wish I could wake up in my cell and all this would have been just a terrible nightmare. I was hoping that I would awake from the nightmare and we would be together, forever organizing our next action or even just clowning and laughing. I will miss that wonderful laugh – komrades who know her know what I mean.

Karen not only left behind her beautiful mark in everyone’s life that she met, but she left behind two wonderful souls: Jack and Sloane-a-bear, two wonderful people she loved more than life itself.

Karen-Smith-dog, Rest in power, Comrade Karen Smith!, Culture Currents
Karen’s pup was unfortunately lost alongside her in the accident.

Whether we meet in the afterlife or another lifetime, please know that I will love you forever, Karen. You are my world, Kayin Zapata. My gorgeous queen. I promise I will struggle forever in order to abolish every prison for you. I love you, K, forever. Rest in power, my love.

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