Ruchell Cinque Magee speaks

Free-Ruchelle-Magee, Ruchell Cinque Magee speaks, Abolition Now!
Ruchell Cinque is the longest unjustly held political prisoner in the US, under lockdown for nearly six decades. Cinque was a key figure in the 1970 Marin County Civic Center shootout but was acquitted of murder along with Angela Davis. We must demand his immediate release now!

by Ruchell Cinque Magee, transcribed and introduced by Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at

This year, unlike most for the past few decades, there were no in-person Black August mass commemorations here in the sacred Indigenous Ohlone lands aka the California Bay Area. However, some of us did gather at San Quentin State Prison before and after to demand the release of those unjustly held during this deadly pandemic that has claimed so many lives. 

In the spirit of Black August and as we celebrate the release in October of political prisoner and Jericho Amnesty Movement co-founder Baba Jalil Muntaqim after 50 years of torture, I want to share a recent message from Elder Ruchell Cinque Magee. 

Ruchell is now our longest unjustly held political prisoner in the US – and possibly our world – under lockdown for nearly six decades. Many are aware of the shoot-out at the Marin County Civic Center in 1970. Ruchell Cinque was a key figure in that situation but was acquitted of murder, along with our beloved and wise Elder Angela Davis. He should have been set free decades ago, and we must demand his immediate release now. Here we share his insightful words. Asé. 

Sept. 2, 2020

Greetings, Jahahara,

Ruchell Cinque here, confined in California Medical Facility-Vacaville. Allow me to bring to your attention a live judicial proceeding challenging a kangaroo court’s slave operation showing by the pending writ of habeas corpus litigation entitled Ruchell Magee, Case No. S263467, before the California Supreme Court at 350 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94102.

According to many who fear to face the truth of the slave operation and what we – the people oppressed – are dealing with, the evidence brought out in court legal documents is not important for learning.

There are many instances I have read about where legal proceedings in the courts and Congress resulted in reparations for the Japanese people in America, as well as judicial action that reversed Chief Justice Taney’s slave law decision in Dred Scott and judicial action in the Amistad case releasing Joseph aka Cinque and others who had been kidnapped from Africa to be made slaves.

This means evidence exposing illegal slavery and how it has been carried out matters because it must be exposed and corrected to make sure that what happened to me and my family doesn’t happen to anyone else.

It has taken me more that 35 years in prison trying to determine the behavior patterns shared between the racists and the psychopaths with law badges. Both inflict excessive emotion and stress on others, often causing wrongful deaths. 

The jury foreman filed a federal lawsuit in January 2001 along with a criminal complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and US Department of Justice asking that corrupted judges and lawyers be stopped from assaulting the jury system and myself.

I have served 57 years in California state prisons for allegedly “Kidnapping to Commit Robbery.” Evidence has proven this never occurred prior to my arrest on March 23, 1963.

On false charges in a kangaroo court, I was put in shackles and muzzled in the presence of the mock jurors, while criminals with badges – the judge, lawyers and police – put on a show speaking of my life and using their own false guilty and insanity pleas as evidence. I had no counsel for defense against the prosecution’s false evidence and suppression of proof of my innocence.

I have been filing legal documents in state and federal courts for over five decades: However, I’ve never been allowed the opportunity to be heard on the prima facie issues that mandate reversal of my illegal conviction. New evidence proving my constitutional rights claims now showing in the court are irrefutable. 

Being Black makes me appear deserving of being put through white supremacy’s death trap hell played up as “law and order” out of public sight. As I’ve been basically isolated for decades without press coverage, in the eyes of the badged psychopaths, my constitutional rights claims are frivolous or are disregarded before being heard.

Regarding the Aug. 7, 1970, Slave Rebellion

After seven years in prison and petitioning the courts, I found myself in an oppressive circle of negative, psychopathic, racist judges who limited their review to doctored transcripts and piecemeal arguments by the state’s attorney general, who suppressed the most important portions of the trial court records.

Aug. 7, 1970, I joined the slave rebellion with other Black prisoners in Marin County, Calif., where I was taken from a San Quentin dungeon cell to the Marin County Courthouse as witness for James McClain. Shooting ensued, and four people were killed by San Quentin guards and one person killed the superior court judge. I was charged with murder, kidnap and conspiracy along with Professor Angela Davis – charges of which we both were acquitted.

I can think of no special circumstances that would justify use of a constitutional privilege to discredit or convict a person who asserts it.

The jurors in San Francisco County who found me not guilty of kidnap studied evidence of the 1960s hate crime frame-up now included in the habeas corpus. The jury went to the press after trial, publicizing that the acquittal was concealed by the judge, thus subjecting my person to double jeopardy prosecution in Santa Clara County. Now: the cat again threatens to get out of the bag.

The jury foreman, Mr. Bernard J. Suares, filed a federal lawsuit in January 2001 along with a criminal complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and US Department of Justice asking that corrupted judges and lawyers be stopped from assaulting the jury system and myself. The jury got the old racist runaround.

The acquittal and double jeopardy issues are being challenged by separate litigation in the US Supreme Court. If either case is allowed to be heard, this will open others’ records for investigation into the legislative corruption, which will educate hundreds of millions of peoples of all races. The acquittal and constitutional law prove much bigger than racist and psychopathic elements.

I can think of no special circumstances that would justify use of a constitutional privilege to discredit or convict a person who asserts it. My view of psychopathic and racist behavior is influenced by the criminal and sick action I’ve witnessed and suffered for decades. 

Many racists with a law badge seem to have accepted the idea that their Jim Crow tool, referred to as the Anti-Terrorist Act and put into law by Bill Clinton, eliminated our rights under the Constitution. Otherwise, they apply it in deceptive ways to ensure that no racist practicing slavery under color of law can be proven wrong in court. 

Therefore, no Black person under attack can be protected against the psychopathic attacks. Out in the open, where people of normal intelligence ask relevant questions court, the real criminals run back into their “good guy” game playing.

As it stands, from an order to show cause on merit, the California attorney general will agree that I am a victim of the kangaroo court frame-up – one of the worst ever recorded over the past century!

Thank you for reading this missive. I remain, Ruchell Cinque.

Activists, attorneys and justice-loving individuals and organizations, please reach out to support Baba Ruchell Cinque Magee, A92051, CMF T-115, P.O. Box 2000, Vacaville, CA 95696.