Sister’s Circle Women’s Support Network empowers women to move to the next level of recovery

Sister’s Circle Women’s Support Network

by Traci Watson, Sister’s Circle Women’s Support Network (SCWSN)

San Francisco faces an extensive homelessness crisis – the result of substance abuse, mental illness, lack of affordable housing, unemployment and other socioeconomic challenges. Though men and women experience similar negative consequences of homelessness, women are the most vulnerable and at risk for experiencing sexual or physical violence, a loss of self-esteem and other behavioral problems.

Sister’s Circle Women’s Support Network is a transformative intervention program designed to educate and empower women to move to the next level of recovery. The barriers we target are homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, trauma, sex-trafficking, re-entry from incarceration, education and support for chronic illnesses. 

At Sister’s Circle Women’s Support Network, we aim to help women find their self-worth and develop the confidence and skills they need to better themselves and make a lasting impact on their communities. 

We equip the women we serve with the tools and resources needed to become their best personal and professional selves. They learn what it means to be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend; but most importantly, we show them how to support fellow women in need and understand their value as a woman in society. 

We offer workshops for our women focusing on personal development and career skills, mental and physical wellbeing, mentorship, addiction and recovery and a variety of other support groups that encourage the betterment of the circle. Through our mission of women supporting women and an emphasis on female empowerment, we know that we can change the trajectory of the lives of many struggling women throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

For more information, check out SCWSN’s website:, and feel free to reach out by or by phone 415-261-2944.