Breaking news: An emergency on Treasure Island

This little dog on Treasure Island in a photo taken today is licking the poison off her paws. She is a certified service and animal assistance dog retired with health problems who is as damaged by toxins as her humans are.

by Carol Harvey

This evening at 5:00 pm, Dennis Bernstein, host of KPFA’s award winning nationally syndicated investigative news magazine Flashpoints, interviews former Treasure Island employee Asia Marie William and investigative reporter Carol Harvey about the poisoning of poor and people of color on Treasure Island.

Malik Washington put Dennis Bernstein in touch with investigative reporter Carol Harvey to be interviewed along with Asia William on Flashpoints today at 5:00 exposing the Navy’s poisoning of poor and people of color on Treasure Island.

This morning, a Treasure Island resident texted Carol about an emergency on the island. Right now, high winds are buffeting Treasure Island with toxic dust carrying chemicals and radioactive material from a cleanup zone. They said their mouth and throat were so coated with toxic material, they had to wash their face three times to get it off. Their eyes are burning. This includes their little dog.

During the Feb. 28 Board of Supervisors hearing on the poisoning of Treasure Islanders, the state EPA claimed tarps, fences and other flimsy barriers would protect residents from these poisons. They also promised protection in emergencies.

This is an emergency! Where is the state EPA? Where is the Navy? This person has called the Navy non-stop with no response. Please listen to this show tonight where Asia and Carol will talk about this emergency, and please spread the word about what’s happening right now.

Carol Harvey is a San Francisco political journalist specializing in human rights and civil rights. She can be reached at