Nekhet ankh, the life force: Kemetic Sciences Studies – an enlightenment

African-goddess-Aset-Isis-holding-up-sky-w-ankhs-on-her-arms, Nekhet ankh, the life force: Kemetic Sciences Studies – an enlightenment, Culture Currents
“You possess your blood, Aset, you possess your power, Aset, you possess your magic, Aset. The amulet [tiet] is a protection for this Great One, which will drive off anyone who would perform a criminal act against her/him.” – from peret m herew (Utterances for Coming Forth by Day, “Book of the Dead,” Spell 156)

by Shai Alkebu-Lan, Founder, Director and International Spokesperson for the House of the Lions of Judah Ecumenical Rastafari Service

Soledad, Calif. – On Oct. 26, 2019, the House of the Lions of Judah Ecumenical Rastafari Service established a Kemetic Science Studies into its religious service. The first community group met on Nov. 9, 2019. 

The following are those Rastas that attended: Brother Arias aka Ras Scoogie, Ras E-Bo, Ras Dusty, Ras Amon, Ras True Divine, Ras Hurtado and Shai.

We were truly lucky and fortunate to have an exclusive interview with Brother Jason “Ras Conscious” Hurtado, yet all the group members made solid contributions. However, the following is truly enlightening –

Shai Alkebu-Lan: What is Kemetic Science?

Ras Conscious: Kemetic Science is the biological thesaurus built into modern physical science. It’s a treasury of science that deals with the origin, history, physical characteristics, life processes, habits and any of the various natural cycles in organisms that are related to the tides, sun, moon, light, temperature etc. and that control breeding, feeding, migration etc.

Kemetic Science could be viewed as the knowledge of the Black land, soil.

Kemet is actually the word mehet, which means the delta marshes, and also mht, which means flood waters. The land of Kemet alludes to the waters of the Nile Valley (Hapy River). There would be no Kemetic Science without the Nile Valley civilization. So, yes, Kemetic Science could be viewed as the knowledge of the Black land, soil.

Alkebu-Lan: Is the Rastafari community at CTF-Soledad on the right track by incorporating Kemetic Science studies into its disciplines?

Conscious: When it comes to Rastafari and Africa, it’s all about re-uniting with home, and having Kemetic Science as our university is only right. The word Rasta has the word Ra in it, informing the mind to remember the soul of Ra. To be Rasta is to be illuminated with solar (soul) energy (inner-G).

Ankh-shaped-mirror, Nekhet ankh, the life force: Kemetic Sciences Studies – an enlightenment, Culture Currents
“At the ends of the universe is a blood-red cord that ties life to death, man to woman, will to destiny. Let the knot of that red sash, which cradles the hips of the Goddess, bind in me the ends of life and dream … I am the knot where two worlds meet. Red magic courses through me like the blood of Isis, magic of magic, spirit of spirit. I am proof of the power of the gods. I am water and dust walking.” – “The Knot of Isis” from “Awakening Osiris” by Normandi Ellis

Alkebu-Lan: The word Ankh – what is its significance to Pan Africans?

Conscious: The word Ankh, which can be found throughout Afrika, is a symbol for life, regeneration, spiritual protection and resurrection, among other things. In order for the Pan Afrikan to properly move and operate, he or she must become one with the breath of Afrika. 

The word breath means spirit, and the Ankh is a dialectical variant of the word snb (Seneb), meaning to be healthy, be alive, be cured. In order for the Pan Afrikan to navigate America, one must be in balance with his and her masculine and feminine principles. The Ankh is the symbol for unification between human and the divine.

Alkebu-Lan: When you speak of Kemetic Sciences, how does the Ankh relate to the sesh medew netcher and snfw (senefew/blood)?

Conscious: The term sesh medew neter is the same as just saying (metu neter) or medu neter. The word mdw (medew, medu) means to speak, recite, speech or method.

The term medew netcher (medu neter) means inscriptions of the divine words, divine language of nature. Because the term senefew means blood, we’re dealing with the language of nature (netcher). 

As far as the Ankh in relation to the blood and the language of nature, we start with the tiet symbol. The tiet symbol is a variation of an Ankh, except that the arms of the tiet curve down like a human in a standing position. The tiet (ti-et) is also called the knot of Aset (Isis) and the blood of Aset. For more information on the tiet, refer to the “Egyptian Book of the Dead.” 

The ti-et is representative of resurrection and depicted in red, as in the senefew, blood of the human body. As you can see, the blood and Ankh represents life sustaining activities, when it’s recited and spoken in the sesh medu netcher language.” 

Alkebu-Lan: The land of Kemet has many meanings and interpretations. Was there any specific or general anthropological linguistics that gave rise to the cultural explosion of scientific development in Kemet (Egypt) Afrika?

Conscious: Linguistics can be subdivided by systems of study such as comparative, theoretical and geographical linguistics. These sciences of languages include phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics, just to name a few. The word anthropology is the study of humans from cultural characteristics, customs, social relations and distribution.

When dealing with ancient Kemet (Egypt) Afrika, the language family that houses Kemet is now classified as Negro Egyptian in French by prominent authoritative indigenous Black Afrikan anthropological linguists, Egyptologists and scholars such as Cheik Anta Diop from Senegal, Theophile Obenga from Brazzaville, Congo, Jean Claude Mboli from The Central Afrikan Republic, just to name a few. They are references to get a more accurate and cultural understanding of ancient Kemet. They will give you the explosion of scientific development! 

Egyptian-yoga-the-kneeling-twist, Nekhet ankh, the life force: Kemetic Sciences Studies – an enlightenment, Culture Currents
Dr. Muata Ashby and Dr. Karen Ashby, in their book “Egyptian Yoga: Postures of the Gods and Goddesses” proclaim that yoga was practiced in Egypt earlier than anywhere else in the world, long before the evidence is detected in India, including the Indus Valley Civilization, or any other early civilization. Such as Sumer, Greece, China, etc. This point of view is supported by illustrative and documented scriptural evidence of physical exercises, meditations and implementation of wisdom teachings in daily life.

Alkebu-Lan: What scientists in this field, or scholars, in addition to the aforementioned, have been your inspiration?

Conscious: Brother Polight, Naim Akbar, Asar Imhotep, Einstein, Brother Shepi at Central Training Facility (CTF)-Soledad C-Yard and plenty more.

Alkebu-Lan: Any lasting impressions to leave the San Francisco Bay View readers with?

Conscious: Hotep! Thank you for your time and may you stay radiated!

Alkebu-Lan: Bubblin’ on the top one-hun-dred, just like a mighty dread! Dread and alive! Nekhet ankh, the life force, be born!

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