Eight-year-old twin sisters Kalina and Kalani cook their favorites!

San Francisco’s favorite gourmands have released a cookbook of their most loved treats and Southern recipes! Eight-year-old twins Kalina and Kalani were born and raised in the city and have cooked for all kinds of people and family and friends in their own community in Diamond Heights. Mentored in the kitchen by their grandmother, Barbara Harris, they’ve supplied us with recipes that’ll put a satisfied smile on anyone’s face. Rice crispy treats, collard greens, fried oysters, cornbread, potato salad and so much more will be the faves of summer 2021.

by Barbara Harris

Eight-year-old twin sisters Kalina and Kalani from San Francisco, Calif., have been cooking in the kitchen with their grandmother Barbara Harris since age 3. Due to the pandemic, they figured it was time to spread love and share their family’s soulful recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation with the world. 

The dynamic twin sisters always showed love to everyone and have a big heart. With that stated, $5 of each book sale will go to their school in San Francisco.

Ms. Barbara Harris and the twins live in San Francisco’s Diamond Heights neighborhood. Ms. Harris, Kalina and Kalani will be debuting a YouTube cooking show sometime this year, so stay tuned!

This is a simple cookbook for adults and children to enjoy! Nothing complicated, with simple recipes that are easy to follow. You don’t even need any fancy name-brand seasonings or meat!

These recipes were created out of love, directly from the kitchen. My mother taught me these recipes. And I, Barbara Harris, passed them down while in the kitchen to my granddaughters Kalina and Kalani. They have been cooking with me for the past five years.

These recipes do not have any calorie counts or are really “diet” friendly. Just some down home simple recipes to satisfy your stomach and put a smile on the faces of your family and friends.

For more information on how to obtain your copy of the cookbook, please visit the website at kookingwithkalinaandkalani.com. I hope you enjoy them! 

Barbara Harris is a chef, proud mother and grandmother in San Francisco.