Our People

Dillon-Avery-Harp, Our People, Culture Currents
Dillon Avery Harp

by Dillon Avery Harp

Headlines got me ask’n

what we supposed do?

Our People get’n killed 

cause we don’t look like you

Repression sent subliminal 

if you see thugs and criminals

You should lift ya head up 

and catch a better view 


I see Queens and Kings

Raised up in ravines

Just tryna teach they royal youth

to Rage Against Machines

I was raised up in Texas

Lost my soul to the heat

Some of the things I done seen 

Man, you’d probably never believe

Different doorways for people 

who look like you and me

Different city 

Different streets

Different toilets

Different sinks

Different hopes

Different dreams

We might say the same words 

but we mean different things

They tell’n me

Anger ain’t the answer

I just gotta turn over the page

But Lowkey

reading them census signatures 

signed by blind citizens 

Got me feel’n enraged

They keep say’n Abe,

Signed a paper 

to abolish the pain

But that just means they 

Turned the fields 

into a cage

Built with tax dollars paid

By a country 

Propped up on the

Backs of Slaves. 

They call’n us

Indigo kids now

But I ain’t talk’n new age 

KarukLands-Dillion-Avery-Harp, Our People, Culture Currents
Dillon Avery Harp

I’m talk’n bout

Melanin bathed 

In blue tints made,

Where our ancestors 


Our people 

felt the first 

waves crash

A heartbreaking welcome 

to the coasts of a New World

As well as 

the last sound heard

on the coasts of their past

Our people

moved their feet

bent down on 

hand and knee

to feel the earth 

change beneath

Our people 

reshaped the sounds 

their lips made

and the way 

their hair laid


Our people 

Knew that


Our people 

Gathered at the 

End’a the day

That our people’s blood

Would always

Speak the Same

A traveler of both time and space, Dillon Avery Harp is a radical Black poet-MC-writer and musician-producer-composer. Informed by a socio-cultural political lens that is unapologetically Black and human-planet rights focused, his work is a testament to the collective experiences of his people’s journey. Contact him at IG: @WavyRoseGold.

Our People, recited by Dillon Avery Harp: