Bypassing CDCr’s promotion of death towards giving life

Hands-holding-a-kidney, Bypassing CDCr’s promotion of death towards giving life, Abolition Now!
Time and time again, prisoners are told their lives don’t matter, that they will have no agency over their own healing and rehabilitation without a fight. Prisoners are crying out to make meaning of their lives on their own terms in any way possible. Who does it serve to deny prisoners an expression of their humanity to save the life of another human being? Especially if they are caged for taking a life? California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation shames and judges and dehumanizes prisoners for their transgressions and then ignores their acts of kindness. This is an indictment on the genocidal practices of CDCr and a clear indication of their intentions regarding the people in their charge. Prisoners are choosing the gift of life and love. How about you?

by Vincent Callender

Hello, I’m writing in regard to how as inmate prisoners we are not allowed to donate our kidney to a needy recipient who may be in society.

Currently, inmate prisoners are only allowed to donate their kidneys upon death. We can sign an Advance Directive which can then be used to release our organs and our body parts to whomever is to receive them.

This procedure is not allowing an inmate prisoner to donate a kidney while alive to, for example, “be thanked” for their donation of a life-saving organ.

In California Department of Corrections as an inmate prisoner, the department will not incur the cost of a kidney transplant operation even though this operation can save a life.

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It is sad to know even a son, daughter, mother, father or compatible match can’t benefit from a donor match who is in prison.

The department will not incur the cost of a kidney transplant operation even though this operation can save a life.

The rule denies a potential donor the right to rehabilitation and compassion for others and remorse. Let alone, the CDCr states that incurring the post operation cost of care of a donor kidney is not in their budget.

For the last 10 years I have been doing research and making plans based on how CDCr is not in promotion of life, so I created my own non-profit, Inmates Giving Life, formed to help those in prison who want to donate their kidney to a needy recipient in society. 

My mission is to save lives one by one.

Currently I’m looking for people who want to help me and my dream come into reality. And my hope is that by publishing this letter, I’ll find some good people to work with me.

Thank you, V

Send our brother some love and light: Vincent A. Callender, F27511, CSATF E-3-138, P.O. Box 5242, Corcoran, CA 93212. Or visit to write or email.