Structural Racism: The Prison Industrial Slave Complex and war

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Mateo Astronauto is an Artist, Illustrator and Creative Strategist from Daytona Beach, Florida who currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. His intricate and intensely-detailed original artworks take inspiration from society, spirituality and the natural world to blend into a kaleidoscopic, “everything is something” and “all is one” visual experience. The idea of everything being something should remind us to extend this to prisoners, as well. Stay woke! Find Mateo on all social media platforms @theartistdied, and

by Comrade Easley, from Maximum Security Restrictive Housing (Toledo, Ohio)

Stay Woke! 1

Structural racism and the prison industrial slave complex (PISC) thrives on over-policing and racial profiling within Black and Brown communities. The united states of amerikkka currently has 2.1 million people incarcerated.

Black people make up 13 percent of the united states population. We are the minority. However, Blacks are incarcerated at a much higher rate than any other race and make up 47 percent of the prison population. This should be disturbing. War has been waged against Black and Brown communities since the beginning of time. We must redistribute the pain.

#GetYourFeetOffOurNecks #redistributethepain

I’m stating facts: Afrikans are also sentenced to death at higher rates than whites. After the civil war in 1863-65, slavery was abolished except for those convicted of a felony.


What happened next should stain the hearts of mankind – Convict leasing (the Black codes) was created in response to former slave owners who went bankrupt after the Civil War and could no longer profit from slave labor. By 1865, laws were created called Black Codes, specifically for Black people with a hidden agenda for “entrapment” and prison slave labor. In exchange, we got “The New Jim Crow,” convict leasing and hyper-incarceration was the reform!

President Ronald Reagan signed a bill in the mid 80s, making it legal to purchase private prisons for profit. Note: Ballentine’s Law dictionary definition of entrapment: Inducing a person to commit a crime he/she is otherwise not inclined to commit, in order to bring a criminal prosecution against him/her.

There are structures of racism that determine who goes to prison, particularly who goes to prison and who gets to go to colleges and universities. Race and class are so deeply ingrained into this society. For example, the far right wants you to believe immigrants are non-white, Mexicans etc. Do we ever think of undocumented immigrants as Russian? Do we ever racialize them as white undocumented immigrants?

So, you begin to understand how the ideology of racism infects the very logic of our thought process. Defund the police made amerikkka cringe, but we defund schools all the time – nobody says shit! Ain’t that what reconstruction is all about? Strike a nerve, defund the police.

It’s 2022, stay woke! College in prison was defunded in the mid 90s, and the incarceration rate skyrocketed. Our struggle is real – We need liberation schools and revolutionaries, nothing less!

George Jackson gave us the Dragon blueprint – What Would George Jackson Do (WWGJD) in 2022? I always look at revolutionaries from the 60s and ask myself, how would they take advantage of YouTube, Instagram, the Jericho movement, Bayview newspaper, United Nations, iPhones, and drones? My favorite go-tos are Gandhi’s civil disobedience, George Jackson’s Dragon blueprint and Fred Hampton’s revolutionary intoxication.

Defund the police made amerikkka cringe, but we defund schools all the time – nobody says shit!

I used to explain to the late Mike Vinson of Ohio we got touchscreen Jpay tablets with music and video games and GTL touchscreen phone tablets in prison. Like society, the average prisoner is distracted by touchscreen tablets – WWGJD?

So, comrades in the streets need to tap in to control the narrative and find ways to keep us engaged with the movement and a broader perspective. I’m just one voice – hundreds of prisoners don’t know what boycott, divestment and sanctions mean!

Not only do we control the narrative on social media, but it’s important to reach inside these solitary confinement units as we call it the trenches! We currently get the associated press newspaper on our tablets – no Spotify, no YouTube or iTunes. Comrades can screenshot reading material and cut and paste Blood in my Eye via email.

F#@! the Associated Press – we want comrade Nube to go digital – 50 cents a copy online would keep the donor program independent and Bayview in hard copy for years. Jpay has merged with GTL phone to finally go wireless (WiFi). The San Francisco Bay View newspaper should be on our tablets in prison so we can liberate ourselves!

I paid $12.30 on JPay to download Angela Davis’ “The Meaning of Freedom” and Fred Hampton’s Black Panther speeches; 50 cents for the Bay View newspaper once a month to liberate ourselves feels like an investment. Angela Davis is one of the founders of Critical Resistance – the baddest weapon we got against the Prison Industrial Slave Complex – another investment.

Stay Woke! 2

Putin offers humanitarian aid to the Indian refugees in Ukraine Amerikkka says white refugees only!

No one is screaming build the wall now that it’s white Ukrainian refugees crossing the border!

I’ve just seen Kamala Harris last year on national television tell South American refugees, do not come!

I was just talking to a German female officer named Kaiser last week about the local news announcement that Toledo, Ohio is preparing to accept (white) refugees from Ukraine. I said, you see this shit? They are not screaming, “build a wall!” now that it’s white refugees, or saying do not come to Amerikkka!

These a$$holes are racist, and the officer said, “when you’re right, I can’t debate that Easley.”

Now that it’s white refugees no one is screaming build the wall – why is that?

The latest reports from Russia and Ukraine: Indian refugees and African refugees unable to escape. Putin offers humanitarian aid to the Indian population in Sumy.

When Black Lives Matter and countless activists nearly burnt amerikkka down in 2020 about George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Putin called amerikkka hypocrites for pointing the finger at Russia claiming human rights violations, when your government is shooting protestors with rubber bullets for protesting about police officers killing Black citizens!

I agree – Amerikkkan hypocrisy. My comrade Keith LaMar is awaiting a death sentence next year November 2023, for the Lucasville riot: [Keith LaMar is a death row prisoner who was wrongfully convicted in the State of Ohio. On November 16, 2023, the State intends to execute him, even though he has maintained his innocence for nearly three decades, all while being held in indefinite solitary confinement. In the aftermath of the 1993 Lucasville Prison Uprising, the State of Ohio was under public pressure to clean up a multi-million dollar mess, one that included the death of a prison guard and multiple prisoners. After State investigators trampled the crime scene and contaminated any and all potential evidence, they paid jailhouse informants to create a false narrative that implicated Keith, even though he wasn’t affiliated with any of the groups involved in the riot] – If that ain’t a human rights violation what is?

Killing your own citizens should be a human rights violation. I plan to argue at the United Nations upon release.

Fair exchange ain’t no robbery if you’re not gonna allow Asian, Black and Brown refugees the same humanitarian aid as white refugees, build a WALL!

I’m disappointed the far left ain’t exposing this bullshit. President Putin is exposing the hypocrisy – Democracy my ass, social media censorship and separatist groups really exist.

There’s two sides to a story, and I wanna hear the other side – Indians in Sumy unable to escape! Putin offers humanitarian aid to the Indian population and has close ties with Iranian Muslims.

Ukraine is seeking to join NATO and allow the U.S. embassy within their borders, on Russia’s front porch. The study group is listening to NATO – Global Police and New World Order by Poor Righteous teachers. Also streaming Rebel without applause and the violence of the lambs by Paris!

Trump supporters screaming: “if Trump was in office this war would have never happened.” Are you insane? Everyone knows what’s gonna happen if Ukraine keeps requesting to join NATO!

This war is about Ukraine requesting to join NATO and their relationship with the united states of Amerikkka. Ukraine is on Russia’s border, which means too close for comfort and a super threat if they join NATO.

Comrade Easley


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