Residents speak out on lack of city response to string of arsons in Bayview

Asale Haquekyah Chandler and Olivia Bordeaux protest outside the LaSalle Apartments on Hunters Point Hill in Bayview, covered by SF Bay View Community Journalist Sierra Bourne. – Video: Sierra Bourne

A recent string of arsons and unsatisfactory responses from city officials, property management and local critical intervention control has residents of San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point district declaring, “Enough is enough.” 

The morning of April 19 around 6:30 a.m. marked the third incident in a series of arson attempts on residential apartment buildings in the neighborhood’s LaSalle Apartments. The first fire occurred March 30, 2022, followed shortly by another nearby incident of a building set aflame, and now finally today’s most recent occurrence. 

Residents have been left fearing for their lives and safety, enraged by what they report to be lack of response and extreme negligence from law enforcement, city officials and even local security personnel stationed in the neighborhood. The SF Bay View spoke with one of the victims of this streak of arson, community member Olivia Bordeaux, as well as social justice activist and abolitionist Asale Haquekyah Chandler. 

“We need a state of emergency in the Bayview!” demanded Chandler in reference to not only the fires, but the disturbing increase in fatal shootings. They are also calling for help from the Bayview community in protesting and organizing April 28 at the International Tribal Market Place on Third Street and Hudson Avenue. Check out the full interview at!

Sierra Bourne is SF Bay View’s community journalist and social media team member born and raised in Bayview Hunters Point. Her reporting covers issues affecting youth in SFUSD schools and all over the City. Reach Sierra by email at