Defending a Lil Warrior Queen

Queen-Nandi, Defending a Lil Warrior Queen, Behind Enemy Lines
Queen Nandi was the mother of Shaka Zulu, one of the Zulu kingdom’s greatest kings in Southern Africa. Her story is one of resilience as a mother, and one of hope against social pressures. Queen Nandi trained her son to be a warrior, and raised her son to never give up on life, to have strength of will and to believe in his destiny, despite challenges to her position.

Dear Sista Nube,

In defense and on behalf of the Lil Warrior Queen, Cheryl Vaughn at CIW, I would like to say she is, at least, doing something exposing the conditions of her enslavement at that particular plantation and, in so doing, putting herself at risk for all kinds of reprisals and retaliation from the overseers there, as well as from the sellouts who have joined forces with them. 

She deserves honor and respect for that, because there are thousands of others throughout the PIC being subjected to the same inhumane conditions, but don’t have the courage to say anything. They just accept whatever the prisoncrats dish out, and suffer in silence. In fact, many do that while tap dancing and wearing a big smile the whole time!

The Sista may not be an “activist” per se, but she sure has the heart of a potential to evolve into one, if some of you more principled and learned Brothas and Sistas who are would take the time and mind to teach, shape and mold her into the New African philosophy you so frequently refer to –  and I mean that in a real hands-on way – write, visit and teach her. Empty, non-corrective criticism does not help.

I am not an activist either, in the sense that term is used in the Bay View newspaper, but what I am is a conscious Black man who stands in firm opposition to the former slave masters, their house n***** and the oppressive elements of the former slave masters’ children. More specifically, I am a registered member of the original Nation of Islam, and have been since 1969. I didn’t turn back on my heels when the hypocrites began to follow the chief hypocrite Warith Deen Mohammed, in 1975. I was, and still am, among the true knowers who heeded the call of Minister Farrakhan when he ordered FOI (Fruit of Islam) to return to our past and rebuild the Nation in 1977.

Over the 53 years I’ve been a captive behind prison walls, I’ve held the ranks of lieutenant, captain, secretary and minister in the Nation. I was there when the original Black Panther Party was active, and when the revolutionary ideology of George L. Jackson predominated behind prison walls.

The original Panther Party was not the only target of COINTELPRO, so was the Nation of Islam. Our ranks were also infiltrated by FBI agents with the same objectives as they had for the Panthers, and we know they remain so to this very day.

As a young soldier in the ranks of the Nation, I was also attacked by racist guards and white supremacist inmate gangs, and had to fight side-by-side and back-to-back with the original revolutionary elements of the BGF (Black Guerrilla Family). It was our willing and enthusiastic duty to do so, as we saw it as our duty to help defend Black life in these California slave plantations aka Tracy, Soledad, San Quentin and Folsom. I, like all FOI imprisoned in those tumultuous days, did my/our duty. FOI sacrificed life, limb, liberty and indefinite terms of solitary confinement in the fight for freedom, justice and equality behind prison walls just like our brothers and sisters in the Panther Party did on the outside, and the revolutionary elements of the BGF did on the inside.

So, although I do not consider myself a New Afrikan, (we are the original man), or what you call an “activist,” I am never the less active in the fight against injustice, and it sounds a lot like the Lil Warrior Queen, Cheryl Vaughn, is also active in fighting injustice to the best of her ability. I give her props for that.

In solidarity, Khalif

Send our brother some love and light: Khalif Lateef, C52678, CSP-Solano 6-115, P.O. Box 4000, Vacaville, CA 95696.