Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy

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From left: Ziair Hughes, Amun Ra, Nija, Aunti teacher Angel Heart and Avery writing their pieces in the Po’ People’s Library for their radio segment on PNNKEXU 96.1.

Solar heat 

by AmunRa 

In Arizona, our friend Joe died because he had no home to go to when it was hot, no water and food. It was too hot. I think food stamps should be free in Arizona but we have been feeling some heat because Mother Earth needs a fan and on April 14 she had a bath. It was so cold I could not go outside. So I could not even take the trash out. 

Climate terrorism and heat

by Ziair Hughes 

In the city of the heat, Arizona, and many other places, houseless people are dying because they have no shelter to be safe in. Like a brother named Joe who died in this crucial weather, who was a POOR Magazine reporter.

Tiburcio-age-18-with-Amun-Ra-age-8, Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy, Culture Currents Local News & Views News & Views
Tiburcio, 18, with Amun Ra, age 8.

These problems happen a lot but these stories don’t get that much attention. This hot weather is unnatural and it is caused by pollution. Pollution is caused by cellphones, batteries, wifi and more. It is also referred to as self-induced pollution. 

In these situations, poor people are the first and most affected by it. What are some solutions you may ask? Well, one is getting a solar panel, not having your phone on and not using it all the time. These are some simple but effective ways to slow down self-induced pollution.

Here are some facts from Fox10 Phoenix: There have been 113 confirmed deaths that were either heat-related or were directly caused by dangerously hot summer temperatures in the state, officials reported. During this same time last year, 55 deaths were reported. The list of heat-related fatalities included people who were found indoors and outdoors.

This pollution doesn’t just affect the U.S., it affects the whole world. In South Africa, people are dying from floods. Sixty people died and most of them were houseless. 

The reason is because the earth is unhealthy right now. 5G is just intoxicating the earth even more. We are advancing technology, when I believe our internet doesn’t need to run higher or faster.

Conclusion: to save the earth and to make it more healthy we have to slow down our man-made ways, because at the end of the day we live and we want people after us to live on this earth for many years with the earth being healthy and safe as well as looking out for our fellow houseless people.

Nija-Grant-Ziair-Hughes-and-POOR-magazine, Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy, Culture Currents Local News & Views News & Views
Deecolonize Academy students Nija Grant and Ziair Hughes, both 13, with teacher Maya. 

The floods in Africa

by Kai Taitague

There are big floods, over 2,000 houses are damaged. It happened April 13, 2022, and people are struggling. A lot of people died from it. The floods are like big rivers; there’re no houses for them to live in.

A state of disaster was declared in the area after some areas saw a month’s worth of rainfall in one day.

What is climate change? Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle. But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. 

I think climate change is bad for the world. 

Cars on the water

by Avery

My name is Avery. Flooding in South Africa. There were wildfires. There were cars on the water. There were floating crates, because of climate change. 

Raining on the poorest peoples 

by Nija Grant 

Recently on April 13 there have been floods in South Africa due to the non-stop rain in Durban. The rain has been causing many problems, especially for the poor people who live there, because the homeless and poor people live in cheap tin-like housing. All of these human-made inconveniences are making everything a lot worse for them. 

Avery-and-Donnie-POOR-Magazine, Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy, Culture Currents Local News & Views News & Views
A masked-up Avery, 9, and Donnie, 5, at Homefulness in deep East Oakland.

The floods have impacted roads, freeways, landslides, extreme mold and even caused shipping containers to fall. The buildings in Durban are short and have lots of windows because it’s so hot there, most days it’s 82 degrees.

So basically, 20 inches of water almost covering half your house moving about 18 mph. 

“We haven’t lost hope, although we are constantly worried as the days continue,” Sibongile Mjoka said. They are a resident who lost their home to the flooding. 

Not only did the shipping containers fall, but they all fell open, making more problems for the people of Durban and cities nearby as well. 63 are missing as of right now and 449 have sadly passed away.

Homeless Africans have been sleeping on thin sheet-like cardboard or old mattresses or wherever they can find. Lots say that every time they have rain they think it’s going to happen again, bringing back very hard memories. It is very traumatic for all of the kids, teachers, parents and just for the people in South Africa in general. 

These people have nothing, not even some of their family members, and no house or proper shelter, but are still helping others and their community by picking up scraps and car parts, household items, parts of houses as well as loads of trash. A lot of the poor people are helping out and rescuing their town. 

I feel like what happened was so sad and I think that the volunteers are doing a great job so far and still having hope is amazing for them. 

Amir-Cornish-and-Tiburcio-Garcia-Youth-Poverty-Skola-Reporters-on-POOR-radio, Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy, Culture Currents Local News & Views News & Views
From left: Amir Cornish and Tiburcio Garcia, Youth Poverty Skola reporters doing their radio show on PNN-KEXU 96.1fm, Po’ People’s Radio!

Climate change is very important, even more so now. What you can do to help the economy:

  • Conserve energy.
  • Avoid buying products with a lot of packaging.
  • Conserve water.
  • Avoid single-use plastic bottles.
  • Delete those emails and iCloud mails.
  • Use less gas, go eco if you have to choose.
  • Clean up the beach.

A lot more is going to happen, which is why loads of people have been doing things from their homes. Even though COVID was bad for humans and some animals, it was better for the earth. 

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