Virtuous shade

Walter-Williams-caged_bird_med_master, Virtuous shade, Culture Currents

Poem by Ezekiel Dear

Pain … deep-seeded, undealt with emotions.

We are not the same, I have become way too focused.

I know how to lose;

Though I’m not into taking losses.

Far too costly is the price of success.

Fortune above fame –

Binary code, I saw within the drops of April’s showers …

Heard the pitter-patter all about me –

They were setting me up to take the fall.

May came, springing my intelligence to ever higher frequencies.

True power is the heir of knowledge and wisdom.

Unorthodox have been my tests …

Scars upon my being, the worst ones by the naked eye unseen

Perfect illustration in my mirror’s reflection …

I am Black Excellence

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