Zero accountability! Part 2

Transparent-Darius-White, Zero accountability! Part 2, Abolition Now!
“Ladies and gentlemen, we as patients are helpless to change the flaws in the system, but not powerless in challenging the staff and this facility to upgrade their level of care and the staff that must implement the policy objectives of this facility. We are making it very clear that the essence of our existence matters in the onward march of humanity. Hence, we demand our human rights,” state the patients. – Art: Darius White

by Ronnie Dewberry, Lewis George, William Charles, Derek Simpson and unnamed others

Introduction by Editor Nube Brown: My hope is that in having read Part 1 of “Zero accountability!” you are now convinced and understand this is not simply another telling of the indignities, injustices and abuses towards our Elders (in this case) taking place within California’s prisons, but rather is an indictment of the state and its officials who are misappropriating and thereby demoralizing our hard-earned tax dollars into ransoming our own sense of decency for a dollar, for a conditioned mind-set of dehumanization and excuse-making for genocide. My hope is that you heard the call to action for the sake of our humanity and will act accordingly! If not, perhaps Part 2 will pull you to our side. Since then, Political Prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur, who is 72 years old and has only months to live, was DENIED compassionate release! Another of our Elder comrades, a California Hunger Striker, going on 41 years of being caged was taken to hospital, while another is on a personal strike. When is enough enough? 

Patient Deon Green, J22161

This man is a heart patient who came to this facility from New Folsom State Prison. His case is unique because of the circumstances under which he was transferred. On Dec. 12, 2019, he was forced into a situation – a kill or die situation – that resulted in the fatal injury of one inmate and the near fatal death of another while housed at Folsom State Prison. That and other events involving corrupt officers forced CSP-Sac to transfer him to Corcoran State Prison, where he was housed until sometime in 2021, when he suffered a massive heart attack and died.

After being resuscitated, a pacemaker was put in his chest to keep his heart beating and he was immediately transferred back to the prison where they would have left him to recuperate – or die – had he not 602’d the stressfulness of his conditions in the Corcoran SHU. He has now been temporarily rehoused at a high-risk medical unit at California Health Care Facility and lined up with UC Davis and doctors at Stanford for open heart surgery.

Note: this patient’s arteries are so blocked that the left ventricle can’t even propel enough blood through the aortic valve into the aorta. According to the patient, doctors at UC Davis say that his heart is so severely damaged that most of the serious work will have to wait.

This “wait” in and of itself is a serious stressor, creating a level of anxiety that borders on chronic. As a heart patient, this is not good for Mr. Green. On Nov. 26, 2021, and again in January of 2022, patient Green sent letters to both Corrections Secretary Kathleen Allison and Mr. B. Brizendine (Psy.D., MBA, CCHP-MH), the acting chief executive officer, explaining that he was no longer housed in a prison (Corcoran) environment that posed a substantial threat to his personal safety, especially where corrupt cops were concerned, but that he was medically at risk and that there is a preponderance of evidence to show and prove that 23 and a half hours a day locked in a room causes just as much stress and anxiety in a hospital room as if one was inappropriately housed at CSP-Sac or CSP Corcoran.

In those letters, he also emphasized the fact that “his stress and anxiety was by and large the reason behind his first cardiac arrest and flatline.” And although he’s now appropriately housed at a medical facility, “he’s retained on ad-seg status and kept apart when there’s no demonstrated threat to his personal safety except the stress of being locked down in a hospital room worried about a death penalty case and impending open heart surgery and threats of indiscriminate transfers to prisons that don’t meet my new health care needs.”

If a false image can be maintained, then continued funding can be maintained.

Patient Green closes the letter to them by pointing out that his fatal heart attack and resuscitation changes his medical case factors which warrants a modification of the NDS (non-disciplinary segregation) program that he’s been assigned to.

Note: Patient Green is an FBI witness in a CDCr officer corruption case at CSP-Sac. So, medical staff here at California Health Care Facility working in collusion with custody there at New Folsom want him dead by any means available. Both of the whistleblower cops are dead already. 

If this patient had died on the operating table over at UC Davis or over at Stanford no one would have given his death a second thought. Why? Zero accountability!

Patient William H. Charles, C95955 (Mr. Charles aka Minister Balagoon K. Muhammad) 

This patient spent 16 years in the SHU as a validated member of the BGF. While housed in isolation, he was [severely] beaten by correctional officers. As a direct result, he suffered a broken neck, a broken back (T8-L3), a broken jaw, two broken legs and a subdural hematoma to the left frontal lobe.

He currently lives with paralysis and must have help bathing, dressing and transferring into and out of bed and his wheelchair due to a secondary condition known as Spastic Paraparesis. He also has asthma, sleep apnea and respiratory distress syndrome which places him among those who must be constantly monitored.

On June 10, 2020, Mr. Charles was transferred from CMF Vacaville to California Health Care Facility. From June 20, 2020, till July 30, 2020, Lead Nurse Eniola Oguntuase tried to move him out of the cell that he was placed in upon arrival, even after Staff Sgt. Romos made clear that both he and custody were OK with the housing arrangement.

On the week of June 28, 2020, Lead Nurse Oguntuase once again attempted to move him – this time claiming that he needed a larger cell due to the use of a Hoyer Lift machine for all physical transfers and use of a recline shower chair for hygiene purposes. When this second attempt failed, Lead Nurse Oguntuase began to conspire with RN Narinder Bhullar and CNA K. Kuar to move Charles out of a DPO cell into a DPW (Disability Patient Wheelchair) cell prior to an impending audit. 

Others are so drunk on their limited power that they’re now comfortable enough in their misuse of their authority.

Specifically: They tried to have CNA K. Kaur use an injury to her leg as justification for their desired cell move, while also getting CNA Kaur a little time off and securing worker’s compensation for injury on the job. CNA Kaur’s injury had nothing to do with her use of the Hoya Lift machine to shower Charles 10 days prior, on the morning of July 2, 2020.

Suffice it to say, CNA K. Kaur would not file a false report or make a worker’s compensation claim that was not true, and patient Charles would not move out of the cell where he was originally housed. 

Note: Charles’ housing arrangement in no way imposed a disproportionate or undue burden on the institution. And after more than 40 days in that 12-by-6-foot DPO room, under the same or a better standard of care which four other prisons had provided, there should have been no need to move him – but there was because of an impending audit.

The point here is this: If a false image can be maintained, then continued funding can be maintained. DPW patients in DPW rooms are worth more money than DPO patients in DPO rooms, which are only 14 in number for each high-risk medical unit.

On the morning of May 13, 2021, at approximately 7:05 a.m., CNA Fatima Adebayo entered Mr. Charles’ room to take his vital signs. She placed the machine next to his bed and attempted to push his bed table out of the way with her hip while simultaneously placing the blood pressure cuff on his arm. He saw his television shift and tilt and told her “don’t bump the table out of the way with your hips and butt. If you’re going to stand next to the bed, turn around and move the table out of the way correctly with your hands so that you can bring your body and the machine close enough to do the procedure.” 

At which point she began rambling something about “don’t talk about my body.” Note: This is the second or third time that this particular CNA, working in collusion with Lead Nurse E. Oguntuase and RN S. Kaur, has tried to create an incident or twist Charles’ words into a statement that can be construed as sexual harassment.

Understand that the creation of false reports of inappropriate comments, over-familiarity and sexual harassment [have been used as] weapons [by some of] the LGBTQ staff here at CHCF; and that some misuse the protective policies in place as a means to an end, thereby detracting from the validity of the procedural measures put in place for the safety of female staff, including gender-specific members of the LGBTQ community, under Section 3401.6 et al of the CDCr Title 15.

Hence, we demand our human rights.

Needless to say, the misuse of the sexual harassment policy or the creation of a false report as a tool to coerce compliance and forced threats to move or transfer patients, or just deny patients the full measure of healthcare within the course and scope of the California Health and Safety code is a violation of law – something that nursing staff here at CHCF don’t know or don’t recognize.

An examination or audit of the books would show that this facility is being paid millions of dollars to care for each inmate patient that Sacramento endorses here. Yet, the quality of management and level of care is absolutely deplorable and substandard for such a high-priced institution. 

It’s getting to the point where some administrative staff and lower level managerial staff consider themselves too high and mighty to be brought down, while others are so drunk on their limited power that they’re now comfortable enough in their misuse of their authority and disregard for health care policy that they tell patients, “Write it up. I don’t care.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we as patients are helpless to change the flaws in the system, but not powerless in challenging the staff and this facility to upgrade their level of care and the staff that must implement the policy objectives of this facility. We are making it very clear that the essence of our existence matters in the onward march of humanity. Hence, we demand our human rights.

Actions requested

1) An immediate hearing preceded by an investigation into who it is (staff) that America has turned her facilities’ and citizens’ health care over to. Give us a Senate hearing, an Assembly hearing and the safety of knowing that there’s some type of oversight. 

2) An immediate investigation by state agencies, the FBI and the district attorney of Stockton and Sacramento into all claims. 

3) A Category 2 investigation by Secretary Kathleen Allison’s office and SSU/OSJ Sacramento into every medical document produced by those named in this report. 

4) Termination of all staff named in this report from employment based on the findings, for their misuse of authority and for undermining the integrity of healthcare operations. 

5) Identify (individual) case liabilities and departmental litigation exposure due to claims made in this report. 

Thank you for your time,

Respectfully submitted by the patients