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Worst jail in Alabama? No more, thanks to the help of the Bay View

by Cecil M. Ferguson

Hope all is well in San Francisco. We want to commend you and all the staff of the Bay View newspaper for your hard work in exposing the injustice and corruption within the prisons and criminal legal system. Please know that the above-referenced story (Vol. 44 No.3-4, Mar-Apr 2019) concerning the Walker County Jail was a major factor in bringing about much-needed change.

Many inmates were dehumanized and suffered irreparable harm due to the hostile and toxic environment inside the Walker County Jail, while others died – all as a result of the neglect and incompetence of former Sheriff, Jim Underwood.

Thanks to the help of the Bay View, there is now a new sheriff, and the jail has been upgraded where inmates are now treated with a measure of dignity, housed under much safer and sanitized living conditions.

Before becoming sheriff, Jim Underwood wreaked havoc as a bloodthirsty investigator for the district attorney of Walker County that is spawned from the same cesspool of serpents and Dixiecrats connected with the 14th judicial regime in Jasper, Alabama, (Matthew 23:33). The lasting effects of Jim Underwood’s scourge of terror are still evident by the numerous counterfeit convictions that have destroyed families and careers, helping to fuel mass incarceration by the extremely harsh prison sentences his victims are currently still serving. This holds true in my case, as I am serving two 99-year sentences, plus one year on a wrongful conviction (Case No: CC-02-248).

Just to give two more prime examples of Walker County Railroad convictions – first, investigator Underwood played a key role in the legal lynching of Erskine Lamar Spearman (Case No: CC-06-228), a mentally challenged Black man who was tried, convicted and sentenced (all in one day) to six life sentences, plus two 20-year sentences by an all-white jury. Still another classic Walker County Railroad conviction is Adam Stovall (Case No: CC-2013-698) who is currently serving a 35-year sentence over an alleged stolen wrist watch.

All of us would have stood a better chance of a fair trial in a Russian courtroom rather than have to appear before these judicial variants and bonafide bigots who swore an oath to be honest, impartial and uphold the law of the state of Alabama. A blind man could see the perverted operations and underlying crimes committed by the courts and the prosecution in order to obtain and retain these fraudulent, unethical convictions that have been propagandized in the local newspaper to promote their political agendas and careers.

The actions of these officials are not only criminal, but so outrageous and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all bounds of decency – atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized God-fearing society. It should be considered an outright abomination to have a copy of God’s Holy Scripture within a 100 yards of a Walker County courtroom, as investigator Underwood and these other officials in Walker County’s bastardized, quasi-legal system have blood on their hands, not only by transgressing men’s laws, but God’s laws as well, and they all need to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

This is a real war for truth and justice and we are again ready and willing to go Behind Enemy Lines, so please consider our story for one of your upcoming issues. Your time and help in these matters is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Cecil M. Ferguson

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