A letter to my first love

People-of-the-Republic-of-New-Afrika-with-Black-belt-map, <strong>A letter to my first love</strong>, Abolition Now!
“Black August is a time to bring education and awareness to family members, friends, associates and communities about the conditions for the Black/New Afrikan prisoners held within those concentration camps (in particular in California) and to educate our people about and honor the history and actions of continued resistance of Black/New Afrikan/Afrikan peoples to oppression, colonization and slavery in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora, with particular emphasis on freedom fighters and historical acts of resistance,” states Mama Ayanna Mashama. – Art: Citizin

by Mangwiro Sadiki-Yisrael

Prisoner Human Rights Editor’s note: In the spirit of learning and practicing the principles of Black August all year long, once this letter revealed itself (December 2022), I thought it a poetic way to help kick-off 2023. 

When we first met, it was truly love at first sight. i was a young, wild, Gangster Disciple, and unfortunately, i was a parasite. You walked into the room and you began to speak. i will never forget your words: “Dare to struggle! Dare to be free!”

Our eyes were fixated on each other’s. It was like you were talking directly to me. i was captivated by the things you had to say. i was overwhelmed by your Divine Inner-G! You sent chills throughout my body, but the message i still didn’t quite understand. So you walked over and put your arms around me and whispered in my ear, “Free the Land.”

The way you walked and the way you moved, intrigued me. Your pride in being Black was intoxicating for sure. From that moment on, i knew that i had to have you because you were just too much for me to ignore.

So, We began to date casually, and you let me know that if i were really ready to step up and be your man, then i had to let go of my gang-banging mentality. i had to go from Gangster Disciple to Growth and Development. i had to learn what knowledge of self meant; i had to take time and learn the New Afrikan Creed; i had to learn all about FROLINAN, which you called The Three Phase Theory.

i couldn’t believe how committed to change you were. You told me that you had a plan, and i recalled smiling at you and asking, so what is this plan? But you had this intense look on your face – the most serious look i had ever seen. Then you took me out west with you to Oakland, and you introduced me to Comrade Huey P.

You gave my life purpose and meaning, and for that i will never put anything above you.

i will never forget his words of wisdom. He taught me that to give my life for The People is the greatest honor of all, and that it is better to die on my feet than to live on my knees. He told me that We are at war, and … that the price of freedom ain’t free.

This motivated me because, all my life i was willing to die over a color or for which way a person wore their hat. i recall asking you why you think i was so willing to do this? And you replied, “N’dugu, Willy Lynch taught you that.” i was sick to my stomach, and i couldn’t understand how this could be. So you took me back to The Land, Chicago, and introduced me to the Chairman of the Black Panther Party.

Chairman Fred Hampton was a flamethrower, very charismatic, truly something to behold. i will never forget what he told me: “i am a revolutionary! i have given my life to The People!”

All the things you were showing me made me rise in love with you even more. Especially when you taught me about the Bravery of 17-year-old Comrade Jonathan Jackson, and when you let me read your personal prison letters from Comrade George.

You taught me about Comrade Queen-Mother, Assata Olugbala Shakur. And how the Black Liberation Army liberated her from kkkaptivity and got her to Cuba. You taught me about how this racist system tried to murder Comrade Mumia Abu-Jamal, even though they knew he wasn’t the shooter.

You gave me the lessons of Comrade Geronimo Ji Jaga, who went to prison for 28 years for something he didn’t do. You showed me how this fascist system will do anything to neutralize the 21st century Voices of Total Empowerment; the same way they dropped the bomb on MOVE! 

You gave my life purpose and meaning, and for that i will never put anything above you. i honor you on our anniversary, Black August, but every single day i will show you that i love you. i just wanted to write you this letter, my first love: The New Afrikan Liberation Struggle!

Free all political prisoners.

(21 Gun Salutes to all this Black August), Iz 

Send our brother some love and light: Mangwiro A. Sadiki-Yisrael, 70002019, FCI, P.O. Box 1000, Talladega, AL 35160.