Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack

Family-of-Tyre-Nichols-1400x1050, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
DEMAND AN END TO POLICE TERRORISM! Jamal Dupree, TYRE NICHOLS’ brother, and other family members, speak during our rally to FREE Baba Mumia Abu-Jamal at Harry Bridges Plaza in front of OHLONE/francisco’s Ferry Building. Our revolutionary International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union (ILWU) Local 10 shut-down the Port and led the March on the waterfront embarcadero. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

by Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at

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Commemorating Women’s Power and Equality Worldwide Every Day of the Year

Africans Deserve Reparations! Cause, Black Lives Matter!

Blessings of IMANI (FAITH) Beloved, Brilliant, Bold, Brave and Beautiful G-o-ds, Elders, Sis-Stars, Bro-Stars and Youthful Revolutionaries. 

May our Divine Mother-Father Creator of and in All – and incredible ANKHcestors from past millennia, yesteryears and, literally, yesterday – find you and (y)our extended family thriving towards healing Spirit, Love for all Life and seeking MA’AT. WE are honored to greet you again, as guests, in the occupied, unceded lands of the Indigenous OHLONE nations (named oakland/san francisco bay area by the murderous, enslaving, colonizing, robbers, mercenary missionaries and land-grabbing settlers of Europe and the united capitalist prison terrorist states of amerikkka (ucptsa)).  Amen. Asé.

Our sacred-most thoughts at this moment are for the healing of our beloved Mama Mary Ratcliff, Publisher with her husband Baba Willie Ratcliff, of this outstanding people’s voice of liberation. Amen. Asé. And, for my own blood brother number six, Gerald Armstrong, who recently suffered and is recovering from a stroke. Amen. Asé.

Honoring a few of Our Ancestors

This month WE begin by shouting-Up and illuminating the light of three powerful and accomplished women in our great movements for Reparations over the past century-plus: CALLIE HOUSE, AMY JAQUES GARVEY and AUDLEY MOORE. Please read up and learn about their life stories and movement-building. Then, send us a note so WE can continue the discussion. Amen. Asé.

Womens-suffrage-march-1913, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
As WE commemorate International Women’s Day/Month this year, WE share this photo of the “Forgotten” March in February 1913 of Women for Full Equality and Voting Rights. – Photo: National Women’s History Museum

WE also mourn, celebrate and pay tribute to several recent transformations to our Ancestral realm, including: 

Baba MARSHALL EDDIE CONWAY, former Black Panther Party leader in baltimore, maryland. He was wrongfully-imprisoned for over four decades, for a crime of which he always maintained his innocence. Prior to his release in 6254/2014, the appellate courts admitted his trial had an “abundance of irregularities.” WE are forever grateful for Baba Eddie’s bravery, honesty, revolutionary political views and service to uplift the CommUNITY.  Amen. Asé, 

Jamal-Hart-Grandson-of-WADIYA-Mumia-Abu-Jamal-1400x875, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
FREE MUMIA AND ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! Jamal Hart, grandson of WADIYA and Mumia Abu-Jamal, advocates for the immediate release of our Black Panther Party leader, extraordinary journalist and wrongfully-encaged freedom fighter. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

One of my Queen Mother ELIZABETH’s many adopted “daughters,” JERALDINE “JERI” WEBB. Amen. Asé. Beloved elementary, middle and high school class-mate and neighbor, Queen Mama PAMELA WILLIAMS. Amen. Asé. The very humble ELLEN “Lynell” BAKER, who according to her dearest family and friends, “is truly a giving heart who lives her Quaker values by supporting the advancement of all … regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or economic status.” Amen. Asé.

Baba JOHN WILLIE HANNIBAL, my high school class-mate, college roomie and fellow advocate/activist in helping build our Black Student Union and national Student/Youth Organization for Black Unity (SOBU/YOBU), as well as our African Liberation Support Committee (ALSC) which led efforts to create mass awareness and provide material assistance to our independent liberation movements on the Alkebulan-Afrikan continent, during the 6210s/1970s. Amen. Asé.

Queen-Mama-Warrior-Akua-Njeri-Sun-Ch.-Fred-Hampton-Jr.-1400x1050, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
Beloved Black Panther Party leader Mama Warrior Akua Njeri (fka Deborah Johnson), with Sun Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., visit OHLONE from Potawatami lands (aka, chicago), shared their powerful wisdom and reflections at the “Black Solidarity Week” opening event organized by the Community Ready Corps for Self-Determination and Black Panther Party Cubs. Local filmmaker Ryan Coogler – who directed movies like “Judas and the Black Messiah,” “Fruitvale Station,” Marvel’s “Black Panther and Wakanda Forever” and more – was also in the house. Learn more and offer support to CRC. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

JENNIFER ANGEL, human rights activist, anarchist and founder of Angel Cakes Bakery, inside the old TJ’s Gingerbread House in OHLONE/oakland, tragically lost her life after being robbed. She was also a part of our KPFA/Pacifica Radio family, helping produce several shows. Angel’s family has said the business will continue. And, that they are, amazingly in her Spirit of justice, not seeking for the capitalist state to punish the currently-unknown robbers responsible for her death. Amen. Asé.

QM-Warrior-Frederica-Newton-HPN-Foundation, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
Our dear Queen Mama Warrior Frederika Newton welcomes all to the new and beautiful Huey P. Newton Foundation, named for her dear husband and co-founder of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. She also shared incredible footage of one of his final interviews. Support the Foundation, located in OHLONE/oakland’s downtown Black Arts Movement and Business District. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Businessman and activist CHARLIE WALKER helped lead the ongoing charge for fair contracting and jobs for Afrikans in the construction industry (with others like Baba Dr. Willie Ratcliff, publisher of the Bay View and owner of Liberty Builders, Rev. Lorenzo Carlisle and our Africans United for Self-Help). Often called the “Mayor of Bay View/Hunter’s Point,” Elder Charlie’s strong and passionate presence and persistence will be missed. Amen. Asé.

On a personal level, WE are fondly remembering our blood brother #7, RONALD DEAN ‘Big Cat” ARMSTRONG, who transformed to Spirit a decade ago, in 6253/2013 on the 15th of March. He was the youngest, and the tallest (at 6’5”), as well as an outstanding bass player with the energy of the great Bootsy Collins. Amen. Asé.

Long Live the Spirit, legacies and numerous contributions of these new and All our incredible predecessors. Asé. Asé. Asé-O!

Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack

Many of you have heard the saying, “black don’t crack.” Right? It means that most Black people are caring, strong, righteous, beautiful and standing with the truth. Well, unfortunately, sometimes black does crack. Like, the criminal gang of mostly “black” police terrorists who viciously murdered young Brother TYRE NICHOLS, in memphis, tennesssee. The brutal actions WE witnessed through their own body cameras, showed no mercy for this young man just blocks from home. On full display was the legacy of centuries of ucptsa chattel enslavement, racist apartheid-colonialism known as “jim crow,” mis-education and self-hate that has negatively permeated the minds, hearts and souls of some Afrikans. To the point where they can brutalize non-threatening folk, who often look just like them. And, whose families, most likely, share a similar, often tragic, story. Certainly, these cowardly cops, with all their sophisticated weaponry, had no reason to fear one unarmed man. Hell, they’ve even horribly offended the scorpions their unit was named for. Scorpions are animals who only sting when under threat, to protect and defend themselves. 

WE see more and more examples of systemic denial of our basic human rights … to live.

Less than three years after the public assassination of GEORGE FLOYD by a white police terrorist shocked some who still denied our centuries-long cries and struggles to live and for justice, WE see more and more examples of systemic denial of our basic human rights … to live. i have often stated that the worst act of the white European and amerikkkan terrorists, government-sanctioned and group, is how they have trained confused Afrikans to carry out their bidding as well as brutalities on their behalf. From politicians to the judiciary to the military at the highest level. WE have to remember, it’s not the individual man or woman … It’s our People’s Vision, Plan, Platform and Agenda that should always be priority. And, it’s not the “complexion,” or how much melanin one has, that is critical. But, the just direction of our collective cause is always primary.

Therefore, after decades of righteous investigations, a plethora of evidence and monumental expert people’s tribunals, WE no longer merely Charge Genocide. No! No! Going forward, our message to the world should be GUILTY OF GENOCIDE AND ECOSIDE!!! WE STAND AND ORGANIZE TOGETHER FOR SELF-LOVE, SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF-DEFENSE, REPARATIONS AND FULL REPAIR, RIGHT NOW! Amen. Asé.

Towards MA’AT: Organize to End capitali$m-imperiali$m-coloniali$m and isfet, Part 2

Last month, WE introduced the concept of isfet currently ruling our planet. isfet, in our Kemet/KMT language – ancient Hapi or “Nile” river valley renamed lower egypt by foreign Arab and European invaders – stands for the “(d)evil” of lies, negativity, chaos, confusion, corruption, calamities, violence and destruction. The opposite of isfet is sacred MA’AT which is based on Divine Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Order, Balance, Reciprocity and Harmony (Peace, Love, etc.).

Alphabet-Rockers-2_2023-FB, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
PONGEZI (CONGRATULATIONS, Swahili) to our Alphabet Rockers, led by Baba Tommy Shepherd and Queen Kaitlan McGaw, on winning their first Grammy Award! Here they are with Queen Viola Davis, who also won her first Grammy (to complete her amazing Emmy, Tony and Academy “Oscar” Award Grand-Slam). 

WE all are mindful and supportive of the hundreds of thousands of people who have perished and are suffering from the capitali$t-based bomb economies of mass destruction being produced and deployed around Alkebulan/Afrika to Ukraine and other parts of our world … bomb (chemical) trains from ohio to texas … to bomb cyclones, flooding, fires and earthquakes. Amen. Asé.

Cataract-Falls-Mt.-Tam-1400x1050, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
COOL RUNNIN! This incredible trail near Mt. Tamalpais led us to this beautiful and powerful nature scene at what is called Cataract (water) Falls. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Now, let’s cite a contemporary example of MA’AT advancing over isfet. For several decades, Indigenous nations in the Klamath River Basin, in what is now known as northern-most california and southern oregon, have led movements to remove four destructive dams. Leaders from the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley nations have forced an agreement with the corporate “owners” of the dams, known as PacificCorp (based in Scotland), as well as the federal and state governments, to invest more than half-a-billion U$ to conduct the restoration under the supervision of native peoples. A critical outcome of this righteous effort is to return the natural salmon runs, which are a major aspect of the true culture in this region for thousands of years. This is a major Victory not only for these groups, but in our movements for restoration of natural habitats and environmental reparations around the planet. More to come … Amen. Asé.

The-Black-Panther-is-Rising-in-west-Oakland-1400x1050, <strong>Unfortunately, sometimes “black” does crack</strong>, Culture Currents
THE BLACK PANTHER IS RISING! Construction of the completely affordable housing, training, business and CommUNITY development, envisioned by our beloved BPP Chairman Elaine Brown is moving on-schedule towards completion in west OHLONE-oakland. This uplifting project will bring more MA’AT to a once thriving Afrikan neighborhood and business district horribly harmed and destroyed by the isfet forces of racist local, state and federal governments (which built the BART to and from OHLONE-francisco, as well as a giant post office). Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Please Review, Consider Signing and Sharing Our Petitions

WE are making a final push to add THOMAS L. BERKLEY’s name to our 19th Street Oakland BART station. You can view, reflect, sign and share our Petition.

Also, please consider our Petition to “Change the Name of the so-called ‘white’ House,” which was built by our enslaved Afrikan ancestors.

Sisters and Brothers, let us continue to take our righteous steps… knowing our Divine will do the rest. And, always walk in the Power of IMANI (FAITH)… on each and every day.  Amen-RA Hotep! Asé.

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Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at is the fourth of seven Suns of Ancestors Baba CLEVELAND LEE ARMSTRONG, SR. and Queen Mama ELIZABETH ELIZANN OAKS ARMSTRONG and traces his roots to the Ewondo (present-day Cameroon) and Yoruba (Nigeria) in Alkebulan-Afrika. He is the author of several books, including Afrikans Deserve Reparations! With Many Paths to Kujichagulia (Self-Determination). Baba Jahahara is also a Life Member and former National Male Co-Chair of N’COBRA. Take a listen to a few songs from his political musical catalog at https://soundcloud.com/search?q=baba%20jahahara Reach Baba Jahahara c/o support@africansdeservereparations.com or FONAMI, P.O. Box 10963, oakland, ca 94610.