The Quinngorithm: an interview wit’ the prolific Frisco lyricist San Quinn

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Cream of Beats 30 year anniversary, Midway, San Francisco, Ca.

by JR Valrey, the People’s Minister of Information and editor in chief of the SF Bay View

Coming from deep East Oakland California, San Francisco lyricist San Quinn was the first rapper from the City that gravitated to his delivery. Prior to me hearing about Quinn, I had listened to Frisco legends RBL and 115, but I listened to them for the feeling they gave me. I liked Quinn because of what he was spitting, and because he always held his own when he collaborated. 

I recently ran into San Quinn at a Mac Mall concert in Oakland that he also performed at, and like always what the prolific MC had to say during the conversation was inspiring and empowering for the Black community. Shout out to Wayne Hayes Management for the alley-hoop. Stay tuned to San Quinn in his own words.

JR Valrey: Can you talk a little bit about your upcoming show and rap family reunion that you have coming up soon? Why did you guys decide to reunite after so many years?

San Quinn: Timing is everything. My manager Wayne Hayes came up with the concept and brought it to me , we brought in Big Rich & Put It in motion. However timing is everything and it ended up being SAN QUINN and friends 30 years in the game! and by the way it was standing room only! But again time is everything so maybe it wasn’t the time for the reunion just yet .

JR Valrey: Did it take a lot of negotiating to get this show organized? What were some of the reasons the other rappers decided to not do it? 

San Quinn: No, it didn’t take that long at all. You would have to ask them that, but at the end of the day there were a lot of moving parts, and the time obviously wasn’t right. 

JR Valrey: In light of this year being the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, can you tell people how you became aware of Hip Hop? Who were the rappers and what albums made you a fan?

San Quinn: Rappin 4Tay, HughE MC, Cougnut, the earliest Frisco MCs, how ‘bout that. 

JR Valrey: What is the story behind how you became a rapper, and a member of the legendary Get Low Playaz? 

San Quinn: I was already rappin’ but Gigilo Gee put /snuck me on “The Frisco Niggaz Aint No Punks” record, and the rest is history. 

JR Valrey: Can you talk a little bit about your recent fitness journey, and what you have been able to accomplish? 

San Quinn: Shout out to my manager and big bro Wayne, my wellness coach. He and I just put together some goals and objectives for my health and wellness, and executed it; starting with mindset, diet, exercise and it was on from there! 

I lost about 20-30 pounds so far; there’s more to do though. It’s a lifestyle. And the only thing I can promise is that I won’t quit. My catalog is extensive, I’m a Guiness Book World Record holder, and I’ve been able to sustain myself financially, and help jumpstart many careers; from rappers to executives. 

JR Valrey: Are you currently in the studio working on music? If so, what are you working on? 

San Quinn: I just dropped the 30 song project “ Extras” and I’m currently working on a new EP with Wayne. Ima keep the title to myself for now. 

JR Valrey: Since the pandemic, San Francisco’s Hip Hop scene has been leading the Bay Area Hip Hop movement like it never has before, what do you think of that phenomenon? 

San Quinn: Timing is everything. And it’s overdue in my opinion. I’m just proud of whoever is coming out of our city, especially when they’re representing it right.

JR Valrey: What is one story that may have happened to you or around you, that is important for Bay Area Hip Hop to document, that is not well known?

San Quinn: That I take no credit but factually speaking I pioneered and opened the door for several key players today. 

JR Valrey: How does it feel to be a legendary rapper during the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop?

San Quinn: I stay away from and don’t really like that legendary word. Call me a pioneer and iconic. These are the words that describe San Quinn.  

JR Valrey: How’s Messy Marv?

San Quinn: You’d have to ask him. 

JR Valrey: How can people purchase your music? How can they stay online with you? 

San Quinn: Wherever music is sold that’s where you can find my current and iconic catalog. I’m in the Quinngorithm. Hello – IT’S the Quinn.

JR Valrey, journalist, author, filmmaker and founder of Black New World Media, heads the SF Bay View’s Oakland Bureau and is founder of his latest project, the Ministry of Information Podcast. He can be reached at and on Instagram.

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Performance at Highwater Brewing, Lodi, Ca.

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Caption: San Quinn and friends concert Brick and Mortar, San Francisco, Ca.