The ucptsa is GUILTY of GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE!

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GUILTY OF GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE! This is the title of a new song, which will be released on 9 April 2023, the birthday of Ancestor PAUL ROBESON. It will feature Queen Mama Rev. Dr. Asali, aka Gayle Dickson (a Mama, Grand-Mama, former member of the Black Panther Party and co-editor of its newspaper, former pastor and artist); Baba Jahahara, Phil the Mill(ionaire) and others. Amen. Asé. Photo taken at the United Nations’ “International Declaration of Human Rights” monument in OHLONE/san francisco (where the U.N. was formed in 6185/1945) courtesy of Baba Jahahara. 

by Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at

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Blessed (not “Happy”) 69th Birthday Beloved Baba Mumia Abu-Jamal

Africans Deserve Reparations!Cause Black Lives Matter!

Blessings of IMANI (FAITH) Beloved, Brilliant, Bold, Brave and Beautiful G-o-ds, Elders, Sis-Stars, Bro-Stars and Youthful Revolutionaries. 

May our Divine Mother-Father Creator of and in All — and eternal ANKHsestors from past millennia, yesteryears and, literally, yesterday — find you and (y)our extended family thriving towards healing Spirit, Love for all Life and seeking sacred MA’AT. WE feel so honored to greet you, as guests, from the occupied, unceded lands of the Indigenous OHLONE nations [named oakland/san francisco bay area by the murderous capitalists-imperialists, enslaving, colonizing, robbers, mercenary missionaries and land-grabbing settlers of Europe and the united capitalist prison terrorist states of amerikkka (ucptsa)]. Amen. Asé.

On Monday, the 24th of April, Baba Mumia Abu-Jamal, a dedicated life-partner of new Ancestor WADIYA ABU-JAMAL, Father, Grand-Father, former Black Panther Party leader and activist journalist, will, hopefully, turn 69 years old. Baba Mumia has been unjustly encaged, tortured and denied basic human rights for over four decades, in another political and racist case of governmental corruption, cover-up and abuse. Even when abundant evidence has been presented, or witnesses have recanted their previously forced and false “testimonies,” the state’s prosecutors have refused to release Mumia. Or, at the least, grant him a new and fair trial. So, WE can’t say “happy” birthday to Mumia yet. But, WE can indeed shout Blessed Birthday Baba Mumia! And, keep advocating and organizing for his release. WE will all be filled with joy when he is finally returned to our CommUNITY and movements. 

Min-King-X-Jamal-Hart-1400x797, <strong>The ucptsa is GUILTY of GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE!</strong>, World News & Views
Caption: Blessed 69th Birthday Greetings to Baba Mumia Abu-Jamal… from Minister King X and Jamal Hart (Grandson of Mumia and WADIYA ABU-JAMAL)! Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

So, respectfully, please take time to send a note of Gratitude to Mumia Abu-Jamal c/o And, for updates on, and to communicate with our other wrongfully-held or recently-released imprisoned politically activist-leaders, go to our Jericho Amnesty Movement c/o or Spirit of Mandela at BRING OUR ELDERS HOME NOW! FREE THEM ALL! REPARATIONS RIGHT NOW! Amen. Asé.

Honoring a Few of Our Ancestors

WE mourn, celebrate and pay tribute to several recent transformations to our Ancestral realm, including: Beloved high-school class-mate and teammate W.D. ROBY. Amen. Asé. Composer, musician and tap dancer extraordinaire RONALD MCFADDEN of kansas city, missouri. Amen. Asé. Queen IDA MCBETH, our incredible composer, musician and songstress, also in k.c. Amen. Asé. 

Prez-Clinton-comes-to-town-1400x531, <strong>The ucptsa is GUILTY of GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE!</strong>, World News & Views
PREZ CLINTON COMES TO TOWN! The People’s President of Funk, the Honorable George Clinton, graced us with his presence by closing out the Sixth Annual Black Joy Parade in OHLONE/oakland. Soon to turn 83 years young in July, Prez Clinton brought a fresh and younger crew of Parliament, Funkadelic and Brides of Funkinstein to help paint the Town black… even though it rained all day. Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

OTIS “OT” TAYLOR, former All-Star and Super Bowl Champion football player for the chiefs, businessman and mentor to many of WE younger scholar-athletes. Amen. Asé. WAYNE SHORTER, the great composer and musician who played with many of the legends of jazz and other genres. Amen. Asé. Truegoy the Dove, given name DAVID JUDE JOLICOEUR, co-founder of the innovative De La Soul. Amen. Asé. And, the incredible songwriter BARRETT STRONG, who penned a number of popular songs including the Grammy award-winning “Papa Was A Rollin Stone” by the Temptations. [NOTE: After my Father’s passing on the Third of September, 21 years ago, i re-wrote and recorded that tune calling it “Baba Is Our Family Stone (The Mighty Rock That Taught Us Right From Wrong)” as a Gift to our family and his friends.] Amen. Asé. 

Long Live the Spirit, legacies and numerous contributions of these new and All our incredible predecessors. Asé. Asé. Asé-O!


“Guilty of Genocide

Mass Murder and horrific war crimes 

Guilty of Eco-cide

Climate destruction and BIG WHITE LIES!!!

From our new joint, “Guilty of GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE!” by Baba Jahahara (originally written and titled “WE Still Charge Genocide!” during the U.N.’s “Third World Conference Against Racism” in durban, south africa in 6241/August 2001).

Rafiki-Wellness-Center-in-SF-1-1400x475, <strong>The ucptsa is GUILTY of GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE!</strong>, World News & Views
Unapologetically Black and Caring for Ourselves … was the theme for Rafiki Wellness Center’s Black OURstories and Futures Month commemoration! Rafiki offers free services — ranging from food, medical check-ups, alternative health services, some emergency housing or referrals, collective exercise, positive events and more — focused mainly on our Bayview  Hunters Point and African American residents. From left, Queen Dr. Monique LeSarre, Executive Director of Rafiki; DeeJay; Dr. Robyn Pearl; Dr. Jonathan Butler; Dr. Clifton Hicks; and Dr. Danielle Drake sharing healing physical, mental and spiritual wisdom for our local and world-wide Afrikan CommUNITY! Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

Seventy-two years ago, in 6191/1951, the WE CHARGE GENOCIDE! Campaign was presented to the newly-established United Nations. Titled “The Historic Petition to the U.N. for Relief From the Crimes of the U.S. Government Against the Negro People,” was developed and signed-sealed-delivered by members of the Civil Rights Congress led by brave Ancestors — such as WILLIAM PATTERSON and LOUISE THOMPSON, Dorothy (now 107 years young) and LOUIS BURNHAM (Mama and Baba of activists Claudia, Barbara, Linda and Charles), ESLANDA GOODE and PAUL ROBESON, CLAUDIA JONES, JAMES MALLOY, LORRAINE HANSBERRY, W.E.B. DUBOIS, BENJAMIN DAVIS and many others.

The WCG! Campaign exposed numerous crimes against Afrikan humanity by state-sanctioned “white” European-amerikkklan mobs, thousands of murderous lynchings, chain gangs and convict “leasing” to plantations and corporations, stealing of land, poll taxes and other brutal institutional apartheid actions by the ucptsa and local governments. The document and movement received strong international support from people’s movements around the world. 

Not surprising, it was also met by rude criticism and dismissal by the capitalists and their political elite. The ucptsa delegation to the UN and corporate media mostly ignored the document. Liberals like Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the former Prez FDR, said the WCG! was “ridiculous.” Some Black delegates “cracked” telling European audiences how “things were vastly improving with our situation in the U.S.” “Accepted” spokespersons like Ralph Bunche, refused to even respond when questioned. 

For their great work, many WCG! advocates came under attack during the intensified fascist and anti-communist period in the 1950s. Many lost their abilities to work and critical sources of income. Some were constantly followed by government agents, threatened with jail time and/or forced into exile. A few, like Robeson, had their passports revoked and could not travel thereby limiting their voices. 

Even with numerous attacks, our WE Charge Genocide black-print and movements have endured. And, as stated last month, WE have collectively proven, through numerous tribunals, research, testimonies and documented evidence that the verdict is now in. WE no longer Charge Genocide! The verdict is in: GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY… OF GENOCIDE AND ECO-CIDE. 

To be continued… Amen. Asé. 

Please Review, Consider Signing and Sharing Our Petitions

WE are making a final push to add THOMAS L. BERKLEY’s name to our 19th Street Oakland BART station. You can view, reflect, sign and share our Petition at 

Also, please consider our Petition to “Change the Name of the so-called ‘white’ House,” which was built by our enslaved Afrikan ancestors by going to: 


PONGEZI to the Oakland Technical High School Girls basketball program who won their third consecutive California State championship. Amen. Asé. Oakland High Boys basketball also won their first state trophy, with inspiration from alumni and NBA All-Star Damien “Dame Dolla” Lillard. This was after they outscored Oakland Tech, in an incredible game at a packed Laney College. O-Tech has been coached for many years by Karega Hart II, son of our beloved friend, fellow labor-justice-reparationist-socialist organizer and Ancestor KAREGA HART I). A supportive holler at all our incredible champion scholars-athletes who are preparing to lead our world into a bright future. Ase’. Amen.

PONGEZI to incredible composer and musician Baba Val Sarrant & Riddim Doctors, of OHLONE-oakland via Trinidad and Tobago, on his new musical releases c/o


Marathon-Men-Pongezi-1400x936, <strong>The ucptsa is GUILTY of GENOCIDE and ECO-CIDE!</strong>, World News & Views
MARATHON MEN! PONGEZI (CONGRATS)… to Baba Tomie “T – K.A.S.H.” Lenear, with Baba Onyanga, at Lake Merritt after completing another marathon! T – K.A.S.H. is a well respected CommUNITY leader, musician, composer and lyricist who has brought the Truth with heat independently, as well as with The Coup and Boots Riley; and for many years on Guerrilla Funk led by the mighty Paris. i’m forever grateful to T – K.A.S.H. for serving as the lead voice on my “Long Live The Spirt” joints celebrating the 10th Year Anniversary of our Million Man March and the building of our Millions More Movement, in 6245/2005. You can hear it for FREE on Amen. Asé. – Photo: Baba Jahahara

PONGEZI to Baba Karega Bailey and Jonny Gold on their new profound and spirit-healing release titled Legacy Lounge c/o Also, check out their upcoming live performance at The New Parish in OHLONE-oakland on 6 April.

Sisters and Brothers, let us continue to take our righteous steps… knowing our Divine will do the rest. And, always walk in the Power of IMANI (FAITH)… on each and every day. Amen-RA Hotep! Asé.

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Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at is the fourth of seven Suns of Ancestors Baba CLEVELAND LEE ARMSTRONG, SR. and Queen Mama ELIZABETH ELIZANN OAKS ARMSTRONG and traces his roots to the Ewondo (present-day Cameroon) and Yoruba (Nigeria) on our Alkebulan-Afrika continent. He is the author of several books, including Afrikans Deserve Reparations! With Many Paths to Kujichagulia (Self-Determination). Baba Jahahara is also a Life Member and former National Male Co-Chair of our National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA), which you can join and help build c/o Take a listen to a few songs from his political musical catalog at Reach Baba Jahahara c/o or FONAMI, P.O. Box 10963, oakland, ca 94610.