American Fray

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o2 The Good Bad Guy

by o2 The Good Bad Guy  

There is no blade made sharp enough to cut away 

The blackness that stains the fabric of the American Fray

I was taught to walk, talk & act this way 

My mama say boy it will keep you safe

But mama wait if that’s the case, why Oscar die laying flat on his face 

And why was Nia purpose was taken away 

I can still hear my mama say

No boy you wrong because we remain black as the stains on the driveway 

And even when it rains we still manage to vibrate 

It’s Because we energy cycles 

And Nia was a haiku

Short poem read for a moment 

Then had to return home with it

What happened to humanity

Aye man I told you she was assaulted 

I was standing right there

Her screams sounded like trains leaving

but by the time I pulled my phone out 

She was silent

Blood shouldn’t be spilled that way

Such a waist if you ask me 

The concrete don’t need it

But we continue to leave it on wounded roads 

And broke’n paths 

That which lead us further from ourselves 

My skin tone is only the beginning  

If it helps you can have it

Caution if adorned correctly

One may experience truth beyond reason

Sight beyond seeing 

Hearing beyond ears and living beyond fears 

Warning this skin right here

This skin is is dangerous

Wear it the wrong way and you might not make it back home 

It is advices you have all your affairs in proper  prder 

And kiss yo babies before you leave the house 

If you are afraid of it its ok

I won’t tell

Your secret is safe with me

Aye everybody this boy afraid of being black

Ok ok I won’t tell nobody 

All I ask is that you put the knife down 

Because there is no blade made sharp enough

To cut away the blackness that stains the fabric of the American Fray

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