Dr. Clayborne Carson receives 2023 Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum

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Dr. Clayborne Carson is presented the National Civil Rights Museum’s 2023 Freedom Award on Oct. 19, 2023.

by Bay View staff

On Oct. 19, 2023, the National Civil Rights Museum honored Dr. Clayborne Carson, the Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor, emeritus, with the prestigious 2023 Freedom Award for his outstanding contributions to the civil and human rights movement. The award ceremony, a significant event in the realm of social justice, celebrated the exceptional efforts of Dr. Carson, along with political and civil rights activist Stacey Abrams, and human rights advocate and attorney Kerry Kennedy. Past Freedom Award winners include Michelle Obama, President Joe Biden, The Poor People’s Campaign and singer John Legend.

Dr. Carson, the Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor, emeritus, is a distinguished scholar, historian and activist, recognized for his lifelong commitment to civil and human rights. His work in preserving the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. has had a profound and enduring impact on the civil rights movement, inspiring future generations. Most recently, Dr. Carson established The World House Project to collaborate with human rights advocates worldwide to realize Dr. King’s vision of a global community in which all people can “learn somehow to live with each other in peace.”

In a recent statement, the National Civil Rights Museum emphasized Dr. Carson’s pivotal role in documenting and preserving the history of the civil rights movement. His contributions have significantly contributed to our understanding of this critical period in American history and provide invaluable resources for scholars, educators and the general public.

The 2023 Freedom Award ceremony was a momentous occasion, attended by civil rights advocates, community leaders and dignitaries from around the nation. The event also featured captivating performances and appearances by renowned artists and thought leaders, symbolizing the hope and celebration that stems from the continued pursuit of a just and equitable society.

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About the National Civil Rights Museum

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, the National Civil Rights Museum is committed to preserving and promoting the legacy of the civil rights movement in the United States. Through its exhibits, educational programs and events, the museum engages visitors in a transformative experience, inspiring them to advocate for social change and justice. The Freedom Award is an annual event that recognizes individuals and organizations dedicated to the principles of civil and human rights.