Homefulness is HEALing

Houseless leaders propose an innovative rent-free housing-healing model for one of San Francisco’s vacant office buildings – City Hall rally Tuesday, Nov. 7, 10:30 a.m.

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by Lisa ‘Tiny’ Gray-Garcia

“We have our own solutions; please listen to them,” said Aunti Frances Moore, formerly houseless co-founder of Homefulness, a homeless people’s solution to homelessness that was dreamed, visioned, worked on and manifested by low and no-income families, youth and elders of the Bay Area and now houses 15 formerly houseless families and elders in Oakland. 

On Nov. 7, houseless and formerly houseless San Franciscans, along with advocates and allies, will present a proposal to the City of San Francisco  to transform one of the thousands of vacant office buildings in downtown SF to a Homefulness Project, an arts, education and healing model to house and heal houseless residents of SF. This project would be modeled after the innovative, homeless peoples-led and visioned model currently housing 15 formerly houseless youth, adults and elders in Oakland.

“Thousands of beautifully built structures stand vacant while thousands of us houseless San Franciscan residents continue to be swept like we are trash. We face ongoing harassment, incarceration or death. This is an opportunity for hope and life for San Francisco,” said Tiny Gray-Garcia, formerly houseless and incarcerated poet, co-founder of POOR Magazine, visionary of Homefulness and author of “Criminal of Poverty: Growing up Homeless in America” and many more. 

Co-sponsored by the Coalition on Homelessness, Idriss Stelley Foundation, Anti-Police Terror Project (APTP), Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), Krip Hop Nation, San Francisco Bay View newspaper, Race and Equity in All Planning Coalition in SF (REP-SF) and more to come.

Palestine-solidarity-statement-by-POOR-102723, Homefulness is HEALing, Featured Local News & Views

Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, aka “povertyskola,” is a poet, teacher and the formerly houseless, incarcerated daughter of Dee and mama of Tiburcio, author of “Criminal of Poverty: Growing Up Homeless in America” and many more and co-founder of Homefulness, a homeless people’s solution to homelessness. Reach her at www.lisatinygraygarcia.com or @povertyskola on Twitter.