Help Amber Jackson prepare for freedom

Amber-Jackson, Help Amber Jackson prepare for freedom, Abolition Now!
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PHOTO (no caption): ‘Me, Myself and I- A Symbol of Loneliness’ art by Amber Jackson

by Amber Jackson

In 2020 I landed my popular column with the Santa Monica Observer newspaper. [See all Amber’s columns they have published at] I also completed Stratford Career Institute’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist Course with highest honors.

Full disclosure: In my youth I made a ton of mistakes. I went from foster care to the street, then to juvenile hall, finally landing here in a life sentence at age 20. I have spent 21 years of my life in correctional institutions. I’m profoundly aware of the pain I have caused. That motivated me to change my thoughts, my feelings and my beliefs. In Jesus’ name, I’m a new woman.

Looking back, my life started in a tough situation. The education and self-help guidance I’ve received helped to transform me from the inside out. Today, I have a life filled with purpose and passion and vision. I plan to succeed as an entrepreneur and to one day give back to my community. Today I have value to offer my community.

My integrity is important to me. I follow through and complete whatever I start. I am goal oriented and self-motivated. I’m willing to earn trust and to prove that I can be trusted. I plan to exceed all expectations.

I’m funny, positive and easy to talk to. I’m very creative and I operate on a high state of energy. I plan to pleasantly surprise anyone in my path. I go back to the Board of Parole Hearings in 2024 and I fully expect my release.

‘Me-Myself-and-I-A-Symbol-of-Loneliness-art-by-Amber-Jackson, Help Amber Jackson prepare for freedom, Abolition Now!

I have no family. I’m not looking for any romance. I’m looking for mentorship and friendship to ease me through my coming transition into freedom. I’d love to network and exchange thoughts and ideas. I love teacup yorkies and micro bully puppies. I love Italian food. I also love learning. I’m currently enrolled in business school.

I will answer all letters and/or emails. However, I cannot correspond with other prisoners. I would be honored to hear from you. I look forward to writing you. Calls are free. Send your phone number. Email Send mail to Amber S. Jackson, X15530, CIW, 16756 Chino Corona Rd, Corona CA 92880.