Prisoners’ Subscription Fund

For $36, give the gift of a subscription to a reader behind enemy lines. Specify the Prisoners’ Subscription Fund if you’d like your funds to cover the cost of mailing the paper to prisoners. Thousands are already on the mailing list – they write to us daily with messages like “The Bay View keeps me alive” – and hundreds more write to request a subscription.

Hit the donate button below, type in “Prisoners’ Subscription Fund” and donate your $36 to someone in need. We will match you with a name of someone whose subscription is covered by your funds. Thank you!

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Statements from our caged brothers and sisters

“A lot of brothers get relief just by knowing that people are out there who care.” – Harold G. Vidal, 639267, H.H. Coffield Unit, 2661 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75884

“The Bay View is THE voice of countless Sisters and Brothers. Indeed, WE are the Bay View, and if we are not for ourselves, who will be for us?” – Kevin Jones-Bey

“We say let us prisoners find a way to save Bay View. We could start by expanding subscription sales in any and every principled way possible.” – Sundiata Acoli 

“Recently I received your notice indicating that my San Francisco Bay View subscription is expiring soon and you are correct to state that I don’t want to miss a single issue. However at this time behind enemy lines I am without funds or stamps and would greatly appreciate a renewed subscription through the Prisoner’s Subscription Fund. I will forward your paper some form of payment as my economic status changes. I am a brother from Oakland who is hungry for Black news and inspiration and your paper supplies it! Your paper supports knowledge not perception and this is what our minds, souls and fellowships need in order to be strong, enduring, wise and healthy. I really enjoy your pen pal section featuring sisters behind enemy lines who appear beautiful and wanting of friendship; however, the authorities won’t allow us correspond from institution to institution and this is a handicap for those of us who don’t have family or friends to hook us up. How can this barrier be removed? They allow us to apply for correspondence as not to violate our rights, but they deny us in this process on our end and the ladies’ end. They probably don’t even know we’re trying to write them.” – Kevin S. Jones

“The San Francisco Bayview National Black Newspaper is the essential voice if the New Afrikan underclass in Amerika, as such it is a National treasure. Providing a platform for news, political analysis and social perspectives both essential to true democracy and unavailable in the mainstream.” – Heshima Jinsai

“The SF Bayview Newspaper is truly a lifeline for those of us who are being abused and tortured in Amerikkkas gulags. It shines the light if Justice where there is only darkness; In the 32 plus years I spent in Solitary Confinement it was the Bayview that forced the CDCr to stop that abuse and it remains a life line for all oppressed People.” – Abdul Olugbala Shakur

“Being locked up, it’s very rare to come across positivity. This system thrives off negativity, so publications like yours be a breath of fresh air for young brothers like me.”