Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Festus-Ezali-hosts-Bayview-YMCA-10th-Annual-Thanksgiving-Supper-and-Turkey-Giveaway-111923-by-Kevin-Epps-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Golden State Warriors, former NBA player host free holiday event at...

Mistah FAB on Festus Ezali: “Where you are not just showing up but spending time and allocating resources shows a lot. So when he asked me to accompany him, it was a no brainer.”
Child-rescues-blankets-from-rubble-Gaza-1123-by-hosnysalah-on-Pixabay-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Monday: Oakland City Council to vote on Gaza ceasefire resolution in...

Supporting an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza are 66% of all Americans, over 80% of Democrats, and growing numbers of elected officials, including city council and Congress members.
Congolese-child-diamond-miner-2015-by-RGNN-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Diamonds drenched in blood: Unmasking Israel’s role in the Congolese crisis

The Israeli diamond industry garners prestigious accolades and recognition at home -- starkly contrasting with its role in fueling conflict and destabilization in resource-rich nations like the Congo.
SFAACC-hosts-global-women-business-leaders-at-new-Bayview-Comy-Ctr-during-APEC-111323-by-Auintard-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

SF African American Chamber hosts global women business leaders in the...

The conversation centered around the challenges women around the world face in creating and running their businesses and what resources and support are available for women to launch and grow their enterprises.
APEC-protest-signs-111523-by-Tiny-PNN-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

APEC faceoff: Homeless in Gaza, homeless in Huchuin

They put up 12-foot-tall iron fences and have harassed and removed literally hundreds of houseless, disabled elders and folks holding on by a thread to “prepare” for APEC.
Jewish-Voice-for-Peace-700-occupy-Oakland-Fed-Bldg-demand-ceasefire-111323-by-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Hundreds of Bay Area Jews arrested in the Oakland Federal Building...

"No matter how enlightened you are, if you don’t do something, if you don’t take action, this genocide will continue," said film director Boots Riley.
Stop-Bombing-Gaza-Stop-Occupation-poster-1-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Mumia on Gaza: War against the fleas

The Palestinians are the indigenous people of the region. They are thus equivalent to the Navajo, Apache and Seminoles of the West, subjected to the settler colonialism of the invaders. It is they who have a right to exist.

Behind Enemy Lines

Red-Onion-State-Prison-324x235, SFBayView Front Page,

Back to Red Onion State Prison, site of entrenched racism and...

These super-max prisons – Red Onion and Wallen's Ridge – have never been needed. Every justification concocted for their ongoing operations has been exposed as a lie.
Rashids-cousin-Troy-Claiborne-blinded-by-repeated-x-rays-at-Wallens-Ridge-SP-VA-in-early-2023-by-Brittany-Purtee-324x235, SFBayView Front Page,

Rashid: Prison officials plant a street weapon in a vacant cell,...

After I was moved to solitary, numerous officials admitted this incident was a premeditated set up. I was also told that the entire ploy was to create a pretext to have me emergency transferred to the notoriously abusive and racist Virginia prisons Red Onion or Wallens Ridge.
Men-Central-Jail-guard-slams-cell-door-amputating-prisoner-Larry-Jones-fingertip-091923-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Guard slams cell door, amputating prisoner’s fingertip

The officers involved exhibited a flagrant disregard for the wellbeing and rights of inmates, demonstrating a deeply entrenched culture of corruption and abuse at Men Central Jail.
Elderly-prisoner-Darius-White-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

No place for old men

Today, men in their 70s and 80s roll around here in wheelchairs or hobble on walkers or even stroll with the help of canes.
Keep-Families-Closer-Graphic-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

‘Keep Families Close’ bill makes visitation easier for incarcerated parents of...

In California, thousands of incarcerated parents are placed more than 500 miles from their children and struggle to maintain contact with their children.

Culture Currents

City-College-Rams-football-2023-324x235, SFBayView Front Page,

City College set to collide with CSM football in the battle...

"I think each year, City’s team gets better. We’ve had several excellent players and teams, but these players are stronger and faster.”
Nancy-Cato-SFPUC-mural-on-Evans-at-Sewage-Treatment-Plant-Jamaris-Journey-324x235, SFBayView Front Page,

Nancy Cato helps us see ourselves through art

“It’s been a blast creating these images in one of the Blackest parts of San Francisco. It’s an honor."
Illustration-for-The-death-of-the-Hip-Hop-legend-How-corporate-rap-is-killing-the-Hip-Hop-icon-written-by-Khafre-J-102323-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

The death of the Hip Hop legend: How corporate rap is...

In today’s era, where the motive is profit over cultural substance, artists are becoming disposable commodities with careers barely lasting a few years.
Palestinian-child-writes-name-on-body-to-be-identifiable-if-killed-1023-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Child hands and legs and memory: two poems on Palestine

Not wanting to be one of the missing or one of the unable-to-be-identified killed, the little girl wrote on the inside of her palm in neat Arabic script, “If my hand survived, this is my name,” before she was slain.
Dr.-Clayborne-Carson-is-presented-Freedom-Award-101923-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Dr. Clayborne Carson receives 2023 Freedom Award from the National Civil...

Dr. Carson, the Martin Luther King Jr. Centennial Professor, emeritus, is a distinguished scholar, historian and activist, recognized for his lifelong commitment to civil and human rights, especially in preserving the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Bay View Archives

Welcome to the Bay View Archives! With a $20,000 grant from The San Francisco Foundation, we can finally formalize and publicize our trove of Black journalism from 1976 to 2008.

July 2019 marks 11 years from the date of the final weekly print edition of the Bay View News July 2, 2008. For our first archival series, we will be pulling articles focused on historical examples of Bay Area communities’ activism toward self-preservation and against the inaction of a rapidly gentrifying city. July 2008 was a perfect example of such movements. From the Quesada Kids Community Fruit Stand to the protests against the illegal eviction from Oakland’s California Hotel, Black activist communities in the Bay worked to create alternative modes of living and acting, forming environments centered around mutual empowerment and advocacy.

shipyard-324x235, SFBayView Front Page,

Air district votes to fine Lennar

“How can you trust a criminal to preside over their own trial? We already know that the people who are supposed to be watching out for the health and safety of the community are paid contractors with the Lennar Corp."
Willie-Ratcliff-et-al-121906-by-Doug-Comstock-324x235, SFBayView Front Page,

‘Master Developer’ is plantation mentality

We won’t stir up toxic dust as Lennar has that measurably poisons our children. We know the Shipyard is still not fit for human habitation. We’re not stupid.
California-Hotel-tenants-rally-with-Assata-Shakur-quote-071408-by-Just-Cause-Oakland-1-324x160, SFBayView Front Page,

Big victory for California Hotel tenants

“The tenants prevailed. There was no one from Oakland Community Housing appearing in court today to oppose the tenants’ needs or Judge Richard Keller’s ruling. This is a big victory for the people.”