Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Tag: Black hero

‘Black Panther’: Reflection on cultural solidarity and historic debt

Black Panther in a nouveaux peacock chair making deals with the CIA! I am like hold up?! Are you out of your mind? This must be a slapstick thrown in to distract and confuse the audience who do not know their history and who probably believe it’s OK to share secrets with the U.S. government. Like Okoyo, the CIA is all about meddling in international affairs that threaten white supremacy and its economic and military dominance. Wakanda has a seat in the U.N. Council.

Reflection on IDEA, our nation’s special education law

Have you heard of the IEP? Well, it’s shorthand for special education. It is a program that is eating Black children, boys and girls at an alarming rate. Though it sounds benign and helpful, if too many of the children are Black, then there is a problem. It is a form of tracking; and any program that targets our children, puts them in a classroom where they are stigmatized by the larger student population (when they find out), is wrong.

‘Akiti the Hunter’ brings a Black hero to children’s literature

“Akiti the Hunter” is a beautifully crafted piece of children’s literature that is available at Barnes & Noble nationally. This classic story of a young African superhero who is strong mentally and physically is retold by Denise Bolaji Ajayi Williams and illustrated by Anthony Mata. My 3-year-old was fixated on the colorful and striking drawings that brought this well written story to life.