Sunday, April 14, 2024
Tags Emma Rosewood

Tag: Emma Rosewood

Her disabled son was shot four times. Now, she can’t find...

Discrimination with impunity by those providing housing to Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor people act not in service to the community, but in the name of profits over people.

Trans woman seeks release from CDCR custody after attacks

Transgender Advocacy Group pleads with Gov. Newsom to grant clemency to Syiaah Skylit, who is experiencing retaliation, threats and abuse, and reasons to believe she will be killed while in prison.

Ex-SF cop threatened to ‘put a bullet’ in 11-year-old’s head for...

Child abuse, kidnapping and criminal death threats seem appropriate to this incident. As long as adult behavior as described here, especially that of an ex-police officer, is the go-to response to annoyance, we are in further danger of losing our humanity. Children will always play pranks with each other and the community at large. They shouldn’t be in danger of dying for their folly.

When the world lost Stephon

There’s a ‘tude’ that often comes with cops “responding” to a neighborhood complaint like vandalism or whatever, that reads, ‘there’s one, take him, game over, next? . . .’ – another Black man dead. Another father, husband, brother, son, uncle murdered. Cell phone looked like a gun, uh huh – makes sense since guns and cell phones are pretty much interchangeable with police, DAs and police unions. Another day . . . of pain and suffering for our communities. Stephon Clark – “He didn’t have to die.”