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Tag: Marion Brown

Progressive Daly City School Board president is running for Daly City...

Having already become a celebrated member of the Daly City School Board, Shakeel Ali has also risen in the ranks over the last decade and secured legislation that put ethnic studies in elementary school classes, among solving other issues. This upcoming election day, Ali takes another step forward running for Daly City City Council.

Remembering Althea Francois, beloved Louisiana Black Panther, prison abolitionist, ‘pillar in...

Althea, I see and visualize you walking around heaven with Harriett, Martin, Malcolm, John Brown, Nat, George, Clara, Billie etc. You fed the hungry – mentally, spiritually and physically – and clothed the needy. You gave the blood of your intellect for the liberation and spiritual salvation of all the oppressed and exploited people, the masses.