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Tag: Pan African Student Union

Progressive Daly City School Board president is running for Daly City...

Having already become a celebrated member of the Daly City School Board, Shakeel Ali has also risen in the ranks over the last decade and secured legislation that put ethnic studies in elementary school classes, among solving other issues. This upcoming election day, Ali takes another step forward running for Daly City City Council.

A-APRP comrade speaks on the work of the late Dedon Kamathi

When the African world revolution lost Dedon Kamathi, we lost an organizer’s organizer, a void that will definitely be very hard to fill. I talked to one of Dedon’s close comrades in the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, Munyiga Lumumba, so that he could give the people who didn’t know Dedon like we did a glimpse into the politics and the spirit that made Dedon Dedon.

‘The River’: an interview wit’ thespian Donald Lacy

One of our best known Black broadcasters in the Bay Area is also one of the most well known Black thespians from these parts. After decades of honing his acting skills, Donald Lacy is starring in the new play “The River,” which will run April 10 through May 4, 8 p.m., at the ACT Costume Shop, located at 1117 Market St. at Seventh in San Francisco. Check out thespian Donald Lacy in his own words ...