Friday, May 20, 2022
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Tag: parole system

National Freedom Movement calls ‘1 Million Families for Parole Rally’ April...

National Freedom Movement (NFM) is mobilizing action with leadership from the incarcerated community to undo the policies created to keep the prisons full for capitalist control by deflating the state and federal rates of parole granting as a result of the “tough on crime” and “war on drugs” era.

Beloved political prisoner Hugo ‘Yogi Bear’ Pinell, feared and hated by...

Black August adds another hero and martyr to the roll. By some accounts, it was his first day on the yard after 46 years in solitary confinement when Hugo “Yogi” Pinell was assassinated Aug. 12. Prison guards celebrated on social media: “May he rot in hell” and “Good riddens” (sic), they typed. Yogi was the only member of the San Quentin 6 still in prison, and his role in the events of Aug. 21, 1971, the day George Jackson was assassinated, has earned the guards’ incessant enmity ever since.