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Ruchell Cinque Magee has joined the ancestors

Ruchell Cinque Magee joined the ancestors Oct. 17, 2023, after only 81 days of freedom.

Remembering MOVE on film

For here were MOVE people, not just in brief sound bites, but in extended discussions, giving their ideas, insights, and arguments.

The under-funding of San Francisco’s Malcolm X Academy has led to...

In 2023, in one of the most progressive cities in the country, Black residents are still fighting against separate and unequal distribution of resources to the local schools

Are Black people born with thicker skin?

This year they are having the Third Annual Shawn E’s Art & Jam. It’s a free family event happening on Aug. 12 that will feature local artists and vendors from all across the Bay.

Free fruit trees for Oakland residents

Oakland has the lowest life expectancy in Alameda county, due to the poor air quality.

Bullying while Black

Bullying can be one of the number one causes for a person’s declining self-esteem and self-worth. In 1997 the California Department of Education collaborated with certain counties to address the issue of bias and hate speech and they also provided training to board members to help recognize bias in school.

Mayor and DA give OK for open season on Black lives

Black people should be eyeing our leadership closely when it comes to this case.

Mainstream media is a scam

Unfortunately, corporate media conglomerates have expanded over the last several decades, and there is less and less independent journalism.


Enough police terror!

Idiocy of original intent

  by Mumia Abu-Jamal For several decades, right wing ideologues and lawyers have argued that the U.S. Constitution must only be interpreted according to what they...

Afatasi The Artist: ‘In our case for reparations’

There must be sweeping systemic changes; there is no amount of saving, no amount of small business savvy nor educational advancement, that can combat the effects of the racist public policies that are keeping us in poverty

Haiti: “The Truth Speaks for Itself”

Support the popular movement in Haiti. Demand an end to U.S. funding for the Haitian National Police and military.   Demand an end to the Biden Administration’s unconscionable attacks on refugees.

Roads and Reparations: How highway construction hardened discrimination

A look at transportation infrastructure’s racial and genocidal practices against Black, Brown and poor communities, and plans for the fix.

Deion Sanders shocks the world

Jackson State Univ. Coach Deion Sanders’ recruitment of high school cornerback Travis Hunter may be the start of the next great migration. 

California Reparations Task Force looks at long history of racism in...

Ongoing corrupt and genocidal USDA policies, denials of land, wealth and constitutional rights for California Black farmers is being scrutinized by the California Reparations Task Force.

Interview with Dedoceo Habi on talking PTSD

Dedoceo Habi shares how he learned that the best way to make sure you sustain your trauma-related behavior is to run away from it, to act like it doesn’t exist.

Guilty on all counts!

The International Panel of Jurists 2021 finds US guilty of Genocide and Gross Human Rights Violations against Black, Brown and Indigenous Peoples.

Imprisoned in ‘Sundown Towns’: The racial politics of my domestic exile

Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson’s illumination about the creation of race for the purpose of capitalism’s necessity to control the masses could not be more clear.

The sport of abusing prisoners in Lucasville, Ohio: Like pulling wings...

Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson is ‘bent as ever on being that “asshole” who helps lift the veil’ on corruptions and tortures against Western slave society behind the walls of U.S. prisons.

From Salt Lake to San Francisco, from Ute to Huichin: Sweeping,...

Tiny Gray-Garcia beams glaring exposure on the ongoing shameless colonialist violence against our houseless brothers and sisters during the Stolen Land-Hoarded Resources UnTour across occupied Western Turtle Island.