Monday, December 5, 2022
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Tag: Venice Beach

From Salt Lake to San Francisco, from Ute to Huichin: Sweeping,...

Tiny Gray-Garcia beams glaring exposure on the ongoing shameless colonialist violence against our houseless brothers and sisters during the Stolen Land-Hoarded Resources UnTour across occupied Western Turtle Island.

The water and the wind, a song for Dedon

Some heroes will be forever unsung --- But I met one, when my consciousness was young --- You helped a brotha out when he wasn’t solid --- Guided me on my political path, introduced me to Dr. Khallid --- When me and my queen arrived on the scene --- Rocking boots and jeans, looking clean and mean --- You told us you dig us doing our thing --- And appreciated the things we would rap and sing

Mediators talk with prisoners as hunger strike reaches one month mark,...

Today marks one month for prisoners on hunger strike throughout the California prison system. Earlier today, the mediation team working on behalf of the strikers was able to speak to the prisoners at Pelican Bay who initially called for the strike. Just moments ago members of the mediation team issued the following statement: