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Maxine Waters on the strong Black women who taught her to create her seat at the table

Maxine Waters stood before a crowd of young people Friday at Busboys and Poets, a Washington, D.C., restaurant that doubles as stomping ground for social movements. At the event, which she organized as a soulful open mic before the following day’s Tax March, the congresswoman doubled down on her call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump with a combined bluntness and realness one wouldn’t expect from a politician: “We’ve got to stop his ass!” After nearly 40 years in public service, Waters has become the Democratic face for the resistance against Trump.

Behind Enemy Lines

Planted weapons and stolen property: Mounting retribution for continued exposures of abuses in Texas prisons

Apr 19, 2017

My regular readers know I’ve come under recent fire for exposing abuse and corruption in Texas prisons. Despite outside protests and support, retaliations have escalated and most recently culminated in officials directing outright criminal acts at me, including guards I’ve reported on recovering a weapon from the scene of an altercation and planting it in my cell the next day, and guards confiscating most of my belongings (again) with the intent of destroying them.

Mumia Abu-Jamal: The illusion of correctional medicine – UPDATE: Mumia finally begins treatment

Apr 13, 2017

In the netherworld of American prisons, one must jettison any medical assumptions one brings in from the so-called “free” world. We have been conditioned to see nurses as sweet sources of solace and doctors as people dedicated to healing the sick and easing our pains. In prison, new rules govern medicine and care. Here, money is master; the ill are all but ignored. This may seem harsh but, I must assure you, reality is even harsher.

Advice for prisoners and their supporters regarding Board of Parole Hearings psychological evaluations

Apr 5, 2017

The California Board of Parole Hearings has established the Forensic Assessment Division, a staff of psychologists who conduct psychological evaluations of prisoners for Board hearings. This paper is provided to help California prisoners applying for parole understand the psychological evaluations conducted for the Board of Parole Hearings and to provide advice to them and their supporters on how to counter the psychological evaluation with letters and other materials submitted to the Board.

Updates on Zulu

Mar 30, 2017

Greetings, fellow supporters of Kenny Zulu Whitmore. We apologize that it has been so long since we have given you all an update on our beloved brother and comrade Zulu, but we were bound by legal counsel from shining the light on our warrior brother’s plight. Here we are nevertheless, with some amazing news about our Brother Zulu. On Nov. 16, 2015, Zulu, who was then the prisoner longest held in solitary confinement after Albert Woodfox, was released to general population.

Prison lives matter

Mar 29, 2017

All across this kkkountry we are hearing and seeing the masses exclaim, “Black lives matter!” We heard Obama counter that by telling the people, “All lives matter” and “Police lives matter.” But what about the more than 2 million lives being held captive across this kkkountry in amerikkka’s kkkoncentration kkkamps (jails and prisons)? So we must raise the questions needed to spark the discussion so many fail to acknowledge: Do prison lives matter?

California Board of Prison Hearings Prisoners are guests of honor at KKK lynchings
Fight Toxic Prisons National Convergence is in Texas this June
Alabama’s Holman Prison bans the Bay View for being ‘racially motivated,’ subscriber declares hunger strike
Why isn’t ‘prison reform’ seeking an effective demand for change?
CDCr must effect genuine changes in its old policies, culture and practices
Alabama’s Tutwiler Prison for Women: Officers break prisoner’s leg after allowing another prisoner to attack her
A young prisoner dies, his comrades pour out their love
I was a slave working under the California Department of Corrections
End prison slavery in Texas now! Part II: Class consciousness and international solidarity
A solitary distinction
New California bill honors the dignity of transgender prisoners
Zolo Agona Azania is FREE – and he needs our help
Psychological warfare in prison: Segregation is the soul breaker
What happened at Vaughn prison?
We who were lulled to sleep by Obama should be jarred awake by Trump

News & Views

John Burris files suit against rapper Young Jeezy for the 2014 killing of Eric Johnson

Apr 21, 2017

Attorney Adante Pointer of the Law Offices of John L. Burris filed and served a First Amended Complaint in Santa Clara County Superior Court specifically naming Jay Way Jenkins, aka Young Jeezy, Live Nation and other persons affiliated with the Under the Influence Tour as defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit for the murder of well-known San Francisco Bay Area based concert and party promoter and loving father, Eric Johnson II. Pointer is incensed by what he considers a botched investigation and cover-up.

Damian Ochoa’s nightmare on Chinook Court, Treasure Island

Apr 21, 2017

As Phase One of Treasure Island redevelopment gets under way, the Island’s subsidized and market rate residents are experiencing increasing intimidation and harassment and fewer services. Damian Ochoa, a seven-year market rate renter in good standing at John Stewart’s “The Villages,” describes intensifying “habitability issues,” amounting to prohibited Eighth Amendment “cruel and unusual punishment,” officiated over by John Stewart Property Manager Dan Stone.

Bay View turns 40! Part 2

Apr 20, 2017

Now, as the San Francisco Bay View newspaper’s 40th birthday year comes to a close, is the time to bring up to date the historical sketch of our paper that I began with Part 1 in the January paper. Piles of old papers rest on my desk, waiting to be read once again – a banquet of stories and pictures of our lives, our hopes, our goals. Let me let you taste the flavor of the freedom we continue to fight for in the age of Trump.

Bay View turns 40!

Apr 20, 2017

It’s 2016, 40 years since Muhammad al-Kareem founded the New Bayview, now renamed the San Francisco Bay View, in 1976. Inspired by Malcolm X, he wanted to bring a newspaper like Muhammad Speaks to Bayview Hunters Point. He’ll tell the story of those early years, and I’ll pick it up now at the point when my wife Mary and I took over in 1992. Watching our first paper roll through the huge two-story tall lumbering old press at Tom Berkley’s Post Newspaper Building on Feb. 3, 1992, was a feel-like-flying thrill we’ll never forget.

Weapons of mass deflection

Apr 20, 2017

When the sexual scandal involving his young intern almost engulfed his presidency, Clinton ordered missile attacks on a pharmaceutical factory in the Middle East, Al Shifa. Clinton critics derided this attack as “Monica bombs,” meant to deflect from the rising flood of scandal. President D.J. Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airfield, with scant proof of Syrian state involvement in a recent chemical weapons attack, seems pretty Clintonian to me.

Neo-Nazi pro-Trump rally: Civil war in Berkeley – no cops
Empowerment Summit for Formerly Incarcerated Students and Families at Merritt College April 19-20
MIT professor says top US officials fabricated intelligence to justify attacking Syria
God squares off with the devil in Syria and Rwanda
Police supremacy rising: What if brutalized United Airlines passenger had been Black
NAACP says electricity is a basic human right, demands end to power shutoffs
Chief William Scott, SF’s new Black police chief, meets the community
Kagame’s jobs program: War
New bipartisan bill in Congress would ban the box, help formerly incarcerated people get work
How to end construction union racism: Start a Black union
The truth about reverse mortgages: Easy cash – or headed for a crash
Oakland’s affordable housing threatened by Trump’s proposed $6.2 billion budget cut to HUD
How the US Navy exposed a Treasure Island mother and daughter to radiation levels higher than humans can tolerate
Krip Hop Nation’s Leroy Moore journeys to South Africa
Ain’t no statute of limitations on genocide!

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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April 25, 2017
Veterans Mural Painting 5-week Workshop (April 4- May 9, Every Tues & Thurs) 12:00 pm Veterans Alley, 144 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States (Turk and Taylor) Are you a U.S. military veteran and want to ... more>>
April 25, 2017
Arte en Resistencia Exhibit - Opening Reception 3:00 pm Puerto Alegre, 546 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA Curated by Calixto Robles, this new art exhibit is inspired ... more>>
April 25, 2017
Building Sustainable Fathers, A Culture-Based Fatherhood Series 5:00 pm West Oakland Job Resource Center 1801 Adeline St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA Building Sustainable Fathers (BSF) provides fathers with a 10-week exploration ... more>>
April 25, 2017
Community Tuesdays at Radio Africa & Kitchen -- dinner for $10 5:00 pm Radio Africa & Kitchen, 4800 Third St., San Francisco You’re invited to “break bread” with us in the ... more>>
April 25, 2017
Stop Urban Shield at Berkeley City Council, Council Votes on Pulling Out of Urban Shield 7:00 pm Berkeley City Council, 2134 MLK Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703 On April 25th, Berkeley City Council will be voting on ... more>>
April 26, 2017
Immigrant Family Day/ Dia de la Familia Inmigrante - SF City Hall 9:30 am San Francisco City Hall (South Light Court) 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, San Francisco, California 94102 Join the Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC), as part of ... more>>
April 26, 2017
Free Drop-in Job Counseling Every Fourth Wednesday 2:00 pm Central Library, 2090 Kittredge at Shattuck, Berkeley Looking for a job? Or perhaps have a job and ... more>>
April 26, 2017
“Freedom of the Press in the Age of Trump,” a panel discussion 7:00 pm Multi-Use Building, Room 140, Ocean Campus at City College of San Francisco, 50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco, 94112 “Freedom of the Press in the Age of Trump”
Panel ... more>>
April 26, 2017
Trump vs The Media 7:00 pm City College of San Francisco [Ocean Campus, MUB 140] 50 Phelan Ave, San Francisco, California 94112 A panel discussion with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jonathan Freedman, San ... more>>

19th annual SF Black Film Festival is back wit’ films that are better than ever

Apr 19, 2017

On the second weekend of June this year, the San Francisco Black Film Festival will be celebrating its 19th year by screening over 100 independent Black films in this annual four-day cinema marathon. San Francisco Black Film Festival director Kali O’Ray, son of founder Ave Montague, sits down to discuss how it feels for the festival to celebrate its 19th birthday, the importance of indie films, remaining in a city that was once a lot more chocolate but has been gentrified to 3 percent Black – and more.

If the world is woke, why is the church sleep?

Apr 15, 2017

Back during the Black Power Era, if you were down for the cause, people called you “aware.” In the Hip Hop Era, the term for being politically up to date was “conscious.” Now, with the Millennials, if you are in tune with what’s going on in the world, you are referred to as “woke.” For the past few years, since the murder of Trayvon Martin, there has been a steady rise in cultural awareness within the Black community. The Black truth now gets as much traction as the white mainstream news on Facebook. So why is the church, arguably the spiritual center of the Black community, still running two steps behind?

49 words for Mari Evans: 1919-2017

Apr 14, 2017

Poet-composer-playwright-critic Mari Evans Phemster was funeralized March 21, 2017, at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like her friend, Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000), Mari’s output preceded the Black Arts Movement, though many of her titles and themes – like “I Am a Black Woman” – became anthems of BAM.

August Wilson’s ‘Jitney’ reframes a world that provides little shelter for a Black man with dreams

Apr 14, 2017

“Jitney,” August Wilson’s first play, set in 1977, takes place in the Hill District in Philadelphia, a place Wilson called home. “Jitney,” a part of Wilson’s 10-play canon that chronicles Black life from Jim Crow South to illusive Northern freedoms, speaks to the absence of permanent change for Black people despite legislative acts 1865 to now. It runs through April 16; visit

‘Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar’ calls for art and article submissions for the 2018 calendar, ‘Awakening Resistance’

Apr 5, 2017

The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar collective is releasing its 17th calendar this coming fall. The theme for 2018 is “Awakening Resistance,” reflecting on organizing in the current political climate. We are looking for 12 works of art and 12 short articles to feature in the calendar, which hangs in more than 2,500 homes, workplaces, prison cells and community spaces around the world. We encourage contributors to submit both new and existing work. We also seek submissions from prisoners – please forward to any prison-based artists and writers.

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