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Rally in solidarity: Join the California Hunger Strikes’ four ‘main reps’ in court Aug. 21

Rally at the San Francisco Federal Courthouse while the four California prisoner hunger strike and Ashker class representatives meet and confer* with CDCr to address the continuing solitary conditions that violate the Ashker lawsuit settlement agreement. The four prisoner hunger strike representatives will be present in the courtroom, an historic presence! Help create a strong show of solidarity with prisoners fighting for human rights! Join the rally outside the courthouse on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018, 11:30 a.m., at the Phillip Burton Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, 450 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco.

Behind Enemy Lines

Political prisoner of war Robert Seth Hayes paroled after 45 years

Aug 9, 2018

Having been incarcerated since 1973, original Black Panther activist Robert Seth Hayes, 69, was released on parole last Tuesday. He joins a short list of revolutionaries from the 1960s and 1970s who are now hitting New York’s streets as elderly men after spending decades in the belly of the beast, simply for fighting for their freedom. Hayes denied participating in the June 1973 Bronx shooting death of New York Transit cop Sidney Thompson, but he was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life nonetheless.

Imam Hasan locked down in runup to nationwide strike, on hunger strike since July 28

Aug 4, 2018

On Friday, July 27, Siddique Abdullah Hasan was locked down on a conduct report signed by Brian Wittrup at Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) central office which referred to him speaking on and receiving information about the upcoming prison strike. It wasn’t until late Monday evening, July 30, that supporters were finally able to hear from Hasan himself via an attorney phone call with Staughton and Alice Lynd.

Black August: The power of prisoner-led organizing

Aug 3, 2018

“Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are dying who could be saved, that generations more will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love of Revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give your life for the people.” – George Jackson

The Rehabilitation Initiative: Bring back parole to Illinois

Aug 1, 2018

Does anyone notice what’s terribly wrong in Illinois prisons? I’ll tell you. In my opinion, not enough energy is being invested into the fight to bring back parole. Let’s combat the stigma that long-term sentences create, by revealing that redemption and personal transformation is a possible reality for every human being who chooses that path. The pursuit of freedom is our common purpose and it’s far greater than everything that divides us – so let’s fight for parole.

Deadly extreme heat and deliberate indifference inside Texas prisons

Jul 25, 2018

A settlement has been reached in the Pack Unit lawsuit, and air conditioning will be installed temporarily during the summer months, until the Texas legislature allocates funding for the installation of permanent AC units. Last year, I attempted to file a motion on behalf of myself and all Texas prisoners who are similarly situated to the prisoners at the Pack Unit. The Texas Civil Rights Project, based out of Houston, requested that I withdraw the motion because it had the potential of delaying relief for Pack Unit prisoners.

SHU-shifting update: Relief finally granted to California prisoners experiencing ongoing isolation
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Shout-out from Malik in Texas to Kwame in Indiana: Support Prison Lives Matter rally July 18
A cry for help, a call to action: Rally at IDOC, Indianapolis, July 18
Nothing new: Prison violence brings higher pay, job security
They loathed Hugo, oppose PEACE
Criminal is the new nigger
Together to End Solitary: ‘Cruel and Unusual, the Story of the Angola 3’
Veronza, don’t die in prison!
Back to Red Onion State Prison: Rashid’s return to the original scene of criminal abuse

News & Views

‘You wash us away, but we’re still here’: Homeless funding initiative headed for November ballot

Aug 13, 2018

A white jogger throwing a Black homeless man’s property into Lake Merritt. A well-dressed man kicking a sleeping man’s face so severely he was hospitalized. The owner of a local club circulating death threats to homeless people and chasing a camper with a gun. These are just some of the publicized events. Of course, people forced to live outdoors face this and worse on a regular basis.

Federal ad spending with Black-owned firms dismal; NNPA demands action

Aug 12, 2018

Over the past five fiscal years, from 2013 to 2017, federal government agencies have spent approximately $5 billion in advertising, but a minute share – $327 million – went to minority-owned businesses, according to a long-awaited report from the Government Accountability Office. “This factual report exposes gross racial discrimination and the refusal of the federal agencies cited in the report to be serious about diversity and inclusion with respect to annual federal spending on advertising.”

Paul Kagame’s paranoia strikes deep

Aug 8, 2018

He’s the president of Rwanda and the current president of the African Union, feted by the Brookings Institute, one of the most venerable ideological pillars of U.S. capital interests. So why is Paul Kagame manifesting more and more signs of paranoia? Let’s consider just a few possibilities: Assassination rumors, insurgency, political prisoner Victoire Ingabire, 7,000 Rwandan churches and mosques shut down.

Rep. Pelosi challenged to stop $300 million Hunters Point Shipyard cleanup waste and listen to community

Aug 6, 2018

Letter sent to Democratic leader Aug. 1 regarding fraudulent Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Radiological Cleanup: Dear Leader Pelosi, As you may know, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice has been monitoring the Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund cleanup for many years. As you may also know, the Environmental Law and Justice Clinic at the Golden Gate University School of Law investigated the radiological fraud committed by Tetra Tech EC, Inc., and represents Greenaction in petitions to both federal and state authorities seeking to revoke Tetra Tech EC’s radiological licenses.

Nia Wilson, say her name! Blacks do not need a second slavery

Aug 6, 2018

On this day we relived the death of Nia Wilson when we attended a rally in Oakland protesting some of the news coverage of her murder on BART. She was only 18 when she and her sister were getting off a BART train at the MacArthur station and were both stabbed by a white man. Nia’s sister Latifah survived. Her family has had to relive that evening’s horror over and over again. The first time was when her family learned her throat had been slit. The second time when it hit the news.

SF State Black Unity Center under attack
Rest in power, Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard, founding father of the Black Panther Party
Running Green in a frontline community
London Breed, you are my mayor too
Public services fail pregnant, low-income African American women in San Francisco
San Francisco needs more infant and toddler care and higher wages for early educators
More choices than Democrats and Republicans
Fred Jordan: We can reverse the out-migration of Blacks from San Francisco
Nuclear power in Africa?
Noose at SF highrise reaffirms lockout of Blacks from construction
‘Hunters Point is unfolding into the biggest case of eco-fraud in U.S. history’: Feds promise Human Health Risk Assessment to measure harm to community
How the 1968 uprisings gave us the Civil Rights Act of 1968
Navy does damage control for Pelosi, Feinstein and Lennar as it continues to claim Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard are ‘safe’
When Democrats aren’t the least worst
What to Viet Nam is our 4th of July? Rethinking Burns & Novick’s documentary, Part 1

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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August 18, 2018
Multi-cultural COTATI ACCORDIAN FESTIVAL 9:30 am La Plaza Park Cotati, CA 94931 "Woodstock of the Accordion World" See schedules and more info ... more>>
August 18, 2018
BAYVIEW GROWERS MARKET EVERY SATURDAY – Aug. 4 to Nov. 17 10:00 am Florence Fang Asian Community Garden - 2 Diana St, San Francisco, CA 94124 (at Williams) Eight Bayview community gardens to share their freshly grown fruits ... more>>
August 18, 2018
Oscar Grant School Supply Drive 2018 11:00 am Oakland, CA FB event: <a href="">https://... more>>
August 18, 2018
NEGRO SPIRITUALS: Songs Born in the Wilderness of Slavery in The Ring Shout Ceremony 1:00 pm West Oakland Public Library 1801 Adeline St, Oakland, CA 94607 (18th & Adeline, across from DeFremery Park) Join us! Children, Youth, Young Adults, and Adults. Welcome and ... more>>
August 18, 2018
‘THE BLACK WOMAN IS GOD’ Exhibition Presents: A Sacred Beautiful 1:00 pm Ashara Ekundayo Gallery 480 23rd St. (Located behind the black gate – btw. Telegraph & Valley Sts.) Oakland, CA 94612 ~ASPIRATIONAL CONVERSATION WITH THE ARTISTS & CURATOR~<br><br>The ... more>>
August 18, 2018
Pan African City Alive Special Book Event: RESILIENTLY RISING 2:00 pm Renaissance Center 1848 Bay Rd, East Palo Alto, CA 94303 Resiliently Rising is a dramatic storytelling of overcoming abuse and ... more>>
August 18, 2018
Free Documentary Film Screening: DOMINION 2:00 pm SF Main Library - Koret Auditorium (Lower Level)- 100 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102 DOMINION is a new Australian documentary exposing the dark underbelly ... more>>
August 18, 2018
BLACK SOLIDARITY Listening Session 6:00 pm Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612 WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.
August 19, 2018
Multi-cultural COTATI ACCORDIAN FESTIVAL 9:30 am La Plaza Park Cotati, CA 94931 "Woodstock of the Accordion World" See schedules and more info ... more>>
August 19, 2018
Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in the Neighborhood: FUN DAY in the #Bayview Free Family Arts + Crafts 2:00 pm 4720 3rd St., between Newcomb and Oakdale, Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco TODAY! and Every Sunday Will Be Fun Day in the #... more>>
August 19, 2018
HELP IS ON THE WAY 24 Concert and Gala - Celebrating Music, Legends & Icons 7:30 pm Herbst Theatre - 401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 110, San Francisco, CA 94102 A Benefit for Meals on Wheels San Francisco & AIDS Legal ... more>>
August 19, 2018
No Candlelight Vigil and Walk for Jessica St. Louis 9:00 pm Meet at: Santa Rita Jail, 5325 Broder Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568 On July 28, 2018, Jessica St. Louis was released from Santa Rita ... more>>


Aug 15, 2018

Today, Aug. 15, 2018, marks the four year anniversary of the terrible day 2-year-old Mi’Yana “MyMy” was taken away from her family. On this day, four years ago, a speeding driver hit her, drove over her tiny frame and left her defenseless body on the street. Today, her family still mourns her loss. Her twin brother has spent the last four years missing his twin sister. Her mother continues to mourn the loss of this beautiful angel, and the SFPD still has not found the person that hit and ran and murdered MyMy.

Frederick Douglass Haynes: Open letter to Trump’s preachers

Aug 12, 2018

With heartbreak, yet hope, we reach out to you in the Name of our Lord and Liberator, Jesus, the Christ. It was unsettling and upsetting to witness the meeting with you, our moral leaders, and one of the most amoral persons to ever occupy the White House in the name of discussing prison reform. We are sure it must have been intoxicating to walk the corridors of power and sit at the table of governing authority. Unfortunately, those precincts of power have been infected by White supremacy and moral bankruptcy.


Aug 11, 2018

A new documentary film directed by Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden entitled “Zephaniah” will be out soon; it is based on embracing the responsibilities of fatherhood and the joy that comes with the journey. In the project, Fleetwood will take an in-depth look into the relationship between a father and his toddler daughter. He will also explore why so many fathers abandon their children and how the system plays a part in separating households.

Thank you, Brother Ron

Aug 10, 2018

He was our local Frederick Douglass. Even looked a bit like him: dashingly handsome, tall, strong, fierce, dedicated, educated, elegant and eloquent. And deeply rooted in the community. The former civil rights activist, mayor of Oakland and congressman, who put programs for the people ahead of war and weapons of mass destruction, the honorable and distinguished elder Ron Dellums joined the ancestors July 30, after making his presence felt on this planet for 82 years.

Wanda’s Picks for July-August 2018

Jul 23, 2018

The 50th Anniversary Conference of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) opened with a reverent and celebratory tribute to the ancestors and welcome to those present. Presented by Daktari Dance Medicine Collective, 50 dancers, drummers and cultural workers sprinkled medicine into the hearts and minds of those in the grand hall that night. From the welcome call, Fanga Alafia, to the “Invocation and Libation,” Diaspora dances Yanvalou, Parigol and Ogum and Spoken Medicine, the theme for the 50th Annual Conference “Building for Eternity,” June 27-July 1, 2018, was evoked, ratified and confirmed.

In Memoriam: Milan Rose Ardoin – Sunrise May 10, 1990, Sunset July 5, 2018
The crimes of kidnapping and selling children are not new
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After successful off-Broadway & Berkeley run, ‘Port Chicago 50’ play comes to San Francisco for Port Chicago blast 74th anniversary commemoration
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