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St. Louis rebels Chip Wiley and his friend Tommy exchange war stories and pictures from the previous night. These photos were taken in August, in over 100-degree heat. – Photo: JR Valrey, Block Report

From the front lines in Ferguson: ‘We will go out hard’

They’re like, “Fuck it. I can die out here for nothing going at these cats from the other side or I could die for justice tonight with these police.” They’re fearless – they’re ready to be a martyr. Now all of this money that it must cost to bring all these cops in, … all y’all had to do was put one man in jail. That’s it! A thousand police officers are going to be here in St. Louis and for what? To go out and kill another unarmed Black kid in the streets and then leave him there for four hours? I think that the ripple effect of this is going to rock the whole nation. It could be the tipping point for race relations in America when it comes to policing.

Behind Enemy Lines

Angola 3: Robert King on the ongoing struggle to free Albert Woodfox

Nov 24, 2014
The Angola 3 – Herman Wallace, Robert King and Albert Woodfox – when all of them were still held in the penitentiary at Angola

In Louisiana, a federal appeals court has affirmed a lower court’s ruling that overturned the murder conviction of Albert Woodfox, the last member of the Angola 3 still in prison. The Angola 3 are internationally recognized as political prisoners and symbols of a racist system of mass incarceration and solitary confinement. KPFA’s Ann Garrison spoke to Robert King, the other surviving Angola 3 member. Here’s that interview.

The overturned conviction of the Angola 3’s Albert Woodfox is upheld in a unanimous decision – after his 42 years in solitary

Nov 21, 2014
Albert Woodfox – Louisiana Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell has called him the “most dangerous man on the planet” for his affiliation with the Black Panther Party over 40 years ago.

The International Coalition to Free the Angola 3 declared today: “This is THE moment those of us whose lives have been touched by these men and this case over the years have been waiting for. This is the time when we must call upon the whole of our connections, creativity and courage to call with one voice for the immediate, unequivocal release of Albert Woodfox from prison once and for all without delay.”

Pack the courtroom for the Dallas 6

Nov 13, 2014
Dallas SCI torture chair

They are called the Dallas 6 – and we ain’t talking about Texas. Dallas, in Pennsylvania, is one of nearly 30 prisons in the state, located in its rural outback. The six are young Black men who, in 2010, tried to stage a peaceful protest in the prison’s “hole,” its solitary confinement unit. The Dallas 6 are potentially facing more prison time for refusing to submit to torture, for men have died, in America, while strapped into the torture chair.

Strip search: California sets a high price for visiting a loved one in prison

Nov 13, 2014

In late September, the Bay View reported on draconian new regulations that the CDCr was then poised to implement, under the guise of an emergency. These regulations authorize the use of dogs and electronic drug detectors to indiscriminately search all persons entering institutional grounds for contraband. Both dogs and electronic detectors are notoriously unreliable, as both Mohamed Shehk and Peter Shey explained in the Bay View.

Comments to CDCR: Banning the Bay View from California prisons would violate the First Amendment

Nov 13, 2014
“Pelican Bay Censorship” – Art: Michael Russell, C-90473, PBSP D7-217, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532

This letter, Re: Comments on CDCR’s Proposed Regulations: Obscene Material, from attorney Leila Knox of Bryan Cave LLP, one of the world’s largest law firms, was emailed and mailed on Nov. 7, 2014, to Regulation and Policy Management Chief Timothy M. Lockwood, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, P.O. Box 942883, Sacramento, Calif. 94283-0001. The comment period is now closed.

Inside a CCA private prison: Two slaves for the price of one, Part Three
Stop the regulations that would ban the Bay View from California prisons
Prison assisted suicide – the Texas way
Amerika don’t give a damn about women, so quit frontin’
Shine a light on Tehachapi, where CDCr has violated prisoners’ constitutional rights for far too long!
CDCr issues SHU sentences illegally
A village cannot be built in a jail: Why gender responsive is not gender justice
Stop prison censorship! Submit comments by Nov. 10 on revised regulations misleadingly titled ‘Obscene Materials’
When it comes to solitary confinement, U.S. fails the mice standard
Woman prisoner reveals torture of children by police and juvenile authorities
On racism, resistance and state violence: a discussion on the politics of greed and hate
At Tehachapi, release from SHU means more solitary confinement
The truth and lies that targeted and convicted Sahara Fakhir, an Islamic activist
What is solitary confinement?
Solidarity had the might to move the mountain of prison torture that kept us isolated and voiceless – we still need you now, even more

News & Views

Beyond #BoycottBlackFriday, Invest in Justice #InvestInJustUs

Nov 27, 2014
Then take the money you didn’t spend and #InvestInJustUs. Acknowledge and support our justice-seeking institutions who labor to defend us 365 days a year.

The call to action here is to, while outraged, spend some time and energy focusing on what we have, who stands for us, who needs our help. So YES to #BoycottBlackFriday and yes to #InvestInJustUs. Let’s acknowledge and support our justice-seeking institutions who labor to defend us 365 days a year.

Thanksgiving and Ferguson: Mixed generation Black immigrant family’s holiday meal

Nov 27, 2014

As thanksgiving approaches, many of us are receiving messages that reflect on what we should be thankful for. Coming on the heels of the grand jury decision on Michael Brown, it is obvious some of us may not be feeling particularly blessed and thankful, living in a system that threatens our boys – our lives. Like all families across this nation that mix generations of American kids with immigrant parents and grandparents, the story is mixed and at times complicated.

SF Public Defender calls refusal to indict Ferguson killer cop legal, ethical racial bias

Nov 26, 2014
Dorian Johnson – Photo: Laurie Skrivan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Wilson’s description of Brown as a “demon” with superhuman strength and unremitting rage and his description of the neighborhood as “hostile” illustrate implicit racial bias that taints use-of-force decisions. These biases surely contribute to the fact that African Americans are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than whites in the U.S., but the statement’s racial implications remained unexamined.

Who torched Michael Brown Sr.’s church the day after his baptism?

Nov 26, 2014
Michael Brown Sr.

The pastor said he doubted the same people who were raging on the other end of West Florissant had burned his church. Instead, he said, he suspected white supremacists who wanted to punish him for his support of the Brown family, who had just been baptized there.

Justice delayed and denied for eight years, Asa Sullivan’s family appeals federal court decision to clear killer cops

Nov 26, 2014
During the trial over the wrongful death by San Francisco police of Asa Sullivan, Lisa Ganser and Nomy Lamm, friends of Asa’s mother, Kat Espinosa, made drawings of the proceedings. – Art: Lisa Ganser

On Tuesday, June 6, 2006, around 8 p.m., an SFPD officer fatally shot Brother Asa as he crouched in an attic’s two-and-a-half-foot crawl space, hiding because he’d recently spent a short time in jail and was afraid of going back. According to press reports, officers were responding to a neighbor’s complaint of possible trespassers, yet Asa and his friend were there with the tenants’ permission.

Rwandan witness to Habyarimana assassination disappears
Let’s talk about Ferguson
A silence that speaks: Ayotzinapa, the Zapatistas and the politics of listening
Ten illegal police actions to watch for in Ferguson
Et tu, Brute? Haiti’s betrayal by Latin America
Phil Taylor: ICTR celebrates 20 years of establishing impunity
On Saturday we march with our Congolese comrades against the politics of death
Advocates celebrate Prop. 47 victory against mass incarceration and war on drugs but raise concerns about where the funding will go: four perspectives
Elect David Campos, worthy successor to Tom Ammiano, the conscience of the California Assembly
Prop 47: We support it, but it’s complicated …
Rwandan prisoner Victoire Ingabire takes case against Rwandan regime to international court
People of Burkina Faso drive Blaise Campaore from power
Breast cancer happens to real people, not abstractions on paper
NAAFRA: We need a youth hip-hop vanguard for change
Another ‘Mumia Rule’

Culture Currents

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FERGUSON PROTESTS CONTINUE ON “BLACK FRIDAY” ACROSS THE U.S. Nov 28 5:00 PM Union Square, San Francisco Black Lives, Latino Lives, ALL Lives Matter!
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Kujichagulia Seitu’s ‘Go Tell It’ plays in Berkeley Dec. 6-7

Nov 28, 2014
Lyric Performing Arts Academy students sing a medley of Spirituals at their November “Harriet Tubman Learned” student showcase.

The best African centered holiday theatrical play in the nation, “Go Tell It,” the story of the freedom fighter Harriet Tubman aka Moses through spirituals, will be showing at the Live Oak Theater, 1301 Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, on Saturday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. and on Sunday, Dec. 7, at 3 p.m. Playwright Taiwo Kujichagulia Seitu has done a more than stellar job in presenting vital history on the New Afrikan experience in an entertaining way.

Oakland International Film Festival is accepting submissions still

Nov 25, 2014
Kali O'Ray of SFBFF, David Roach of OIFF, cropped web

To all of the filmmakers in the community, the Oakland International Film Festival is accepting submissions until Jan. 30, so if you have something that you want for them to consider, read this article and get your work in. For all the cinema buffs, this festival is one of the premiere events in the Bay Area for you to get your cinematic fix; movies from all over the world from different genres will be screening April 2-5, 2015, at different theaters around the East Bay.

Salute to the Freeman Brothers! Last testament of Elder Freeman, a giant of a man

Nov 22, 2014
When Cynthia McKinney spoke at the Kaos Network in Los Angeles on April 23, 2013, Kathleen Cleaver came with the Freeman brothers, Roland and Elder. They are standing on either side of Kathleen, Elder Freeman between Kathleen and Cynthia. Kathleen had come to California to raise money for Elder Freeman to travel to Cuba for cancer treatment, and her mission was accomplished though he was never strong enough to travel there. With the Panthers and KPFK broadcaster Dedan Kimathi, along with Minister of Information JR, host and organizer of Cynthia’s speaking tour, it was a gathering of veterans of the struggle. – Photo: JR Valrey, Block Report

Here is the story of two legends who gave everything to their people for decades and continued to their last breaths. Salute to the Freeman brothers, Roland and Elder. Elder Freeman was a mentor and uncle-like community figure at whose feet I sat for half my life, learning from him and his comrades fundamental lessons: true African communalism and how to sincerely love Black people through action

Thespian Donald Lacy talks Gary Webb, cocaine and the play, ‘Superheroes’

Nov 21, 2014
The all-Black and Brown cast of “Superheroes,” running Nov. 21-Dec. 21 at the Cutting Ball Theater, 277 Taylor in Frisco, will be looking for you! From left, they are Britney Frazier, Myers Clark, Delina Brooks, Donald Lacy, Juan Amador and, in front, Ricky Saenz. This play is a must-see for the Black and Brown communities and everyone who cares about justice.

Thespian Donald Lacy is one of the stars of the new play “Superheroes,” which starts today and runs through Dec. 21 at the Cutting Ball Theater. “Superheroes” looks at the cocaine era in U.S. history from the perspective of a series of people interlocked in the scheme, or the uncovering of it. Check out renaissance man Donald Lacy, the father, journalist, activist, comedian, thespian and so much more as he speaks on Gary Webb and “Superheroes” …

Golden State Giants football tryout Dec. 6

Nov 14, 2014
Golden State Giants player

Tirrell Muhammad, chairman of the board of the directors of the Golden State Giants semi-pro football team, sat down with the SF Bay View newspaper to talk local football. He talks about some of the star players and upcoming open tryouts and introduces us to the some of the head honchos within the organization. Check him out.

Meet Gloria Rolando, on tour with her new film ‘Reembarque’ on Haitian farmworkers in Cuba before the Revolution
The African Diaspora Bazaar and Crafts Fair coming to Humanist Hall Nov. 29
Wanda’s Picks for November 2014
Public Defender Jeff Adachi headlines Bayview Legal’s Third Annual Gala Nov. 16
‘Party People’
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