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Bolaino Akwenuke

Big Oil-based corruption and fear of Boko Haram incite conflict among Niger Delta fighters for justice

In life you never know who you will meet. I say this while reflecting upon my decision to visit Nigeria last December 2015. What I did not know is the extent of involvement my host played in the situation. Nor did I know that his involvement would lead to my own. Fast forwarding to today and here we are: bombings still occurring in the delta region, Tompolo still being framed, and me assisting Akwenuke Bolaino Marho, to tell his story of involvement – not only how he is involved but also to disclose the real culprit behind the Shell and Chevron Texaco oil facility bombings.

Behind Enemy Lines

I tried my best to encourage the brothers to stand up

Dec 2, 2016
Nowhere more than in Angola do prisoners look more like slaves. Those who work in the fields are marched out every morning by the white overseer who supervises their work, for which they are paid nothing. In fancy wrought iron, the sign arching over the prison entrance says Angola Prison Farms.

A call for a national work stoppage was issued for Sept. 9, 2016, to inmates all across America to bring an end to the “exception” – the slavery clause – in the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment upholding slavery for prisoners. Sadly, I, along with a very small sprinkle of inmates here and there on “the farm” (a reference to Angola, a former slave plantation turned into the largest prison in the country) answered the call.

An innocent man, DeWayne Ewing wins order to show cause

Dec 1, 2016
DeWayne Ewing

In January 1994, 23-year-old DeWayne Ewing and a girlfriend discarded a condom as they left a park in the Oakland hills. A rape took place in the same park a few days later, and three days after the rape, police found the condom under a bush and put it with the rape kit. Thirteen years later, in June 2007, police pulled DeWayne over for an illegal turn and arrested him for rape on a cold hit DNA match.

Baridi X Williamson: I went inside my heart to survive the torture in the Pelican Bay SHU

Nov 29, 2016
Baridi X Williamson 2016

Leaving out of Pelican Bay solitary confinement torture prison facilities/units/cages for the first time on Jan. 23, 2015 – after arriving there Nov. 29, 1990 – I remember witnessing my first sunrise. It would be the first of many first time experiences of using my natural senses again after being buried alive in that concrete box deprived of the natural use of those senses for the last 25 years – a quarter century.

To all the brothers on the yard: Help us help ourselves

Nov 29, 2016
When we fight – as a team: the Bay View and all of you, readers and writers – we win. Help the Bay View, help yourself and let’s make some REAL progress. – Art: Malcolme Morgan, G-63825, CCCF C3C-214, P.O. Box 2760, California City CA 93504

The San Francisco Bay View is an African American newspaper based in San Francisco, California. For over four decades, its progressive liberation journalism has been championing human right issues nationwide, especially on behalf of the thousands of men and women being warehoused inside one of the hundreds of dungeons dotting the national landscape of America. The owners of this newspaper, Willie and Mary Ratcliff, have been uncompromising in their support for prisoners. We owe them not only our support but our appreciation for being our spearhead in advocating for a variety of prisoners’ rights issues.

Long live the spirit of Comrade W.L. Nolen

Nov 28, 2016

For those who are not familiar with W.L. Nolen, this beautiful New Afrikan brotha was one of the founders of the Black Liberation Movement in the California Prison System, along with Comrade George Jackson. Comrade W.L. Nolen was instrumental in shaping and molding the exemplary model of undaunting resistance that many of us New Afrikans now find ourselves emulating today.

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Censoring the Bay View shows how much master fears a revolt
Nationwide epidemic of suicide in solitary: Solitary confinement is murder!
Michigan prisoners rise up!
More guards quit Alabama’s Holman Prison as Justice Dept. prepares to investigate Alabama prisons

News & Views

Citizens help stop SFMTA’s proposed service cuts to 19 Polk bus

Dec 1, 2016
San Francisco Main Library

San Francisco citizen activists and others appear to have succeeded – at least for now – in helping persuade the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board not to approve the SFMTA staff’s plan to eliminate all three stops closest to the Main Library and Civic Center on the northbound 19 Polk bus line. The SFMTA had planned to eliminate the stops as part of the agency’s Seventh and Eighth Street Safety Project.

The need for a united front against fascism

Nov 30, 2016
This poster and the front and back of the flier below announce a national conference of the United Front Against Fascism sponsored by the Black Panther Party held July 18-20, 1969, in Berkeley.

If there was ever a time to organize around a United Front Against Fascism, it is now. The next leader of the “free world” has just been “elected” – more like “selected” – to be president of the United States. He has thereby been given the authority to use power and weapons as he sees fit. This same so-called president-elect has shown limitless disdain for all who are not white, heterosexual and Christian.

The people of Haiti are under attack as they fight for their liberation!

Nov 30, 2016
Haitians fill the streets of Port au Prince to protest election fraud – again. – Photo: Hector Retamal, AFP

The following is a compilation of two breaking news reports that have come in from Haiti within the past two days. Even as we speak, bullets are flying and people are dying in the streets. The presidential elections in Haiti on Sunday, Nov. 20, were a repeat of the October 2015 fraudulent elections in favor of Jovenel Moise, the candidate supported by former Duvalierist president Martelly. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP/KEP) carried out their electoral coup d’etat giving him a 55 percent win.

Open letter to Colin Kaepernick about Mumia Abu-Jamal

Nov 29, 2016
Mumia Abu Jamal and Colin Kaepernick

Greetings Colin, We salute your courageous action protesting police brutality throughout the U.S. We are heartened to see others, including entire teams and athletes in different sports, joining you. Besides shooting Black people to death in the streets every day and every night, American law enforcement is seeking the slow death in prison of dozens of heroes of the resistance of the ‘60s and ‘70s. We urge you to speak out on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Twelve ideas post-election from front line organizers

Nov 28, 2016
Protesters march outside the Detroit church where Trump spoke on Sept. 4, 2016. – Photo: Rebecca Cook, Reuters

When you find yourself in a suddenly darkened room, what do you do? Some rush blindly to where they think the door might be. Others stand still, let their eyes adjust to the different environment, re-orient themselves, then, cautiously and sensitively, move forward. Some search out people who might be able to show the way. Post-election, a lot of people are re-assessing and searching for the best way forward. Here are some ideas from experienced, thoughtful people who are organizing on the front lines.

Will Trump be willing to drain the student loan swamp?
Standing Rock: We are here to protect the water – because we all live downstream – but does eviction loom?
Salute to a great freedom fighter: The indomitable spirit of Fidel Castro will live forever
Fidel Castro: Africa has lost a friend
Poor people don’t have presidents
Standing Rock: Water cannons fired at water protectors in freezing temperatures injure hundreds
Ten ways to fight Trump
The jig is up!
Standing Rock, Flint and the color of water
Trump, Syria and oil in the Golan Heights
Can Oakland fix the homeless crisis it created?
‘When Yolanda Jones succeeds, we all succeed!’ say state leaders
Trump victory
Trump was already here – but so is interdependence, change and self-determination
Activists to San Francisco DA: Prosecute, Gascón!

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

 » Full event list and descriptions
December 2, 2016
1-Year Anniversary: Mario Woods Vigil 3:30 pm Martin Luther King Park, Third & Armstrong, Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco Come join us to support Mario's mom, Gwen, and to ... more>>
December 2, 2016
Mindful Drumming 7:30 pm Attitudinal Healing, 3278 West St., Oakland Mindful Drumming is an ancient indigenous technology that uses the ... more>>
December 3, 2016
Grand Opening Celebration of Hilltop (Sundial) Park, Hunters Point 10:00 am LaSalle & Whitney Young Circle, Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco Constructed in 1979, the park has now been totally renovated to ... more>>
December 3, 2016
YOUTH | YOUNG ADULTS! You Are Invited to Attend Money Matters Financial Empowerment Series - "Accelerate Your Financial Success" 10:00 am Greater St. Paul Church, 1827 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland "Accelerate Your Financial Success" presented by Rainbow Coalition & Chevrolet is ... more>>
December 3, 2016
Free Family Portraits with First Exposure 11:00 am Bayview Opera House, 4705 Third St., Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco Capture the holiday spirit with a free family portrait or ... more>>
December 3, 2016
Doctors Report on America’s Health 3:00 pm 518 Valencia, San Francisco (at 16th St – 2 blocks from the 16th St BART) How does U.S. Healthcare Compare with other countries?
Is ... more>>
December 3, 2016
Celebrate and kick off Greenaction’s 20th year of fighting for healthy communities and environmental justice! 5:00 pm Greenaction’s office, 559 Ellis Street, San Francisco You are cordially invited to help us celebrate and kick ... more>>

Wanda’s Picks for December 2016

Dec 1, 2016
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz: Aug. 13, 1926 – Nov. 25, 2016

Death came to the old revolutionary – put out what was left of his cigar – leaving him his military cap – so they would not place laurels – that would bother him. It is no little thing to confront the empire – & survive its rage of a mad dog – from which a bone is taken. Oh Cuba of the bitter history, – of palms, dances, songs, – of the drums of Alegba and Yamayá, – of the cane made sweet by blood and sweat – mourn and remember, sing, dance, work – for justice and never return to slavery. © Rafael Jesús González 2016

Embracing discomfort, Bayview’s ‘Blackness in America’ dinner series forges dialogue

Nov 30, 2016
Guests dine while discussing racial inequality. – Photo: Meaghan M. Mitchell, Hoodline

In the wake of racial tension the United States is currently facing, renowned chef and author Tunde Wey has been making his way around the nation hosting a dinner series titled Blackness in America. On Tuesday night, he teamed up with Caleb Zigas of La Cocina, Fernay McPherson of Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement, Reem Assil of Reem’s California and Birite Market to host a conversation about racial and social inequalities that African Americans residents face daily in their communities over dinner in the Bayview’s Southeast Community Center.

Richard Washington brings luxury to Bayview

Nov 30, 2016
Richard Washington proudly invites everyone who appreciates luxury to his new Luxurious Nail Boutique and Spa, 4138 Third St., San Francisco. Call 415-285-2842 for an appointment.

Along with the many changes and new development that has come to Bayview Hunters Point, one in particular is extremely motivating. Bayview native Richard Washington, 44, is an inspiring entrepreneur who has set out to bring a little elegance and class back to the community. Once involved in a life of crime, he has decided to come back into his community and devote himself toward constructing a luxurious nail care salon for both the women and men of Bayview.

African American Breast Cancer Conference 2016

Nov 29, 2016
The African American Breast Cancer Conference not only fosters cancer prevention and healing but also strengthens community bonds. Dr. Betty McGee and Marsha Bishop were childhood friends in Bayview Hunters Point.

The Concerned Network of Women under the leadership of Dr. Betty McGee and the new president of the board, Regina Coleman, held its annual African American Breast Cancer Conference on Oct. 23, 2016. Recognition from Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi was presented with a letter of commendation denoting the dedication and spirit of volunteerism of the organization. The attendance was overwhelming again this year with 127 women.

Black buttons tell Black history

Nov 17, 2016
“A Black History of America in 110 Buttons” costs only $14.99. If you can use 10 or more, the cost drops to $7 each. Go to or email

It is a hobby that began almost 50 years ago. Now, decades later, Albert Feldstein has the desire to preserve this history and share his button collection with others in a purposeful manner, the result being a new and unique poster entitled, “A Black History of America in 110 Buttons: The Events, The Issues, The Organizations, The People.” The goal of Feldstein’s poster is to recall the historic people and events which characterize African-American history. For some, it will rekindle memories – while for younger generations it will provide an impetus for research and a greater appreciation of past struggles.

Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’ inspires and empowers Black people
Top Black, Brown and woman-owned bond firm welcomes equity partner Gary Hall to Oakland office
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