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Haiti, stop the repression! No impunity! NO NEW ARMY!

The people of Haiti need our solidarity in the face of the increasing violence of the fraudulently imposed government of Jovenel Moise. Last Thursday, July 14, 2017, in Petionville, Haiti, near Port-au-Prince, a young book vendor was shot to death by a police officer in front of horrified witnesses. The police used tear gas and batons against a crowd outraged by the murder and the quick, forcible removal of the body in a perceived attempt at a coverup. This is the latest of recent extra-judicial killings by the Haitian police and paramilitary forces.

Behind Enemy Lines

Healed people heal people: Use Prop 57 to restore leadership and strengthen communities

Jul 24, 2017

The regulations California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitiation (CDCR) promulgates to execute Prop 57’s provisions are applied too narrowly. I’m asking that legislators extend Prop 57’s 50 percent time credit to violent and serious offenders, apply the credits retroactively and include non-violent third strikers in the parole eligibility process. I’m also asking that community members contact their representatives in support of the same.

Missouri ignores US Supreme Court ruling requiring resentencing of prisoners given life without parole as juveniles

Jul 20, 2017

I am currently serving life without parole in the Missouri Department of Corrections. I have been incarcerated since the age of 15. I’m being held under an unconstitutional sentence along with 80-plus others who were sentenced to life without parole as juveniles (JLWOP). In June 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court found it unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life without parole, according to Miller v. State of Alabama (2012). We must be taken back in front of our respective courts and be resentenced.

O.J. Simpson, keep speaking for the powerless in prison

Jul 20, 2017

As I’m watching the O.J. Simpson parole hearing, I can’t help but think of how life can take unexpected turns. Since 1994, we have watched a superstar – a man who was on top of the world – fall from grace in rapid fashion. We all know the story of his trial in the murders of his wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He was acquitted in that trial. About 10 years later, he wasn’t so lucky when the state of Nevada convicted him in a robbery case for which he was given a harsh 33-year sentence.

Exploited, abused, neglected: Mental illness and solitary confinement in Texas prisons

Jul 18, 2017

Imagine spending 23 hours each day alone in a 6-by-9-foot space. Crowd into it a toilet-sink combo, rusty iron set of bunk beds and overhead lockers, layers of peeling paint in multiple colors, showing the years of neglect, black mold, roaches, rats, along with spiders and bugs I can’t even identify – then you’ll have some idea of what home looks like to many people here in Texas’ Eastham Unit.

Rashid: I’m off to Florida and a new phase of reprisals for publicizing abuses in US prisons

Jul 14, 2017

“I was unceremoniously packed off to the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) on June 22, 2017. Florida, notorious for its own extremely abusive prisons, readily signed on to take up Texas’s slack. And being an openly corrupt system unaccustomed to concealing its dirt, FDC officials shot straight from the hip in expressing and carrying on efforts to repress and act out reprisals for my exposing and challenging prison abuses.” Readers are urged to share this story widely and write to Rashid right away; mail equals support, and the more he gets, the safer he’ll be.

Folsom ASU protesters, dispersed and persecuted, suspend hunger strike, appeal for support inside and out
Indiana prisoners call for families and supporters to fight back against new mail policy that bans children’s drawings, grandparents’ letters, even greeting cards
Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March coming to Washington DC Aug. 19
Texas prisoner suffering stroke denied medical care, left for dead on cell floor for over 12 hours
Discovering your humanity in an inhumane environment
Mumia’s struggle for freedom reaches crucial stage
From Angola, Louisiana, Aljerwon’s story
The power of economics: One message, one mind, one movement
Rev. Pinkney, free at last, is already back in action
David Johnson of the San Quentin Six salutes political prisoner and expert jailhouse lawyer Ruchell Magee
Answering a higher calling
True rehabilitation will put prisons out of the slavery business
A mass work stoppage is the ultimate sanction
Believing In Myself
Have anti-Muslim sentiments arrived in prison?

News & Views

Protesters blockade Kinder Morgan Richmond Terminal demanding halt to Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline

Jul 24, 2017

Protesters blocked three gates of the Kinder Morgan Richmond Terminal this morning, securing themselves to oil barrels and a 12-foot-long mock oil pipeline that reads “No Consent. No Pipeline.” The local activists are demanding that the company halt its new Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada. The controversial project would triple the capacity of an existing pipeline from Edmonton, Calgary, to Burnaby, British Columbia, to 890,000 barrels per day.

A tale of Twin Cities

Jul 24, 2017

On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was shot driving while Black outside of St. Paul, Minneapolis. Officer Jeronimo Yanez shot him five times. Philando’s murder was witnessed by his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter in the back seat. Fast forward to June 16, 2017. A Minneapolis jury acquits Officer Yanez of Philando’s murder. On July 15, 2017, barely a month later, Minneapolis police officer Mohammad Noor shoots Justine Damond, a White woman from Australia.

Don’t let Trump exploit an accident to foment hate

Jul 21, 2017

No topic is more important to President Donald Trump’s political agenda than immigration. And since July 1, 2015, he has used one case – the tragic death of Kathryn Steinle – as his sounding board to demonize immigrants, call for mass deportation, and demand an end to “sanctuary” policies which limit the role of local and state governments in enforcing immigration laws. And now, Trump is urging passage of legislation that would turn local police departments into a federal deportation force.

Honkala to Greens: Democrats, not Russians, stole election in Pennsylvania’s poorest district

Jul 16, 2017

The U.S. Green Party is holding its annual meeting in Newark, New Jersey, this weekend. Cheri Honkala, Philadelphia Green and founder of the Poor People’s Campaign for Economic Human Rights, addressed the gathering about election theft in Pennsylvania’s District 197, the poorest in the state. She needs to raise $7,000 to take her case to federal court. Since she swore to do so, her tires have been slashed, her life threatened, and she and her family have been evicted from public housing.

Arcata police chief and other city officials hold press conference with mother of slain Humboldt State student

Jul 12, 2017

Almost three months have passed since the stabbing death of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson, and no one is currently in custody for his murder. The Arcata Police Department and other Arcata city officials held a press conference Friday, June 30, on HSU’s quad. The mother of Lawson was also in attendance along with Shelley Mack of Martin & Mack, a local civil rights firm in Arcata, California. Mack is serving as a liaison for Lawson family attorney Justin Sanders.

Low-wage workers push for fair wages at town hall in Bayview Hunters Point
Tens of thousands join pro-Labour, anti-Tory, anti-austerity march through London streets
How does CPS decide when to sever kinship ties, adopt children out to strangers?
Urban Shield: Berkeley City council capitulates to police
San Francisco bans flavored tobacco sales
Dear Gov. Brown, be a democrat and unleash Medicare for All
If Black lives truly matter … then Afrikans deserve reparations!
Urban Shield, a federal protection racket
Welcoming Troy Williams, new Bay View editor
Whistleblowers who worked at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Superfund site join together to warn the public about radioactive coverup
Three reactions: ‘The second death of Philando’ by Mumia, ‘The 395 kids Philando Castile left behind’ and ‘Philando Castile’s skin color ended up being a death sentence’
SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi launches unit to combat booking bias
Get ready! The Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March on Washington is Aug. 19
CARICOM deals a blow to US plans for regime change in Venezuela
Colin Kaepernick, Philando Castile and the lost wisdom of Roger Goodell’s father

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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July 26, 2017
Monthly Vigil for Amilcar Perez-Lopez Killed by SFPD on February 26, 2015 1:30 am The site where Amilcar was killed: Folsom St., between 24th and 25th Streets, San Francisco, California 94110 This will not be an easy week for Amilcar's family. ... more>>
July 26, 2017
Professional Career Job Fair - Sales & Management Specific 9:00 am San Francisco Marriott Marquis, 780 Mission St., San Francisco Meet With Hiring Managers

Frequent Openings Include:

Inside and Outside ... more>>
July 26, 2017
Women of Influence Conference for Women in Business 10:00 am Techcode, 1172 Castro St, Mountain View Full detailed schedule at more>>
July 26, 2017
Save SF St. Luke's Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility and Sub-Acute 10:00 am Board of Supervisors Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee - City Hall, Room 263 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Plaza, San Francisco, CA STOP MORE CUTS in Services for Seniors and Other Vulnerable ... more>>
July 26, 2017
Free Drop-in Job Counseling Every Fourth Wednesday 2:00 pm Central Library, 2090 Kittredge at Shattuck, Berkeley Looking for a job? Or perhaps have a job and ... more>>
July 26, 2017
"Animating Our Revolution" Artist TALK 6:30 pm Omi Gallery Impact Hub Oakland 2323 Broadway, Oakland, California 94612 Join us for an Artist Talk and wine down with 3 ... more>>
July 26, 2017
Women of Influence Conference for Women in Business 10:00 am Techcode, 1172 Castro St, Mountain View Full detailed schedule at more>>
July 27, 2017
Townhall with Commander of Community Engagement 6:00 pm 1706 Yosemite Ave San Francisco, CA 94124 Join Us - just days after our 2nd Annual #marioremembranceday ... more>>
July 27, 2017
Culminating Concert of OPC Summer Music Academy Percussion Intensive 6:00 pm Musically Minded 5776 Broadway (North Oakland near Hwy 13) Oakland, CA 94618 Student performances of Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, Zimbabwean Music, and even a ... more>>
July 27, 2017
Black reSurgence!TV 7:00 pm Comcast Channel 76, Astoud 30 and ATT 99 In honor of yet another innocent Black Male who has ... more>>

‘13th’ and the culture of surplus punishment

Jul 13, 2017

Ava DuVernay undertook the documentary “13th” in order to explore and bring attention to the Prison Industrial Complex. The film’s title refers to the 1865 amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in which slavery was abolished “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” The story told by “13th” thus goes back to the early chain-gangs of Black prisoners – men arrested for petty offenses under the post-Civil War Black Codes who were then contracted out to perform labor that they had previously performed as privately-owned slaves.

In memory of Gregory Matthew Hug

Jul 12, 2017

Gregory Matthew Hug, 31, of San Francisco, California, died May 26, 2017. Born March 28, 1986, in St. Charles, Missouri, he was adopted by Dianne and Leonard Hug when he was 6 years old. His birth name was Gregory Farlane. He graduated from Hermann High in the Class of 2004 and attended City College of San Francisco 2008-2009. Greg loved cats and was known as an animal lover. He was a proud member of the Juggalo community, the Gothic community and the Church of Bast.

SF Mime Troupe’s 2017 production ‘Walls’ decries immigrant criminalization

Jul 9, 2017

What makes San Francisco Mime Troupe the award-winning theatre it is is its amazing work, which is always topical and timely. Its current production, July 1-Sept. 10, “Walls” is no different. Playwright and SF Mime veteran Michael Gene Sullivan’s new work looks at federal immigration policy from George W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton to Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The quartet has much in common, each president responsible for policies which criminalize its immigrant population.

Wanda’s Picks for July 2017

Jul 7, 2017

Each year, it is important to revisit this historic classic speech by the powerful orator, Frederick Douglass, delivered in 1852, stating, “This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. … You may rejoice, I must mourn.” Listen to James Earl Jones reading the speech. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael Lange and James Brooks with Angela Wellman’s Oakland Public Conservatory would perform the work with jazz artists.

TKO! Dismantling the racist machine: Ward crushes Kovalev to retain the unified light heavyweight boxing title

Jun 29, 2017

Andre Ward knocked out Sergey Kovalev via TKO 129 seconds into the eighth round of their legendary rematch. It was June 17, 2017, in the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, before 10,592 fans and distributed live by HBO. Andre Ward is a two-division world champion. He is the reigning unified WBA, WBO, IBF and RING Magazine Light Heavyweight World Champion, the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and the best pound for pound fighter in the world. His fans love him.

The San Francisco Black Film Festival strikes gold again
Jeff Adachi: Malik Wade’s ‘Pressure’ is a testament to the community building formerly incarcerated people can do
After 47 years as an Alabama political prisoner and 3 years free, Sekou Kambui makes his transition
Straight no chaser: Ward vs Kovalev 2 is the Battle of the Century
Black drug zombie short ‘Saltz’ is favorite at SF Bay Film Fest
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