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Treasure Island residents choking on toxic dust released into high winds as Navy excavations fast-track island redevelopment

The Navy is withholding from San Francisco taxpayers that, to jump-start billions for FivePoint Holdings, a branch of the Lennar corporation, it is fast-tracking Treasure Island redevelopment. San Franciscans remain uninformed that because the Navy is conducting 20 simultaneous building demolitions and site excavations, 39 chemical digs, and 820 radiation, arsenic and petroleum removal actions, islanders are currently hard-hit by wind-borne toxins.

Behind Enemy Lines

Gov. Brown vetoes bill that prevents California jails from eliminating in-person visitation for children and families

Sep 30, 2016
A little girl reaches out to touch her daddy but feels only a video screen. – Photo: Jerry Larson, Waco Tribune

On Sept. 27, California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 1157, which would have protected in-person visitation in California’s county jails, saying in his veto message that although he was concerned about eliminating in-person visitation, the bill didn’t offer enough flexibility. The lack of a signature ensures that sheriffs can now continue eliminating in-person visitation for children and families of the incarcerated and replace it with video calls.

Un-ban the Bay View!

Sep 29, 2016
This mural, called “Strike 4 Freedom,” which recently appeared in Oakland, signals to prisoners everywhere that your community will accept nothing less than an end to prison slavery and your imminent return home.

We, the community of writers, artists, contributors and readers outside and behind the walls, collectively condemn the ongoing attacks, censorship and banning of our San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. For many years, officials in several prison systems, including the state of California, have from time to time taken away our incarcerated family members’ “freedom of speech” and rights to information, education, communication and connection with our broader community by denying them their Bay Views. Defend and support our San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper!

My life in solitary confinement

Sep 29, 2016
“Solitary Confinement Is Torture” was drawn immediately after the end of the 2013 hunger strike. The three hunger strikes, unprecedented in word history, and the Ashker settlement that followed two years later, in 2015, went a long way to abolish solitary in California, but nowhere near far enough. Thousands are still in solitary – under various names – with almost no contact with other human beings; that’s torture! – Art: Michael D. Russell, C-90473, HDSP D3-20, P.O. Box 3030, Susanville CA 96127

I wake up every morning and stretch, then say a prayer thanking the Lord for allowing me to make it through another day and night. My mattress is in real poor condition, as it’s old and the cotton is coming out, so I’ve had to re-sew it in order not to further damage my back. I spend at least 20 minutes every morning stretching, then brush my teeth and wash my face. This starts at 5 a.m.

Former prisoners are leading the fight against mass incarceration

Sep 28, 2016
Pastor Kenneth Glasgow speaks during the inaugural national conference of the Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People and Families Movement (FICPFM) on Sept. 9, 2016, in Oakland. – Photo: Kenneth Glasgow

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow was one of roughly 500 people who convened in Oakland, California, last weekend for the first national conference of the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People and Families Movement. Hailing from more than 30 states, it was a shared fact of life among participants that the change they need – including fundamental civil rights – will not simply be handed to them by people in power. They must fight for it themselves.

Your tax dollars make Ameri­ca a nation of 8 million slaves

Sep 26, 2016
Prisoners – slave laborers – pause for a moment from their back-breaking work in a hot Texas field.

The United States of America is presently home to 2 million active slaves and approximately 6 million document­ed as slaves for future use. You ask how the land of the free can be home to some 8 million slaves and why Americans know noth­ing about it? The answer is that Congress enacted the 13th Amendment in 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. It abolished slavery throughout the country but it al­lows all states to enslave all persons convicted of a crime.

Celebrating the 75th birthday of Soledad Brother George Lester Jackson, Sept. 23, 1941-Aug. 21, 1971
Leonard Peltier: On solidarity with Standing Rock, executive clemency and the international Indigenous struggle
Strike the punishment clause from the 13th Amendment
Is the serious humanitarian crisis developing at Holman Prison an ADOC ploy to build more prisons?
Sept. 9 prison strike was HUGE and is continuing
George Jackson University supports the historic Sept. 9 strike against prison slavery
How Free Alabama Movement birthed the Sept. 9 nationwide protest, workstrike, boycott and demonstrations
Why we’re about to see the largest prison strike in history
New Afrikan Community Parole, Pardon and Clemency Review Board – Mission Statement
Prisoners call for a national strike on Sept. 9, the anniversary of Attica
From solitary confinement in ‘Miserable Murray,’ fighting for women in Texas prisons
Amend the 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement Mission Statement
Censorship in Virginia
Hard lessons in the struggle to end prison slavery
Forcing out two women’s prison wardens is scapegoating, not accountability

News & Views

A salute to the Black Panthers – at home and abroad!

Sep 30, 2016
On Runoko Rashidi’s second visit to India, in April 1998, he was welcomed royally in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, India, by the Kerala Dalit Panthers, whose leader, a great man named K. Ambu Jakshan, is seated at the left. The poem is a tribute to him. Rashidi is in the center, and on the right is Raju Thomas. The Dalits are also known as the Black Untouchables of India.

As we salute and celebrate the noble legacy of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, it is worth noting the influence of the Black Panthers on Black peoples and organizations around the world in places many of us might not be aware of. For example, in my early days of research and exploration, I found out about the Dalit Panthers of India and the Aboriginal Australian Black Panther Party.

First Oakland cop arraigned in underage sex scandal

Sep 29, 2016
In a break with the tradition of impunity for police who commit crimes, Oakland police officer Brian Bunton stands alone outside the courtroom before his arraignment on the felony charge of obstruction of justice. – Photo: David DeBolt

On Friday, Sept. 23, 2016, the first Oakland police officer in our “crisis of corruption” went to court. Brian J. Bunton, who allegedly abused his power as an officer of the law was arraigned on several charges, including felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor engaging in an act of prostitution. As we finally move forward in the continuing saga of abuse of power by police officials, the question looms, does obstruction of justice really matter? Is obstruction of justice a “victimless crime?”

London Breed: San Francisco victorious in the fight for landmark affordable housing policies

Sep 28, 2016

After weeks of negotiations between the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and San Francisco officials, HUD announced Sept. 21 that it will authorize neighborhood preference policies for federally-funded affordable housing in the City – upholding landmark legislation by Board of Supervisors President London Breed. President Breed joined Supervisor Cohen and housing advocates to celebrate the monumental victory in San Francisco’s fight against neighborhood displacement.

Why I am on the Women’s Boat to Gaza

Sep 28, 2016
Some of the women who will be aboard the Women’s Boat to Gaza are Ann Wright, LisaGay Hamilton, Norsham Binti Abubakra, Dr. Fauziah Hasan

Sunday night, Sept. 18, 2016. As my “industry” colleagues attend Emmy parties and dress for the red carpet, I stand on the chilly docks of Ajaccio, Corsica, in the wee hours of the morning awaiting the arrival of a small sailboat called the Zaytouna-Oliva. What possessed me to travel 6,000 miles from L.A. and my family in order to brave the Mediterranean Sea in what is now beginning to look like the smallest vessel on the docks? Why join yet another effort to break the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza?

Shanell Williams: Make City College free again! Vote YES on Prop W

Sep 27, 2016
Shanell and a fellow supporter urge everyone to vote and to vote YES on Prop W to make City College free again.

City College is the heart of San Francisco. Proposition W will allow us to re-grow our school to its full capacity and empower those who are most in need. In times like these, when the cost of living continues to rise, students shouldn’t be forced to choose between textbooks and food, or between tuition and rent. Join me this Nov. 8 in voting for Proposition W. Let’s make City College free again, and empower our school, our city and our community.

Dr. Leopold Munyakazi deported to Rwanda
The lesser threat: The White Panther Party, illegal FBI wiretaps and FISA
Haiti’s Fanmi Lavalas and the Black Panther Party­
Community welcomes agreement to reexamine radiation risk at Hunters Point Shipyard
Richmond mayor took money from landlord PAC before he voted ‘no’ on eviction moratorium
God bless Charlotte: Clergy believe protester killed by police – UPDATED
An arrest is made in the quadruple homicide of young African-American sons in the Fillmore
Is the U.S. government dumping guns in the hood?
Declaration of genocide against Rwandan Hutu
Uganda: ‘A Brilliant Genocide’
Green Party’s Stein and Baraka on ballot for 90% of US voters
Further Hunters Point Shipyard land transfers halted while Tetra Tech’s radiation cleanup fraud investigated
Regulators ask Navy to halt Shipyard land transfers amid investigations
Iris Canada hospitalized: Sheriff’s notice to vacate sends 100-year-old to ICU; eviction of elders = death
Support political prisoner Imam Jamil Al Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown) in Oakland on Friday, Sept. 16

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

 » Full event list and descriptions
September 30, 2016
Peace & Freedom Party Vice-presidential Candidate Dennis Banks speaks in S.F. on Native Resistance at Standing Rock 7:00 pm ANSWER, 2969 Mission St., San Francisco The struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock ... more>>
September 30, 2016
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ... COLORSTRUCK! 8:00 pm Laney College Theater, 900 Fallon St., Oakland Written and performed by Donald E. Lacy Jr.
In honor ... more>>
September 30, 2016
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ... COLORSTRUCK! 8:00 pm Laney College Theater, 900 Fallon St., Oakland Written and performed by Donald E. Lacy Jr.
In honor ... more>>
October 1, 2016
Culture & Resistance: A Performance Event for Kayla Moore 12:00 am Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley Support the Moore family as they go to court to ... more>>
October 1, 2016
Oakland Black Cowboy Association (OBCA) 42nd Annual PARADE & Festival 10:00 am Defremery (Lil Bobby Hutton) Park, 18th & Adeline, Oakland The OBCA's 42nd Annual PARADE & Festival. The festival will be ... more>>
October 1, 2016
Vigil at CIW - No More Deaths! 1:30 pm CIW - No More Deaths! Please come out to support families & friends who have lost ... more>>
October 1, 2016
Vigil at CIW - No More Deaths! 1:30 pm California Institution for Women, 16756 Chino-Corona Road, Chino, California 91708 Please come out to support families & friends who have lost ... more>>
October 1, 2016
Join us in welcoming Afro-Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando for the Bay Area premiere of 'Dialogo con mi Abuela' ('Dialogue with My Grandmother') 7:00 pm 518 Valencia, San Francisco A tribute to the elders, particularly Afro-Cuban women. more>>

‘Kicks,’ debut film by East Bay native Justin Tipping

Sep 29, 2016

“Kicks,” the first feature for East Bay native Justin Tipping, is a throwback to the harsh brutal ‘80s-’90s, when hip hop was painting landscapes along urban highways. It’s post-everything … urban removal complete – crack, pistols and cars about all that’s left for those who remain. Life is moving fast, so fast boys need their kicks to keep up. The story centers on Brandon, a petite youth who wants to buy a pair of Classic Jordans – Esu-Legba colors.

Nathaniel Mason Jr., pillar of the community

Sep 26, 2016

Nathaniel Mason Jr., nicknamed Red Bean and Sonny Boy, 87, died Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016, peacefully in his home in Oakland, after a brief illness. Throughout his life, Nathaniel worked as a school teacher, a postman, a sheriff for the City and County of San Francisco, a police officer for the City of San Francisco, and Head Start director for the City of San Francisco, to name a few. Nathaniel lived his life to the fullest and he did it his way! We will miss his caring, loving and strong personality.

#7: Seventh Son

Sep 24, 2016

Colin Kaepernick, Yusef Lateef, Willie Dixon — Prelude: It’s nev-er, it’s nev-er, ever the time, — It’s nev-er, it’s never, never, ever the way — Never, ever time for free-dom fight-ing — It’s al-ways, it’s al-ways, always the wrong way — It’s al-ways, al-ways, al-ways wrong and unwise — Al-ways wrong and un-wise, to fight for free-dom (REPEAT) — The Chinese had a saying — About single sparks igniting prairie fires — #7’s that spark – for The Fire This Time …

Dameion Brown is Othello in Marin Shakespeare Company production

Sep 23, 2016
Dameion Brown plays Othello in the new Marin Shakespeare Company production. – Photo courtesy Lori A. Cheung

William Shakespeare’s “Othello” rings with contemporary accuracy in the Marin Shakespeare Company’s production. Damieon Brown, who performed in Marin Shakespeare Company’s 2015 “Shakespeare at Solano” theater arts program at Solano State Prison, studied, pursued, auditioned and won the role of Othello, one of Shakespeare’s most complicated and enthralling characters. The show closes Sept. 25.

Original Good in East Palo Alto

Sep 3, 2016
In East Palo Alto for their annual Original Good Community Barbeque are the members of “Original Good,” not “Original Gangsters.”

Black people are genetic experts at dislocation and assimilation; what with centuries of practice, we come to this place with authority and grief. However, Saturday, July 30, at the fifth OG or Original Good Community Barbecue, children, youth and adults had a chance to mingle, eat and enjoy the chance to introduce Gen X to those elders who made this city situated between Silicon Valley giants – Palo Alto and Menlo Park – what it was, if not what it is now.

Colin Kaepernick, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and Curt Flood
Wanda’s Picks for September 2016
Black Family Resource Network to convene annual Black Family Day on Sept. 17
Black Elders Fund
Black Breastfeeding Week helps moms share in the joys of breastfeeding
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