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Attorneys from the powerful law firm of John Burris, from left, DeWitt Lacy, Lateef Grey and Adante Pointer, listen to Burris speak at a Dec. 11, 2015, press conference on the SFPD execution of Mario Woods. Burris’ firm is among the most prominent and successful firms in the U.S. in holding police accountable. – Photo: KRON4

More on the Bay Area police sex scandal from civil rights attorney Adante Pointer

This disgusting Bay Area Police sex scandal has victims speaking out about the abuse they have received from the hands of sworn police officers. Many of these victims are confessing that they were underage during some of these sexual encounters. The community wants these criminal cops held accountable! Here is the second part of my interview with attorney Adante Pointer. Hear the encouraging words he has for the victims and what he believes we need to do as a community to bring justice to these victims.

Behind Enemy Lines

The Black August Slave Rebellion: Every slave has a right to rebel

Jul 1, 2016
“Black August” – Art: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, 1859887, Clements Unit, 9601 Spur 591, Amarillo TX 79107

The Black August Rebellion is a month that the California state prisoners fast. They fast in the month of August to pay homage to the fallen comrades. Do make sure that this year you honor our comrade and hero lost last Aug. 12, Hugo “Yogi” Pinell. However you mark Black August, do it. You won’t be alone. The next chapter of Black August history is yours to write.

Governor’s new budget supports more incarceration

Jun 30, 2016
Since 2007, California has authorized $2.2 billion for the construction of county jail facilities throughout the state. The $270 million for more such construction that was added back just before the governor signed the budget would build and expand even more jails, at a time when jail populations are declining. Here, a construction worker puts the finishing touches on a new Madera County Jail cell in 2013. – Photo: Rich Pedroncelli, AP

The budget signed June 27 by Gov. Jerry Brown reflects Sacramento’s relentless reliance on incarceration. Although the budget includes some repairs to the social safety net, it nonetheless aggressively builds up California’s system of imprisonment, adding another $270 million to the state’s large-scale jail construction program, extending contracts for private prisons, increasing the number of prison guards and funding construction on a dilapidated prison in Norco.

Hugo Pinell, aka Dahariki Kambon: Decades of assassination attempts against the man most feared by CDCr

Jun 29, 2016
Hugo Pinell interviewed on TV 1983

The recent victory won by the prisoner hunger strikers, the “solitary settlement” in Ashker v. Brown, is indicative of the solidarity among prisoners today, and it is for this reason I am sharing my story and history of Dahariki Kambon. We must carry on the spirit of what he stood for; his fight was against the racist oppressors and their cruel laws and policies of injustice and inequality.

Suicide crisis in California women’s prison: Advocates demand justice for Erika Rocha and Shaylene Graves

Jun 28, 2016
Erika Rocha graphic-1

Erika Rocha was 35 years old and one day away from her Youth Parole Hearing on April 15, 2016, when she committed suicide at the California Institution for Women (CIW) in Corona. Since her death, the suicide crisis at CIW has only worsened. On June 1, yet another young woman of color died at CIW. Her name is Shaylene Graves and she was 27 years old and six weeks away from returning home to her loving son, family and friends.

SF Bay View banned inside Indiana prisons: Do Black Lives Matter behind the walls?

Jun 27, 2016
'Censorship in Solitary Confinement is Psychological Torture' 111314 art by Michael D. Russell, web cropped

In the December 2015 issue of the San Francisco Bay View, I wrote an article entitled “Do Black Lives Matter Behind the Walls” and introduced to the Bay View audience the newly formed New African Liberation Collective (NALC). While this particular issue was allowed into prisons throughout the state, it was seized at the Pendleton Correctional Facility, where I was being housed, based upon the orders of the Internal Affairs Department as a security risk.

Illinois prisoners boycott overpriced phone calls, commissary and vending machines
Wisconsin DOC is force feeding prisoners who are on hunger strike to end solitary confinement
Chican@ Prisoners Day
Hunger strike at Wisconsin’s Waupun state prison against conditions of a ‘living hell’
Wisconsin prisoner hunger strike enters second week, spreads to multiple facilities – you can help!
Prison rules must abide by human rights standards
Yog been through hell and was not burnt
I am fighting for women in Texas prisons
Parole threatened for organizing and writing for Bay View
Incarceration, justice and the planet
Prisoner Human Rights Movement Blue Print
You can stand
PHSS Committee to End Sleep Deprivation asks for letters about the ‘security/welfare checks’
Coordinated offensive on STG kickouts
George Jackson University – a statement from its founder

News & Views

Dr. Raymond Tompkins: How and why does pollution poison Bayview Hunters Point? Conclusion

Jun 30, 2016
To remove 30 percent of Hunters Point Hill – in order to create a grade separation between the poor Blacks and Samoans living in public and subsidized housing and the mostly white, upscale buyers they wanted for their condos – Lennar drilled for months into the serpentine bedrock, releasing arsenic and asbestos, both deadly. – Photo: Paul Chinn, SF Chronicle

The air has gotten worse, not better. So these are some of the things that are caused by the dust, the construction and the latent chemicals they have not cleaned up since World War II – plus the current concentration of light industry just outside our neighborhood that all blows into our neighborhood. Yet currently less than 1 percent of African Americans who live in Bayview work in that area and reap the economic benefits. All we get is the pollution and death.

99 seasons: A vigil for eviction fighter Iris Canada

Jun 29, 2016
Vigils have been held outside Iris Canada’s apartment building at 670 Page, near Fillmore Street, for the last several evenings to try to convince the other “tenants in common” to waive the $164,000 in attorney fees the principle owner paid in a failed attempt to put her on the street. Then he won a court order to collect the money from Iris. Because they know she doesn’t have it, the villains in this saga are in effect calling for her eviction. – Photo: Tony Robles

Carved into the skin of San Francisco’s Black community is a desecration, a lack of recognition of the sacred. This desecration is being levied upon Iris Canada, a 99-year-old elder who has lived most of her life on Page Street – an elder who is in the fight of her life. She lived a life on Page Street long before condos, con-men and the poison cloud legacy they leave behind from places like New Hampshire – “home” of her landlord, Peter Owens.


Jun 29, 2016
Anti-Brexit protesters march for migrants' rights in London 062416 by RT

The national referendum determining Britain’s exit from the 28-nation body called the European Union – dubbed “Brexit” by the hip British press – has sent shock waves around the world. That it has done so is a reflection of how narrow the national – and global – media is and how little they see of the world they purport to cover. It is also a window into the world of rising right-wing nationalism – and a walk away from the very notion of globalism.

Mayan resistance to police terror

Jun 29, 2016
Family and supporters of the Justice and Honor for Luis Góngora Pat Coalition listen stoically at John Burris’ law firm’s press conference at St. John the Evangelist Church in the Mission June 17. – Photo: Poor News Network

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!” Moving in slowly like they were on a hunt, high-powered weapons pointed down, the descendants of slave-catchers aka police stalk an indigenous man crouching on Shotwell Street holding a soccer ball. They shout disgustedly and dismissively in English from the video screen; my heart stops. I try to keep watching, reminding myself I need to wear my reporter hat instead of my trauma-filled police-terror-from-my-life-of-houselessness blanket. We are watching the extrajudicial murder of Luis Demetrio Góngora Pat by San Francisco police. Why did they kill him? “He was a homeless man.”

Oakland City Council votes to ban coal exports

Jun 28, 2016
Oaklanders have been protesting constantly against the coal shipments since they learned of the dangers.

On Monday, June 27, the Oakland City Council voted to approve an ordinance that would ban coal from being handled and stored in the City of Oakland, including a resolution to apply the ordinance to the proposed Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal. The council will hold a second vote on that ordinance at their July 19 meeting. Community members and advocacy groups applauded the council’s action.

Obama’s AFRICOM nominee would expand terror war, seek authority to assassinate
Attorney Adante Pointer speaks on Bay Area police underage sex scandal
Oakland City Council President Lynette McElhaney weighs in on OPD sex scandal
Babies on the blade: ‘Diamond’ speaks out on police and young prostitutes
Human rights watchdog IACHR opens case against violations caused by Chalillo Dam in Belize
Bernie Sanders: Here’s what we want
City Council President McElhaney speaks on West Oakland conflict between developer and neighbors
Clinton e-mail on Libyan conquest: We came, we saw, we got oil
Oakland’s Prosperity Movement fights gentrification by supporting local culture
Black Power, Black Lives and Pan-Africanism Conference underway now in Jackson, Mississippi
Oakland City Council President Lynette McElhaney speaks on OPD pedophile scandal – now with full transcript
Support free and fair elections in Haiti; stop the attacks on Fanmi Lavalas
San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin re-proposes toxic ‘special sauce’ for Treasure Island – George Lucas’ memorabilia museum
How California is being stolen from Sanders right now
From fires to foreclosures: BlackArthur (MacArthur Blvd) displacement crisis

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

 » Full event list and descriptions
July 2, 2016
UnHoused, Very Low-income & Indigenous Families, Elders and Youth Break Ground to Build Homefulness- a poor people-led solution to Homelessness: Ground-Breaking Ceremony and Celebration 12:00 pm Homefulness, 8032 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland "Homefulness was always the way of our African peoples, interdependence ... more>>

Writer Malcolm Shabazz Hoover releases his literary debut, ‘144 Poems for God, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Hip Hop’

Jul 1, 2016
Malcolm Shabazz Hoover

Writers, poets and expressionists of all types are on the frontlines of the battle for our minds against the corporate ideals that are being promoted to us. And Malcolm Shabazz Hoover is one of these essential keyboard banging psychological warriors. Check him out in his own words talking about his literary debut, “144 Poems for God, Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Hip Hop.”

John William Templeton finds African American history in places like Yosemite, Nob Hill and Beverly Hills

Jul 1, 2016
Your guide to Black history, John William Templeton, points to one of his books, “Come to the Water,” in a National Park Service centennial library display.

Head of the educational television network ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage, the sleuth, John William Templeton, is bringing vacationers along for the ride during a mapping expedition for the California African American Freedom Trail in July. The first part is a special tour of “Famous Names of Bayview” Saturday, July 2, leaving from Sam Jordan’s, 4004 Third St.

Dr. Davis’ dream comes true: Grand opening of the George W. Davis Senior Center

Jun 30, 2016
These are some of the dramatic new buildings that comprise the dream-come-true Dr. George Davis Senior Center and Residence, here 121 apartments are about to become home to seniors. – Photo: PhotoArtist Gene Hazzard

A 20-year vision became reality when Bayview Senior Services invited the people of Bayview Hunters Point to the grand opening of the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center and Residence on Saturday, June 25. The celebration marked the victory of a dream over despair. As we all gain inspiration from his memory, his wife, Cathy Davis, has captained the project to a successful completion with last Saturday’s unforgettable grand opening.

Verlie Mae Pickens: Celebrating my 100th birthday!

Jun 28, 2016

I celebrated my 100th birthday on June 11, 2016, with family members, friends and community members at the brand new Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center. On June 12, my church, Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, honored me with a wonderful birthday celebration after the church service. And at our June meeting of the Network for Elders in the Bayview, Network members had a very special birthday party for me!

Afeni Shakur, 1947-2016

Jun 28, 2016
Afeni Shakur

She was born Alice Faye Williams in the dusty little town of Lumberton, North Carolina, on Jan. 10, 1947, a dimpled little Black girl, who grew into a petite young revolutionary known as Afeni Shakur, mother of a young rap icon and actor, Tupac Amaru Shakur. Like many country people – and far too many Black people – she looked down on herself for years, as not smart enough, not pretty enough – you know: too Black. Afeni Shakur, after 69 springs, returns to the infinite.

Beat maker Maki releases ‘Kilo Hero’
First Lady of the Mob: Remembering The Jacka
‘Between Me and the World,’ M1’s new album
Explosive Trinidadian film ‘Trafficked’ screens Sunday at SF Black Film Fest
‘Codigo Color’ at SF Black Film Fest: Cuban doc explores colorism and cultural ignorance on the island
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