Friday, May 20, 2022
Culture Currents

Culture Currents

Cultural happenings in SF and beyond.

Rapper-producer Mani Draper speaks on his newly released wildly popular album, ‘Communion: Book 1’

Keeping the beat, message and creative juices fresh, Mani Draper describes what is driving his laying down another layer of Neo-Mobb sounds.

Early reading instruction in San Francisco public schools: A love affair with what has...

SFUSD is another sick example of education at the merciless bidding of capitalism’s genocidal process against Black, Brown and Indigenous people.

Dr. Jaseon Outlaw speaks on mental health in the Black community during the pandemic

Reaching out for help is essential to staying strong in maintaining, or attending to, our mental health balance while navigating the many daily struggles.

Racism in the medical industry 

A doctor who cannot see the patient as a person, a fellow human being, cannot provide good health care.

Prioritize Black and Brown disabled students in the fight to halt OUSD school closures

OUSD school closures will further undermine the work towards racially stigmatized and marginalized injustices impacting Black and Brown disabled students.

Reflecting on climate terrorism with the youth of DeeColonize Academy

Young people write from their view of how the climate crisis impacts vulnerable, houseless people here and abroad.

Know Your Rights, Part III: 2022 legislative update from Legal Services for Prisoners with...

Laws and Acts have passed that we should be, minimally at the least, knowledgeable about for the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and communities. Knowledge is power.

Celebrating International Workers’ Day!

Baba Jahahara offers forth victories in the movement, the work to be continued, plenty to be hopeful about and grateful for, and always honoring the Ancestors.

Cowgirl of the sky

Success stories from those moving forward from addiction are testaments to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Black Pi: How John Sims is bringing inclusion to mathematics 

No shame in exploring Pi – limitless curiosities in the expanded possibilities of Pi Day.

‘Le Ticket a Tout Prix’ (‘The Ticket at Any Cost’) to be featured at...

"The Ticket at Any Cost" ("Le Ticket a Tout Prix") will be shown twice at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and be a significant element of an NAACP fundraiser on April 30.

‘OUSD was willing to let us die rather than change their decision’: Hunger striker...

Like a seasoned revolutionary, Moses Omolade assessed the crisis, sought clarity of mind-body-spirit, determined the costs and deployed the strategy, inspiring camaraderie in the fight for the beloved community.

An interview with poet Quincy Troupe

“Duende” is a magical Black love story. The ending is happy, despite the tragedy, despite the horror.

Emotional intelligence: An interview with author D.B. Bedford

Oakland street legend D.B. Bedford is a pioneer of teaching heightened emotional intelligence in the Black community.

Historic Battery Bluff opens April 23, offering visitors more national park experiences in the...

Battery Bluff is a new section of park created on top of the new Presidio Parkway tunnels. Enjoy gardens, picnic areas, sweeping views of the Golden Gate, a multi-use trail and access to historic military batteries not seen by the public since 1936.

Golden State Warriors guard rallies for dyslexia screenings

The village that raises the child has privilege and responsibility to address obstacles like dyslexia subverting our children’s growth into happy, confident people.

‘Revolution is my goal’: Interview with former Black Panther Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown was there, and she knew what she was doing there – here she shines her revolutionary light on the urgency of now.

No. 4 in the 10-point plan is Homefulness!

Boots on the ground youth learning, writing and teaching about their experiences and solutions to finding a place called home.

Filmmaker Dennis Haywood’s ‘Zinzun: A Revolutionary Activist’ doc is a must-see at this Year’s...

Sometimes greatness happens over a lifetime in a quiet, ordinary way and only emerges in its profundity in the right time of noticing.

Influencers raising the digital platform for recovery lifestyle at Positive Directions Equals Change

Success in life steps are joys to share, and a team at PDEC is doing just that to spread the joy and successful healing.