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Black History Collectibles Wanted

January 1, 2009

Wanted: Black Panther Party newspapers, Jet magazines from 1951 through 1969, James Brown, and Black & Brown stamp books. 510-654-7862.


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One thought on “Black History Collectibles Wanted

  1. NC Newbie

    I'm not really sure if this qualifies as "Black History Collectibles", but while we were driving through North Carolina, there was an old man that had set up a road side sale of sorts. I rummaged through some of his things and found three 45's (records) that looked to be ancient, but had titles like "Move them Ni**ers North" and "Segregation Wagon". I tried looking for more information on the internet but only came up with that it was some kind of anthem to some parts of the south. Anyways, I tried to leave an email but for some reason it would't work,so I'll check back again later.


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