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Minister JR from Haiti, Part 2: The feel of a plantation

February 16, 2010

Davey D interviews Minister of Information JR on his return from Haiti Feb. 16

by Minister of Information JR

This is one of the refugee camp tent cities in Cite Soleil where the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund’s Haitian members deliver water. – Photo: Minister of Information JR
Port au Prince, Feb. 13 – After I stopped writing yesterday (see Minister JR from Haiti, Part 1: Starvation and Jim Crow racism), there were a few more things that I felt I should document. The first is the eating arrangements. In the missionary house, a bell is rung for dinner. That is when the non-Haitian people, with a few exceptions, eat. The few exceptions are Haitian medics, who, in the houses, are few and far between.

After the bell is rung, people can eat as much as they want until the food is gone. We have eaten stuff like rice, egg plant, macaroni salad, cole slaw and bread. The Haitians living outside in the tent city eat a ravioli-like substance once a day that they are given to collectively cook. They are not permitted to eat in the house. The ones that we hung out with were constantly hungry. This place definitely has the feel of the plantations that I have only read about: loyal house slaves, rebellious field slaves and all.

The rules here are very interesting. Because we are in a “church” or missionary house, rap music is looked down upon because some artists use profanity. The “holy people” running the house drink beer at every meal – some even drink Babancourt Haitian rum – but when it comes to one Black group, Black people from the United States, having a musical exchange with our Haitian counterparts, it was frowned upon.

The nuns even went as far as to have one of the Black translators – or overseers in the nuns’ minds – tell us, instead of addressing the issue themselves. Because of that I kept playing music, inviting a confrontation. None of the higher-ups said anything to me, although they passed me many times during the evening and night.

One of the visiting white medics said I should play some Haitian music mixed in. I recognized the comment for what it was: It was a subtle way of saying that he doesn’t approve of the rap music – Mos Def, Tupac, M1 and Umi – I was playing or the “classics” like Bill Withers, the Isley Brothers and Nina Simone. I wonder if he would have made the same comment if I were listening to Green Day, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Nirvana or Fergie.

The missionaries, who are also nurses, and their team of medics hate the way that we are able to uniquely connect with the Haitian people across language barriers, using music and dance. In Haiti, the average white person, especially those from the U.S., displays a level of racism that is way more blatant. There is less accountability, oversight and media, which are contributing factors to prolonging this type of activity and keeping it in the dark.

It is an old school relentless plantation-style colonialism that is governing the country currently through mostly white non-governmental organizations just as well as through armies like those from the U.S., Italy, Canada, France and the United Nations that control the flow of resources. What is going on in Haiti is just as much about race as it is about class. Stay tuned …

Email POCC Minister of Information JR, Bay View associate editor, at and visit

Editor’s note: POCC Minister of Information JR and Chris Zamani, M.D., who were political organizing comrades years ago, have reunited to minister to the needs of the people of Haiti and tell their truth. Completing the team are Naseema McElroy, R.N., Angela Carroll and Siraj Fowler. They arrived in Haiti Feb. 11.

4 thoughts on “Minister JR from Haiti, Part 2: The feel of a plantation

  1. Malaika H. Kambon

    1920 HAITI:

    “The United States has failed in Haiti. It should get out as well and as quickly as it can and restore to the Haitian people their independence and sovereignty. The colored people of the United States should be interested in seeing that this is done, for Haiti is the one best chance that the Negro has in the world to prove that he is capable of the highest self-government. If Haiti should ultimately lose her independence, that one best chance will be lost.”
    —James Weldon Johnson, ‘“The Truth about Haiti. An N.A.A.C.P. Investigation.” Crisis 5 (September 1920): 217–224.’

    2010 HAITI:

    Invaded, Occupied, Coups d’etated, murdered, kidnapped/disappeared: (adults, children, families, FANMI LAVALAS members, President & Mrs. Aristide, Lovinsky-Pierre Antoine) incarcerated, earthquaked, and now missionaried…

    The Earthquake Cabal

    Clinton/Bush/Preval, known fascist quantities, are now actively engaged in chopping up Haiti, much as the Berlin Conference of 1884-5 was organized by Europe to divvy up AFRIKA to colonize. They have past records for destabilization, colonization, occupation, instigation, cowardice, terrorism, collaboration, and imperial design. They are acting as overseers, in charge of controlling an AFRIKAN country to take her natural resources, to take her strategic geographical location (possibly for a 2nd Quantanamo Bay?) in the same way that Napoleon tried and failed, and to formally attempt to annul / destroy her independence and sovereignty and people.

    Preval is to Haitian people as Jean-Baptiste Conze was to Charlemagne Peralte: Conze led disguised u.s. marines to the camp of Peralte and his cacos (guerrilla warriors) where they assassinated Peralte.

    Preval opened the doors for the present bu$h / u.s. marine occupation of Haiti, has encouraged the lengthening of the UN-MINUSTAH mandate for occupation of Haiti, and has adamantly refused to allow Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s exiled, rightful, (and only) president to return to Haiti.

    I personally/politically believe as well that he is complicit in the kidnapping/disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine to whatever fate, along w/the governments of the U.S./France/Canada.

    These individuals have no morals, no ethics, no scruples, and no spine.

    Obama was the only relatively unknown quantity. But he has just added his name to the sh*t list. His complicity in this most recent savaging of Haiti is heinous, and has shown his handlers past redemption that he knows how to be a good negro cullard boy.

    I believe that he as well has been thoroughly briefed and knows in intimate detail what happened to Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine and where he is today.

    Obama is worse than Papa & Baby Doc Duvalier combined. The Docs Duvalier were up front and personal in their sworn objective to commit theft, murder, and atrocity to uphold U.S. interests.

    Obama, however, is a hoe.

    He bends over, clasps his hands over his preferred orifice, and blithely sells out his own people with a smile.

    He does this while simultaneously throwing gobbits of blood, crusts of bread, and ‘messages’ from his GOD – (gold oil drugs) that sound suspiciously like Bu$h*t and Clinton dog ma w/ a dash of OD – (Obama Drama) panache thrown in for color.

    Obama is Marie Antoinette in negro face, ‘articulate’ and adamant that the people of Haiti deserve nothing, but in his magnaminity, he exhorts them to his mantra:

    ‘…eat ye of the ‘cake’ of colonization, imperialism, starvation, and privation…’

    ‘…white supremacy or death…’

    He is feeding the people of this kkkountry, AFRIKANS in particular, the same bullsh*t that he is feeding to Haiti, only in Haiti it is more overt – and he cannot claim that anything that he is serving is a ‘stimulus package’ to Haitians in their bitty sheet tents w/ no water, food, medicine, or sanitation.

    In one fell swoop, he has tried to change poverty with dignity to poverty with refugee status and destitution; destitution to indentured servitude, (where earthquake survivors have to go to work and pay for their ‘international’ aid;)’ and indentured servitude to religious, physical, and economic enslavement…where it will become illegal to speak Kreyol, practice Voudun, read and write, earn money, be out past curfew…

    Yep. Just like a Mississippi, where as late as 1963, AFRIKANS were unaware that enslavement for AFRIKANS had ostensibly been outlawed…(See: Why Am I Not Surprised: ‘The Untold Story: Slavery in the 20th Century’ and

    For is it not clear that all aspects of Haitian culture are under attack? Voudun AND Liberation Theology is just as clearly being prohibited (read: outlawed) as is the prohibition against Kreyol, the kidnapping of the children (to places like IOWA in the U.S.) and the overt attacks upon FANMI LAVALAS.

    Having assassinated and crucified Charlemagne Peralte, the first ‘Bandit King’ on 1 November 1919, and assassinated Emmanuel ‘Dred’ Wilme the next ‘Bandit King’ on 6 July 2005, 86 years and 9 months later, the u.s. hoped to demoralize the people, to take revolution out of Haiti, and take freedom fighters out of Cite Soleil.

    It didn’t work.

    So – apparently, in this second en masse occupation of u.s. marines, the u.s. decided to remove physical locations such as Cite Soleil from Haiti via an earthquake generated by their ‘weather weapons and begin a pogrom to force move any survivors to the countryside?’ (See: ‘Are They That Sick?: Did U.S. Weather Weapon Destroy Haiti?

    Can we have an ahem…excuse me?

    Remember when Amiri Baraka was fired(?!) as New Jersey’s Poet Laureate for writing his poem, ‘Somebody Blew Up America,’ in response to the corporate lies and distortions being served up after 911?

    Well, that same somebody just blew up Haiti too. And since I’m not a poet laureate, they can’t fire me for saying so.

    King Leopold II and Willie Lynch are rotating in their graves with joy and glee…

    Once again, for the second time in Haitian history, with only 76 years intervening since the ending of the first large u.s. marine invasion in 1934, the same u.s. government, this time run by a negro masquerading as an AFRIKAN, has sent white u.s. marines to Haiti to ‘handle the ni**as.’

    Read James Weldon Johnson’s report, ‘The Truth About Haiti: An NAACP Investigation,’ written in 1929.

    It is quite insightful.

    In war, there are always the negro turn coats. The house ni**as vs. the field ni**as.

    The u.s. has finally grown its very own colored despot and ensconced him upon the throne in the toilet that is the white house. And Obama, the grateful house ni**a has responded, doing his handlers proud by giving us AFRIKANS his ass to kiss.

    But a reckoning is coming…

    The inscription upon the tomb of Jean-Jacques Dessalines reads:

    “At the first canon shot, giving the alarm, cities disappear and the nation stands up.”

    Stay tuned…

    War Without Terms


    hey JR thanks for sharing your experiences..this is a very sad situation and is proof of how widespread white supremacy is…oooh i jus wish for the day that it all changes

  3. hyphelonious

    yo man i feel ya. Askin you to play Haitian music is totally racist, cuz that’s like askin you to learn about a culture other than your own, or somethin. Totally racist.

    I aint never heard of a nun who against music with cursin. Oh, wait a minute….come to think of it, I guess religious people do tend to frown on cursing. My granny frowns on cursin and she religious, so I guess she racist too. Thanks for the tip.

    Did you even bother to learn any creole before you went down there? Did you


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