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Minister Christopher Muhammad exposes San Francisco’s ‘paid political prostitutes’

June 6, 2010

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

It’s not too often you see a lot of Black leaders willing to take a stand these days.

I was recently tagged on Facebook in the posting of a video of Nation of Islam Student Minister Christopher Muhammad speaking before a joint meeting of the planning and redevelopment commissioners on June 3 in San Francisco. This footage has the internet buzzing as Minister Christopher called the commissioners and members of the Board of Supervisors “paid prostitutes” and “political whores” (his part starts at 5:10).

For those uninformed, the beginning of the video gives insight into this fight by residents of the San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point community against proposed redevelopment by Lennar, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders. The Black people fear that this is a tactic for gentrification and that this move would also lead to further exposure to more toxicity.

Minister Christopher and others have been appealing to local politicians for the past few years but it has fallen on deaf ears because many believe that the city’s leaders have been bought off by Lennar.

“My initial thought was not to even bother – because I’m talking mostly to political prostitutes,” said Minister Christopher. “This city is rotten to the core! There’s no principles here. There’s no moral compass here. There’s no character here. Most of the people who run this town are political whores.”

I will let you watch the rest.

But check out how Minister Christopher is already leaving the room when some White man has to get the last word by saying, “Would you please leave the room?”

He’s already gone.

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Jesse Muhammad is a staff writer for the Final Call newspaper, known for his coverage of the Jena 6 and Hurricane Katrina survivors, and an award-winning blogger. Email him at and visit Brother Jesse Blog at, where this story originally appeared. The video – excerpts from the official city video of the joint hearing by the Planning and Redevelopment Commissions – was posted to YouTube by Ahmad770.

One thought on “Minister Christopher Muhammad exposes San Francisco’s ‘paid political prostitutes’

  1. vitriolic

    Minister christopher and many others would like to see black contractors be able to work in their community, especially in view of FLA.LENNar, but I feel there have been glittering generalities in his outrage. He doesn't mention the walking haircut mayor, who is doing unlimited harm to s.f. but our board of supes work very hard for s.f. against a creepy mayor that's been absent for 2/3 of hisadmin! I think and thank for supe MIRAKARIMI he got us public power despite PG&E's $$$$$. Willie brown said if u don't earn a 100,000 u don't deserve to live in s.f. The nerve of this st louis resident, upping the ante to live in s.f. I was born raised here and by his second term he was disconnected with anyone who wasn't a millionaire. Newsom big time property owner, ruthless, irresponsible and a drug and alcohol abuser has advanced the willie. I agree with most of christophers analysis, but our board protects us against the walking haircut


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