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Solidarity in the fight against Arizona immigration law

August 9, 2010

by Terrance E. White, aka Bro. Tee

Arizona Blacks, Latinos protest SB 1070 042510. - Photos: Juan Munoz
First and foremost, I would like to salute all the comrades around the world who stood up and protested against Arizona’s Jim Crow laws of segregation. Amerikkka’s up to its dirty tricks once again.

All was fine when they rode the backs of Latinos for cheap labor, but now that individuals are using their minds and starting their own small businesses, they (the U.S. and Arizona) want them out because they can’t use them anymore.

Never turn your back on a snake! Amerika was built upon corporate capitalism. If Latinos are “illegal,” then Christopher Columbus was illegal when he came to Amerikkka. The Columbus Day anniversary is a celebration of mass murder, slavery and conquest. He used religion and guns – after he was welcomed as a guest – against the Blacks and the indigenous in the Americas, mistakenly called Indians.

All this was done in the name of white supremacy based upon the concept of “chosen people” and manifest destiny and was designed to further cultural genocide and maintain mental slavery.

Arizona is trying to put this back in full swing. They are capitalist parasites, bloodthirsty opportunists. People who would desecrate their own grandmother’s burial plot. Amerikkka is a region of political injustice and great suffering. Columbus didn’t discover shit; he came to America and exploited America with his illegal ass!

I’m a powerful Black conscious man, so I yell out Black Power and I fully support my Latino comrades in struggle and solidarity. And we demand justice or there will be no peace!

In solidarity and true liberation, Comrade Tee!

Bro. Tee’s pen pal, Sharon Martinas, writes that he organizes study groups among his comrades and is a jailhouse lawyer, “so he is in Ad Seg.” Send our brother some love and light: Terrance E. White, 20063290, P.O. Box 710, Riverside, CA 92502.

16 thoughts on “Solidarity in the fight against Arizona immigration law

  1. Amerika

    First do not put illegal immigrants in the same group as African Americans. African slaves who were brought here in the 1700's were forced to come here to America to let others profit from involuntary servitude treated less than human and were not entitled to even speak let alone to demand their rights. Illegal immigrants come here willingly for jobs, free health care and free education. And might I say that even though they do not speak English not only are the children entitled to free education the parents are entitled to free classes as well. It is amazing that the civil rights groups are all for representing illegal immigrants and want African Americans to support their cause when these same groups chose consistently not to stand up for African Americans on numerous civil rights issues which they are entitled to be represented and rallied behind because they are United States citizens. The African Americans have struggled for hundreds of years since the forming of this country to get their rights. Only to watch illegal immigrants get all the funding in schools, the jobs and health care. It is now harder than ever for an African American to get a job and while the African American children were finally moving forward in schools with the funding and programs these children now are consistently falling through the divides of the schools and are virtually invisible because the funding is being spent on illegal immigrants instead of American Citizens. This is a disgusting situation and is selective discrimination from these programs and these civil rights groups who could even open their mouths to attempt to group the African Americans with illegal immigrants. Are these people plain ignorant because I know they cannot think that we are. This is the United States of America and the citizens of this country need to have their issues dealt with why would we as citizens of the United States even consider giving privileges of citizenship to those who are not and are here illegally they are not entitled to the privledges that we as citizens are entitled to.

    1. Anonymous

      The FACT is African Americans and illegals are in the same GROUP competing for the same pool of money/ jobs; all peoples of the Rainbow want money to live . Stop blaming all whites, a small percentage participated in the slave trade and most rejected slavery and many risked their lives to help slaves. Not to mention there are opportunistic people of all colors in the slave trade today. 1600th century Puritans were mostly landless peasants, persecuted and in disagreement with British Empire and Vatican. I don't agree at all with early american governments decisions to make war with the Indians, break treaties etc…why is it the worst elements capture control and fuck everything up. There are rotten people at the top today as in days past… just look at OBAMA… we need to stop dividing on color lines and zero in… corruption.

      1. Anonymous

        Youtube- The Jewish Role in U.S. Immigration Law…. the reasons for open borders today. You may or may not be pleased with the reasons for destroying America.

  2. 1492

    To the people that posted the two comments above- did you read what Mr. White actually wrote in this article?I will bypass the first comment as it does not merit discussion. That said, to the second commentary………You did a great job if your goal was to split the African-American struggle and the so called 'immigrant' one…..You are assuming that the two groups fight separately (please see main picture in this article) and do not join forces against current fascist measures in Arizona and other part of the US. You place victimization on people without solutions and assume that the the struggle is new……I think you should re-read this article and do not pass on how white supremacy is alive and well. Have a nice day.

  3. John Mulligan

    What is racist about enforcing immigration? Japan does it, so does Mexico, just about every country does it. If you think the world should have no borders, argue that and please explain. What is this justice that you speak of? Can you actually define it without using catchphrases? Honestly, the only difference between this article and any of Sara Palin's rants is the intended audience. It's just a series of tired tag lines meant to stir emotion without reason or logic. Stop just screaming justice and spell out what you want. Then think through what you want and try to think about whether or not it's actually a good thing.

    What are we using here a 500 year statute of limitations? America isn't even a white country anymore. Is the entire country, regardless of race, when they got here, whatever, supposed to feel guilty forever because some Italian floated over here 500 years ago? You do realize that no one alive has anything to do with that right? By that logic, we should all be happy that Cortez "liberated" Mexico from the Aztecs who were exploiting and murdering neighboring tribes for sacrifice. Happened at the same time, should be the same responsibility right? Read about it, the Aztecs murdered 30,000 people on the same day once. Should their descendants still be blamed?

    1. Selina

      I'm not of Indigenous (Indian) Aztecs, Incas etc back round but NO CAUCASAIN EVER SAVED ANYONE ALL YOU PEOPLE Ever done is bring distruction and terror, IRAQ VIETNAM AFGHANISTAN AND PAST/CURRENT AFRICA. You brought disease rape and murder to the Indigenous people throughout the Americas. And this whole region from CANDA to the bottom of South America had nothing but the Indian population that YOUR Ancestors destroy.

      This Country like the rest CANADA, US, CENTRAL & S. AMerica was Never CAUCASOID It was ALL INDIGENOUS GO READ THEIR HISTORY

      HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!

      1. Allison

        selina… are you serious…. get real. whites are not the same, any more than blacks or browns. you insult me when you lump my tribe who fled persecution in england and settled in new england in the 1600's. we didn't believe in slavery, we were escaping it, we fled the corrupt, violent british empire for land and freedom. we made small towns around a church that answered to none above it and lived productively on the land, policing ourselves, scraping out a living with our integrity intact. get more educated….. which whites are you complaining about? a handful of people own the earth and have for a long time. slavery, rape and destruction has been occurring a very long time, how long? narrow your focus and get to work. follow the grief trail home.

  4. John Mulligan

    You really missed my point entirely. I'm saying it was 500 years ago that Europeans arrived in the Western Hemisphere. It was a different time. It is ridiculous to blame people now for for those events then. You really do overreact sometimes Selina.

    This article is about immigration, not Iraq or Afghanistan. I simply do not think immigration is a moral issue. So I'm not going to get dragged into a discussion about "evil" since Columbus. Just because Columbus came here 500 years ago does not mean that we should open our borders today. That just makes no sense. No one promoting immigration has ever been able to explain to me why unrestricted immigration is a good thing.

    Look carefully at other articles on this website Selina, they talk about getting people in this country jobs and fair pay. How do you get people jobs and fair pay when cheaper labor is always available? If you are for unrestricted immigration, chances are you back the large corporations that employ people at the lowest possible wages. You do realize, Selina, that illegal immigrant labor is largely responsible for black people losing strength in unions and fair pay in blue collar jobs right? Illegal immigration for economic purposes is really just the flip side of the outsourcing coin. It's a way for corporations to ignore labor laws, union negotiations and minimum wage rules.

    That's what I talked about in my first post, "Then think through what you want and try to think about whether or not it's actually a good thing."

    Try to use your head rather than getting ENRAGED all the time.

    1. Selina

      You thinkless therefore you responses are pointless. Your mention in your previous comment that the Azetecs were responsible for kiling 30k people and "Cortez "liberated" Mexico from the Aztecs" what the Hell does that have to do with immigration.

      2nd WHo Ask you for your concern about my plyth and blacks not having job. Corporate America left this country in search of CHEAP labor that's why there's NO JOBS. Applebees, McDonald is not exactly a living wage not by the living standard in this country!!!!

      1. trublak

        "You thinkless therefore you responses are pointless".

        yeee Selina nome sayn you tell em!!! He be thinkless!!! aw snap!! thinkless peeples aint gotz no thinks in theyz heads. thems real talkz nyukah.

        You don't sound ig-nint at all, Selina, serious. You should write articles for SFBeyView.

  5. sfbayview

    John, please don't twist our call for fairness in the construction industry as an attack on immigrants. Discrimination against Black workers and would-be apprentices was rampant long before immigrants began to be a major presence in the industry. Yes, the immigrants were brought in largely to divide and conquer, not for their own good. Though they are at least working, they are routinely abused by large contractors – denied overtime and even their full pay, workers comp and many other legal rights. In our neighborhood, Black and Brown joined forces to stop a big contractor and developer from exploiting and excluding them … and won.

    Mary Ratcliff, editor
    SF Bay View

  6. John Mulligan

    Dear Selina, my example of Cortez and the Aztecs was an expression of the absurd. That's why I used the language "by that logic." I'm arguing that it makes no sense to lay blame for actions 500 years in the past to justify wrongheaded policy today. Note that it is the writer of the article who actually tries to use that logic.

    Dear Editor, first let me point out that I agree with the articles on this website dealing with getting jobs to people. Note that I commented on that topic and signed the petition attached to this article,

    As for my comments, I'm not twisting anything. I'm simply pointing out that there is a conflict in the concept that (1) everyone can have jobs that pay well and (2) a never ending flow of cheap labor flowing into the country. The reason why is simple, where labor can be easily replaced then labor has no bargaining power. That's just straight economics. There simply aren't enough jobs in this country available to support everyone already here plus everybody who wants to come here.

    I'll also repeat my final point again, I don't think immigration is a moral issue. It's just a policy issue. This country does not "have to" allow people to immigrate for any reason. So I refuse to see the issue of immigration as a "right or wrong" issue. If we, the voters in this country, think it's to our benefit to allow more people to come here and become citizens, great. But we do not have a moral obligation to do that.

    Personally, I don't agree with immigration but I also don't agree with outsourcing. I think corporations need to be punished for leaving this country and importing cheap labor (and that's not all). I think the two issues are the same thing and I will not be "guilt tripped" into thinking that one is ok and the other is not just because someone waves a racism flag.

  7. Anonymous

    Not such an enlightened black man, i think.
    Divide and conquer. Think of the u.s.a as a union… in EFFECT illegals are scabs and completely undermine the workers of the u.s.a. (whatever shape, size or color) all american workers suffer. I don't care about intent… I'm tallking effect, reality on the ground. Is that o.k. for you?

    If you really gave a shit about indigenous people, you would visit the federal open air prisons called RESERVATIONS….

    Think for yourself……


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