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WHO’S ACCOUNTABLE: A message for the candidates

October 20, 2010

by Theo Ellington

Theo Ellington
Whose community do you really want it to be? Right now, Bayview sits on the brink of change – destruction for some, but destiny for many.

I am fairly new to voting like most people my age and I’m extremely hesitant because it seems like there’s no point. I hear that in BVHP of the 30,000 people who could vote only 15,000 are actually registered.

And the sad reality is that only about 3,000-4,000 people actually vote. That’s crazy. We are the ones who need the most help.

Let’s do the math! How can 4,000 votes be split among 16 people who live in the same neighborhood, all running for the same position?

If we continue, no one will have enough votes to win. Right now we are not only misleading ourselves, but further marginalizing ourselves and undermining the values that those before us have built. So what will happen on Nov. 3, the day after the election? Who will take the blame?

The younger generation will NOT take the blame for these mistakes. If you’re one of the 16 candidates who knew you probably couldn’t win – we will hold you accountable.

Would you still be running if you had to move if you finished in fourth place or worse? What if you lost your job in the community you say you’re fighting for? If you were really held accountable, would you stay in this race?

On Nov. 3, the day after the election, will you still walk down Third Street, hang at the Monte Carlo, shop at Walgreen’s or even FoodsCo with your head held high like nothing happened after you’ve left us voiceless and with no promise?

We’re talking about being a part of something bigger than ourselves and shouldn’t let egos be the destruction of our great community. Is this what a leader does?

We need REAL leaders in our community. We need you all to get together and have an honest conversation about who should really stand down so we can put someone in office that looks like me, has walked where I’ve walked, and who will stand on the side of the community.

Who should really stand down so we can put someone in office that looks like me, has walked where I’ve walked, and who will stand on the side of the community?

Everyone talks about being held accountable, especially for people my age, but the adults should be too. I’m angry because none of my “leaders” have taken action.

So who will hold the 16 Black candidates accountable on Nov. 3, the day after the election? The ENTIRE COMMUNITY SHOULD.

Theo Ellington, 22, who will graduate in 2011 from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, Calif., where he is majoring in political science and business administration, can be reached at, through his website at or on Facebook.

Editors note

DeWitt Lacy
The Bay View has endorsed DeWitt Lacy as our No. 1 choice for District 10 Supervisor. Read his statement here. Readers are welcome to advocate in the comments section for their favorite candidates and issues and to question the candidates.

One thought on “WHO’S ACCOUNTABLE: A message for the candidates

  1. mesha Monge-Irizarry

    DAMN ! Tell it like it is ! Theo did the maths, and spells out what we have been whispering under our BVHP covers….Kudos to you !!!


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