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What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?

February 9, 2011
A child rescuer on June 1, 1921 – with Whites out to kill them, Blacks could rely on no one but each other.
Black Wall Street, the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-Black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious Whites. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving Black business district in northern Tulsa lay smoldering – a model community destroyed and a major African-American economic movement resoundingly defused.

The night’s carnage left some 3,000 African Americans dead and over 600 successful businesses lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. As could have been expected, the impetus behind it all was the infamous Ku Klux Klan, working in consort with ranking city officials and many other sympathizers.

Black America’s most prosperous community, Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went up in flames June 1, 1921, in the KKK-led Tulsa Race Riot. According to Wikipedia, “During the 16 hours of the assault, over 800 people were admitted to local hospitals with injuries, an estimated 10,000 were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire caused by bombing.”
The best description of Black Wall Street, or Little Africa as it was also known, would be to compare it to a mini Beverly Hills. It was the golden door of the Black community during the early 1900s, and it proved that African Americans could create a successful infrastructure. That’s what Black Wall Street was all about.

The dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, sometimes taking a year for currency to leave the community. Now a dollar leaves the Black community in 15 minutes. As for resources, there were Ph.D.s residing in Little Africa, Black attorneys and doctors. One doctor was Dr. Berry, who owned the bus system. His average income was $500 a day, hefty pocket change in 1910.

These are Black-built, Black-owned buildings that were occupied by bustling Black businesses before envious whites rioted and destroyed them.
It was a time when the entire state of Oklahoma had only two airports, yet six Blacks owned their own planes. It was a very fascinating community.

The mainstay of the community was to educate every child. Nepotism was the one word they believed in. And that’s what we need to get back to. The main thoroughfare was Greenwood Avenue, and it was intersected by Archer and Pine Streets. From the first letters in each of those three names you get G.A.P. And that’s where the renowned R&B music group the GAP Band got its name. They’re from Tulsa.

At the end of the day, June 1, 1921, this is what remained of Black Wall Street. Lost forever were over 600 successful businesses, including 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, two movie theaters, a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half dozen private airplanes and a bus system.
Black Wall Street was a prime example of the typical Black community in America that did business, but it was in an unusual location. You see, at the time, Oklahoma was set aside to be a Black and Indian state. There were over 28 Black townships there. One third of the people who traveled in the terrifying “Trail of Tears” alongside the Indians between 1830 and 1842 were Black people. The citizens of this proposed Indian and Black state chose a Black governor, a treasurer from Kansas named McDade. But the Ku Klux Klan said that if he assumed office that they would kill him within 48 hours.

Here, the businesses that had been the economic engine of this most prosperous Black community in the U.S. are identified.
A lot of Blacks owned farmland, and many of them had gone into the oil business.

The community was so tight and wealthy because they traded dollars hand to hand and because they were dependent upon one another as a result of the Jim Crow laws. It was not unusual that if a resident’s home accidentally burned down, it could be rebuilt within a few weeks by neighbors. This was the type of scenario that was going on day to day on Black Wall Street.

When Blacks intermarried into the Indian culture, some of them received their promised “40 acres and a mule” and with that came whatever oil was later found on the properties. On Black Wall Street, a lot of global business was conducted.

The community flourished from the early 1900s until June 1, 1921. That’s when the largest massacre of nonmilitary Americans in the history of this country took place, and it was led by the Ku Klux Klan. Imagine walking out of your front door and seeing 1,500 homes being burned. It must have been amazing.

Survivors we interviewed think that the whole thing was planned, because during the time that all of this was going on, White families with their children stood around the borders of their community and watched the massacre – the looting and everything – much in the same manner they would watch a lynching. The riots weren’t caused by anything Black or White. They were caused by jealousy.

Almost 1,500 homes were also destroyed in the 35 blocks that went up in flames and over 3,000 Black residents murdered by the Ku Klux Klan-led Tulsa Race Riot.
A lot of White folks had come back from World War I and they were poor. When they looked over into the Black communities and realized that Black men who fought in the war had come home heroes, that helped trigger the destruction. It cost the Black community everything, and not a single dime of restitution – no insurance claims – has been awarded the victims to this day. Nonetheless, they rebuilt.

We estimate 1,500 to 3,000 people were killed, and we know that a lot of them were buried in mass graves all around the city. Some were thrown into the river. As a matter of fact, at 21st Street and Yale Avenue, where there now stands a Sears parking lot, that corner used to be a coal mine. They threw a lot of the bodies into the shafts.

‘The gun went off, the riot was on’

[excerpts from a CNN report]

On the night of May 31,1921, mobs called for the lynching of Dick Rowland, a Black man who shined shoes, after hearing reports that on the previous day he had assaulted Sarah Page, a White woman, in the elevator she operated in a downtown building.

So determined were whites in Tulsa to wipe out all evidence of Blacks’ prosperity and achievement despite impossible odds, they used airplanes to firebomb Black Wall Street from the air.
A local newspaper had printed a fabricated story that Rowland tried to rape Page. In an editorial, the same newspaper said a hanging was planned for that night. As groups of both Blacks and Whites converged on the Tulsa Courthouse, a White man in the crowd confronted an armed Black man, a war veteran, who had joined with other Blacks to protect Rowland.

Eddie Faye Gates, a member of the Tulsa Race Riot Commission, formed several years ago to determine exactly what happened, told CNN what happened next.

“This White man,” she said, asked the Black man, “What are you doing with this gun?” “I’m going to use it if I have to,” the Black man said, according to Gates, “and (the White man) said, ‘No, you’re not. Give it to me,’ and he tried to take it. The gun went off, the White man was dead, the riot was on.”

Truckloads of Whites set fires and shot Blacks on sight. When the smoke lifted the next day, more than 1,400 homes and businesses in Tulsa’s Greenwood District, a prosperous area known as the “Black Wall Street,” lay in ruins. Today, only a single block of the original buildings remains standing in the area. Experts now estimate that at least 3,000 died.

‘We’re in a heck of a lot of trouble’

Beulah Smith was 14 years old the night of the riot. A neighbor named Frenchie came pounding on her family’s door in a Tulsa neighborhood known as “Little Africa” that also went up in flames.

As fires set by white rioters raged, claiming all they held dear, Black men who fought back to protect their families, homes and businesses were arrested and killed. There were outnumbered 10 to one. Here, a white man with a shotgun guards the body of a Black man and several prisoners outside Tulsa’s Convention Hall.
“Get your families out of here because they’re killing Niggers uptown,” she remembers Frenchie saying. “We hid in the weeds in the hog pen,” Smith told CNN.

People in a mob that came to Kenny Booker’s house asked, “Nigger, do you have a gun?” he told CNN. Booker, then a teenager, hid with his family in their attic until the home was torched. “When we got downstairs, things were burning. My sister asked me, ‘Kenny, is the world on fire?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, but we’re in a heck of a lot of trouble, baby.’”

Another riot survivor, Ruth Avery, who was 7 at the time, gives an account matched by others who told of bombs dropped from small airplanes passing overhead.

The explosive devices may have been dynamite or Molotov cocktails – gasoline-filled bottles set afire and thrown as grenades. “They’d throw it down and when it’d hit, it would burst into flames,” Avery said.

Only a single block remains of the 1,400 homes and businesses that made up the area known as Black Wall Street.

Unmarked graves

Many of the survivors mentioned bodies were stacked like cord wood, says Richard Warner of the Tulsa Historical Society.

Survivors search the ruins of their homes for anything they can salvage. To this day, no insurance claims nor any restitution has been paid.
In its search for the facts, the commission has literally been trying to dig up the truth.

Two headstones at Tulsa’s Oaklawn Cemetery indicate that riot victims are buried there. In an effort to determine how many, archeological experts used ground-piercing radar and other equipment to test the soil in a search for unmarked graves.

The test picked up indications that hundreds of people have been buried in an area just outside the cemetery.

Editor’s note: The Tulsa Race Riot Commission, formed in 1997 to determine exactly what happened and what should be done now, delivered its final report in 2001, calling for substantial restitution. “In June 2001,” according to Wikipedia, “the Oklahoma state legislature passed the ‘1921 Tulsa Race Riot Reconciliation Act.’ While falling short of the commission’s recommendations, it provided for more than 300 college scholarships for descendants of Greenwood residents, mandated the creation of a memorial to those who died in the riot, and called for new efforts to promote economic development in Greenwood. A documentary, “Before They Die!” has been made about the survivors and their quest for justice. It chronicles efforts in Oklahoma to gain reparations for the survivors. And watch the video “One Day in May!” at

This story comes from the Ujamaa Network, which can be reached at They add these words of wisdom: “We must buy from ourselves in order to re-circulate Black dollars. If we want our dollars to return, we must spend them within our own community. 2011 will be our year if we decide it will be. Make a commitment to yourself to do as much of your spending within our community as possible.”

175 thoughts on “What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?

  1. Fred Mitchell

    Excellent commentary! It dispels some of myths about black people which has become so prevalent and embedded in American culture. Today "white America" has fought to "dumb down" black culture and deny contributions made by African Americans.

    1. Michael Sanders

      I read many replies on here and the sad thing is that the overall tone is still one of opposition, denial, anger and apathy. Ppl, when will we learn that the only way to change anything is to change yourself. Determine to love all, show empAthy and understanding for all, and refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past. Murder, hatred, discrimination, intolerance are wrong no matter who perpetrated it. Sadly THOSE things are alive and well in this forum today. It always amazes me that birds can gather in my yard, feed and enjoy life without one calling another a name or degraded another. Yet supposed intelligent humans cannot carry on as civil of a discussion. Think I’d rather be a bird today.

  2. mingthemerciless

    Yes, racism is ugly…so why Looie "Adolf Hitler" Farrakhan can gather a million racist blacks but David "moron" Duke never get more than fifteen white nazis for his KKK rallies?

    3,000 dead, eh? What about the 3,000 whites raped, robbed and murdered every months by the black goons that fill the country jail by 90%?

    Why you blacks keep voting for the democrats KKK that have enslaved you with whips then and now with welfare and why you keep supporting the white mongrel muslim Barry Hussein Obama that opened the border for mexican immigration that took all your jobs and support conquering islam that enslaved hundreds of millions of Africans…YOU ARE ALL SCREWED UP BY YOUR OWN SELVES!!!

    1. mark

      Jealous people will be jealous people… We have and will continue to rise from the ashes of our oppressors mayhem murder and over all disrespect because we African Americans<3 are tough ass nails and we only getting smarter shots out to the President of the USA a African I'm very pleased to add that was for you Black wall street.

    2. The Last Of Us

      Ah, im so glad you have asked that! The reason blacks can gather in the millions and whites cannot is because its hard for whites to argue an invalid point without sounding stupid. Its that simple. You stated that “3,000 whites are raped, robbed, and murdered by blacks every month.” Hmm sounds like a fallacy to me. I think not only Google agrees with me, but anyone with the slightest amount of brain activity can find those numbers to be exaggerated. And even if it was in some ways true 3,000 blacks killed in a matter of 12 hours compared to 3,000 or even 100,000 whites a month (Correct the math if you want) still wouldnt amount to the number of black lives lost. Stupid is as stupid does. And you ,sir, are doing stupid quite well. I came to this realization after you stated, “Black goons fill up the country’s by 90 percent”. 90 percent…really? Realistically, the statistics are almost a third of that, but due to your lack of intelligence and surplus of a staggering combination of ignorance and arrogance you believe the number is much higher than that. Now you are almost the prime example of why “David Duke never gets more than fifteen white nazis for his KKK rallies” because of the hate and envy fueled propaganda-type speeches your people tend to have. And calling Farrakhan “Adolf Hitler” doesnt take a toll on blacks when it seems like the man name-calling(Oh, how mature, right?) is reading a chapter of Mein Kampf and simply reciting what hes read and posting it on forums. So at the end of the day, whos really enslaved? The struggling black man? Or the white guy whos fighting for something not even worth fighting for?

      1. Kyb

        Also note that the comment about “3,000 whites raped” etc…

        In America, about 30,000 women are raped every month. Rape is overwhelmingly a crime committed intra-racially. Even if the 3k comment were accurate (it’s not), the majority perpetrators are white boys who get away with it.

    3. Sosa

      You are the typical dumb azz white women who can’t accept what your racist azz ancestor have done. Oh and bi** it’s Louis not Looie.

    4. Rhondayes

      Yeah…but! Yeah…but! You couldn’t appreciate what was said or acknowledge the awfulness of what happened. Your intention was to write what you did about your own hurt feelings and what happened with you and your people. You’re incapable of dialogue, because you want to fact fight and not agree that the world is sometimes ugly and people don’t always do right.

      You continue to live in your “Yeah…but” life and never grow into a great person.

    5. Rhondayes

      “3,000 dead, eh? What about the 3,000 whites raped, robbed and murdered every months by the black goons that fill the country jail by 90%? ”

      This is a blatant exxageration and overt lie I won’t address, because it is to feed the ignorance of those that won’t check this statement for the truth. If this was happening the news would have been reporting on this and the justice department would have had to step in. Don’t lie…sometimes the truth is horrible enough.

      “and why you keep supporting the white mongrel muslim Barry Hussein Obama that opened the border for mexican immigration that took all your jobs and support conquering islam that enslaved hundreds of millions of Africans…YOU ARE ALL SCREWED UP BY YOUR OWN SELVES!!! ” I’m curious…don’t you feel stupid when you voice these kinds of thoughts? None of it makes sense and is so painfully provable as lies I would be simply mortified to have it all checked to learn it’s all a pack of lies. Then, what would you do? Scream and hold your breath to make it true? HINT ON THE IMMIGRATION: Right now the latinos are angry as hell at President Obama, because he is deporting them at a rate higher than any president in history. You are going to look like the biggest idiot in your pack if you don’t do some of your own fact checking. STOP LISTENING TO OTHERS. Verify.

      Barry Hussein Obama has proven himself a decent and TRUE CHRISTIAN and is more than capable of defending himself. He has already, so I won’t re-litigate. Enjoy your delusion.


      LOL According to you, “who should we be voting with? You, with your beliefs showing blatantly in your post? The Republicans that believe as you do? Or, should we not be voting at all?” Have you ever heard of the “Southern Strategy” You should check it out to understand that the Democratic party that included the KKK is NOW the republican party. If you understood your history and did just a little bit of research you could have learned this on your own. So, for now you couldn’t make us vote with you bigots and especially believing that we vote for “free” things. We work for our living. We have deadbeats in our race, just like you do. Hell, you may be one and an ex-con. That’s what your profile picture looks like.

      You are going to find you’re going to look like a fool alot if you don’t do some research. There are 50 MILLION PEOPLE ON WELFARE, 10 MILLION ARE BLACK. The MAJORITY are white. Not only are they white, but they’re white CHILDREN.

      I hate ignorant bigots living in denial of facts and truth. You’re too busy seeking to believe you are better than black people and living on some high moral ground that you make yourselves look foolish. It’s pathetic and embarrassing.

      Louis Farakkhan can organize the way he does because Black people have a legitimate reason to march; whereas, you’re just a jealous group, but smart enough to know how foolish you’d look if your asked, “What has the black man done to your advancement?”

      1. Ta-Tanisha Henderson

        it is really sad that in the 21st century that whites are still oblivious to the fact that they are racist. racism stems from ignorance and ignorance can get you no where. we all know that the majority of rapist are white males and white females often lie about being raped by black men even to this day (coby incident). either way, what makes a white woman so special that she can not be touched by a black man? the white man created these myths about black men being monsters and animals to force white women to lose interest in the black man, but it only made white women want black men more, but once they were caught, they lied about the entire situation. blacks and the moors were doing their thing in Africa hundreds of years ago. the white man saw it then and they had no idea how to sustain themselves so they violated, overpowered and enslaves us for their own benefit. once again that jealousy showed its ugly head in the Greenwood district. when people talk about welfare, i find it quite fascinating that they automatically think that only blacks receive welfare. let’s point out that there are clearly more whites in America than blacks. if people do a little research they will see that the national average of people of black and whites on welfare are about the same, however those numbers do not include persons receiving food stamps and unemployment because more whites are receiving those benefits.
        what do people think corporate bailouts are? it is welfare with a different name. corporations are the largest receivers of welfare that’s why the little people can’t get ahead. … you guys hit the nail right on the head with your other comments so i will stop here because i could go on forever. i will say this, whites are so quick to call blacks niggers (ignorant) when apparently hundreds of years ago they were the niggers because they had no idea how to sustain themselves, in 1921, they were niggers because they still hadn’t figured it out and just to read some of these comments in 2014, ignorance and niggerish ways must be hereditary. shaking my head. i said i was done but comparing Farrakhan to Hitler, i am lost. Hitler murdered millions of people and Farrakhan only got people to fight for what they believe in mentally. ok i am done this time.

    6. LaBellaNoire


      You’re entitled to your own opinion, but your factual observations are wrong.

      Farrakhan’s rallying does not employ entirely racists blacks. I am sure the majority of attendees are those who have real political agendas in mind so that their presence cancels the effect of those who show up because they are angry toward white people, but let’s not pretend the latter are without good reason for their disdain. Whites control and abuse they proverbial “system” they set up to their sole advantage while everyone else lives on its peripherals and suffers, blacks suffer the most because physical and mental makeup they represent the complete opposite of white culture and existence.

      In regard to blacks who rape white women, you were not there at every alleged crime to know what actually happened. Often, because there is a stigma for blacks from humble backgrounds to date white women, you may be surprised that many of these alleged “rapes” include white women who seek vengeance against their black lovers for one reason or another. Yes, blacks over-represent the prison population in comparison to their populations per capita, but this only evidences that basic and necessary resources for them to live meaningful, productive and contributing existences are grossly unavailable and wanting. We all have individual hardships, HOWEVER, there is a “systematized” problem when the common problems that affects whites include parental divorces, pressure to excel in a private or otherwise “preferred” school/industry, child-hood bullying, self-image issues in regard to weight and nose appearance and other superficial anxieties vs. substandard schooling systems, recurring absentee fathers across multiple generations in succession, underemployment and underpayment despite having qualifications which is always dramatically lesser than whites who suffer the same, self-image issues that result in skin bleaching, hair relaxing, nose augmentations to achieve a European nose (Michael Jackson and Namoi Campbell, etc. before and after), lessening ambitions to include being a sex-icon among women (Sarah Baartman’s tragedy) and emotionless dictator among men because these are what’s systematically demanded of them if they want to live… sad, I know.

      Democrats, per se did not enslave blacks… that was actually a world-agenda to do so from the 1300′s (as far back as I’ve read about), and it continues into today political geography. Many blacks think racism no longer exists, others think everything is racism, some are able to identify when an action is racist vs. just being someone’s personality flaw… the distinguishing factor is education, not institutionalized education, but that which comes from being fortunate enough to learn from experiences outside of one’s household. Most blacks through systematized racism were taught to be slaves dependent on their white masters for employment and thus survival. They were taught for generations to distrust each other and never unite as a community. They were taught to look as much as they can like their white counterparts in appearance, speech and ideology. They were taught essentially to not exist. In recent history, unfortunately, with few exceptions, almost all so-called black “enterprise” and “achievements” were made possible by white dollars. Why is this?? Blacks were never meant to lead any industry only support them. The relation between racism, economics and quality of living are all inseparable in conversation.

      I can go on, but I cannot write a novel here. Take a moment and observe blacks, our different social nuances and see everything described herein true! I am not seeking your pity or empathy, but hoping you be more aware of the those that pull the strings and create disturbances that distract people from realizing “good” lives including your own. It’s just happens to be most evident or colorful (I should say) in the black community world-wide because we were placed at the bottom of the totem.

    7. Lovetobeblack

      Enough is enough whites need to stop trying to validate the injustices done by their ancestors to African Americans. Every success that we have had over the course of history has been taken and stripped from us so stop getting defensive when the truth is shed on the ways in which whites try to dehumanize and disenfranchise us. Whites not each and everyone are evil but many whites are racist and the comment about the rape of 3000 white man getting raped may have been fabricated like many myths that we created to justify and gain sympathy for them. Rape is wrong regardless of what race does it but quit with stories of injustices done to whites when white masters and white nowadays continue to rape black women is there any justice for them. I am multicultural and proud of it but I have identify as African American and I am very proud and grateful to be black so all my blacks love who you are and never let whites make you feel less than human. They can not break our spirits and we are a beautiful and talented people continue to strive for greatness and love your fellow black person. We have had so many opportunities taken away from us but with all the bad comes good we have a president like us which would’ve never happened before. Whites face the fact that blacks are here to stay and will continue to be successful so love the greatness that we posses not fear us or be envious.

    8. sabu

      just another ignorant person….I guess they have to voice their opinions too…but its so sad because he/she cannot voice it in an intelligent way…ignorance breeds ignorance!

    9. Pw4eric

      You Christ killers are really something ….blacks have done nothing to you,but you still fear blacks because you know justice is coming ….u just don’t no when and that scares the hell outta y’all …just like them Arabs scare y’all….it just a matter of time til the cancer of this earth is eradicated.

    10. Pwaterhose

      Great stats you made that shit up all by yourself uh? You need some fact checkers not the media outlet your racist ass tune into, you sound very ignorant, high school diploma did you well!

    11. earth

      I understand why you’re so angry with black people your great grandfather’s have cursed you you can’t do nothing without looking like a racist so you just joined in and say oh well I’ll be a racist whatever you want me to be it’s.your great great grand a when he said white power it was standing under a colored person who is being harmed or burn when a black man says black power it’s because of so many centuries has been called ugly big nosed monkey who is not even human inform black unity to show people of color that there is beauty within you black beauty

  3. MSA

    The indolent will forever live in fear and remain a people in thrall. This was a time of segregation by state and federal law. They built without your assistance. On this un-level playing field, they exceeded your expectations and made the necessary sacrifices to achieve their goals. Today you hate me for the greatness to succeed against your opposition. You hate the fact that deep in your sub conscience, you rail me because YOU NEED my BLACK ASS. I'll stop playing the race-card when you decide to remove it from the deck, cease from concealing the true history of all Americans of color whom you've persecuted due to you own miscreant behavior. Your manumission papers are in the BIBLE, Romans 10:9.

  4. Clinique

    If you all want a serious eye opener check out this documentary called "Hidden Colors" by Tariq Nasheed. You can find it on amazon. If you thought this was bad once you see this documentary it will open your eyes to much much more!!!

  5. One New Man in YHWH

    As a white person, I have never heard of this. I knew atrocities have been done to the Black community over the years, but not to the extend of a private bombing on a whole community. This was outright genocide! And I hope none of the Black community considers the KKK to be Christians, they were masons (worship satan). As a white person, I do acknowledge that justice must be done for this, and there was great loss that cannot be recovered. The debt incurred by white people is too great for monetary repayment. However, God will perform the justice due to the Black community. Trust Him to avenge you, He says "I am YHWH, I will repay." As it goes, though, you must not repay evil for evil, or God will require justice from you in accordance with your return injustice. Rest in YHWH, He is a faithful God Who repays and will repay. It may not be on the desired timeline, but it will happen.

  6. Mitzi Bass

    As we reach the end of 2013, it is sad to see that the same mindset that prevailed in 1921 still exists today. Having lived in Tulsa, OK for several years, I learned of this "Black Wall Street" and could not have been more proud of what African Americans were able to accomplish in the early 20th century. Sadly when I look at the African American culture today, I do not see the prosperity, unity and collaboration that was exhibited by this "Black Wall Street" community. We have become a fragmented and disconnected people, eager to "get ours", without regard for those who may be left behind.
    The mindset in Tulsa, has sadly not changed very much. When I moved there in 1995, it was a warm friendly city. While racism still remained, the people had better manners about how it was displayed. Since the election and re-election of the nation's first African American president, the climate has changed dramatically. People there are less friendly, more discourteous, and seemingly angry to a point. They are less accepting of African Americans in any position of authority, and work diligently to ensure that we do not attain such positions, regardless of education and qualifications.
    African Americans in Tulsa, and in other cities throughout the country have become complacent and accepting of their treatment by Whites, as well as other cultures. We have become too accepting of being "low man on the totem pole". We can no longer afford to accept our lot in life, but must strive to become more than and better than we have been to this point. We cannot disgrace the memories of the thousands of people of color who sacrificed on that day in May of 1921, by not striving to accomplish greater things.
    Education, articulation and self-respect are the key elements. Do not disgrace the memory of your ancestors by being and choosing to remain uneducated. Do not disgrace yourself by not being articulate. Speak clear and correct English. Respect yourself, and others will have no choice except to respect you in return. As African Americans, we must become well versed in the correct workings of legitimate business and be willing to ascribe to those precepts. Stop looking for a "hook-up" or "making a hustle". It is not the way to gain access to wealth and respect. Just because Jay-Z did it does not mean that you can. The members and patrons of "Black Wall Street" were legitimate businessmen. As a people, we must strive to learn from these giants and work toward the development of such economic and financial centers within our communities throughout the country. In this way, we honor their sacrifice, their memory and create a legacy for our own children and future generations.

  7. americans4justice

    90% of this article here is "black version' NONSENSE. Pure fantasy and fabrication. I've been around enough black websites to know that truth in journalism means very little or nothing to blacks (ones writing it and the ones reading it)

    Blacks want their FREE money. Restitution…Restitution…Restitution…On and on it goes.

    A black "wall street" in Tulsa? And no where else on planet earth but there in Tulsa – a black created Shangra la? NONSENSE. White people owned most of the small businesses in black section of Tulsa. There was only about 2500 adult black males in Tulsa according to the US census for 1920. Half couldn't read or write. Virtually ALL black men worked in the white-owned oil fields of Tulsa.

    Dopey black males provoked the Tulsa riot by murdering white males. The sexual assault on the innocent white girl REALLY DID HAPPEN. White people were forced to put up with the black male sexual predator all over America – a menace to white people that continues to this day. NOT ONE OF THE SEXUAL ASSAULTS ON WHITE FEMALES BY A BLACK MAN HAS EVER RESULTED IN GOV'T RESTITUTION!!! WHERE IS THEIR RESTITUTION?!

    1. Jashuwa Baker

      And you my friend are a complete Idiot….but then ignorance is contagious….and you have sufficiently confirmed this

    2. The Truth

      Really now??!! African American people are so bad but we weren’t the ones who started this whole race thing!!! I don’t think restitution can be given to us because there’s not enough restitution that could be given for the things my people went through. It’s a problem if we talk about our history but hey I wouldn’t care to hear it either if my history consist of stealing, owning, and getting away with it. I won’t even get mad because there are a lot of white people that can empathize with the black race. The rest have an excuse to why they are a bunch of racist bigots, but God made every race and he put enough room on this earth for all of them so suck it up!!!! African Americans are here to stay and we demand our rights and our respect. I bleed red, breath air, and my insides are the same as yours!!!

  8. JLF

    Horrible by any measure. The number of deaths cited, however, seems improbably high in relation to both the likely population density of the affected area and also the lack of historical attention this has received even in consideration of likely prevalence of under-reporting for such tragedies. I checked, briefly, around the web and other sources, while stating a wide range between official and unofficial death toll, cite an "as-many-as" number of 300 rather than 3,000 (and a [very likely underreported] official number around 30). A national tragedy of great significance by any of these measures, and also by measures aside from injury and death, and very deserving of much greater acknowledgement and awareness. I wonder, though, if the author might verify the death toll statistic of 3,000.

  9. abdullah mujahid

    This is sad,I have to go and see this town,I worked for a airline and was forced to retire due to 911,Detroit built a freeway on the black wall street their,these were bustling business just like greenwood,Seems like manny States blacks suffer back then and even in 2014,im livingin florida and being black from up North,ive encounterd manny unwelcoming acts,ITS like a black is bad for business or the sheriffs or police immediatley sit outside a business you go into assuming your going to Rob it,ive been over looked to white customers just last week Jan 2014,in ost cases I was buying something more expensive than the hispanic or white but was waited on last assuming I could not afford the things on the menú,sad to say but manny hispánica have taken the lead role in disrespecting Blacks,orlando puerto ricans will not gire a black american a job, manny have notice this, black military have seen this pratice.I challenge all blacks to come to orlando and apply for a job in. A hispanic business or manager run business,and see for your self.



    1. Ta-Tanisha Henderson

      it really is sad. because hegemony and the way blacks are portrayed in the media we don’t stand a chance. til this day they are still trying to keep us down. people pay attention to what your children watch on tv, even disney channel. explain to them the things they are watching because those shows are telling our children and children who are not like us how to treat us and it tells our children how to treat themselves. those are not our ideas, they are the white man’s ideas. you talk about the hispanics, have you ever had a negative encounter with an African? you know they are told to stay away from us because we are evil and we will rob and kill them for no reason. they don’t like us either and we are cut from the same cloth. it is really sad because all human bodies function in the same way. there is absolutely no difference but for reasons unknown, we can not get along.


        I’m glad you said Disney (Nickelodeon also). These networks present a lot of b.s. imagery pertaining to Black young men and women that translates to educators/daycare forming less-than-favorable views/discipline patterns etc. when it comes to our youth. For educators, chronically viewing those channels creates for them a hypersensitivity to outright derelict representations of our children. Nothing life-affirming on Disney or Nickelodeon for our Black children, or the people who we pay to educate/train them away from our watch.

        but back to Black Wall Street…..
        How many of them can we build/Great Wall them off/build community around? Let’s talk numbers, let’s talk localizing black affluence.

        I believe it’s the right move to make for our existence. Amercanized White people at large are thoroughly apathetic, thoroughly sitting on their hands, thoroughly asleep at the wheel, thoroughly not interested in contributing anything constructive to the Black experience, in their virtual or real realities. Fine. They’ve been narcotized by the comfort of ill-gotten gains so en masse that they could not care less whether these types of communities happen for us or not. Forget them. Faced with their culture’s abysmally self-satisfying leanings, as well as other race’s who seek to only profit from liquor, beauty supplies, and gun stores in our less affluent communities, we should condition our own experience for all those Blacks who give a damn about instantiating damage control for ourselves and our children. Any other thought lineage is adverse.

        Oklahoma was an unfortunate martyr at the hands of weak and wicked loser boys incorporated, but the Civil Rights Movement didn’t end with a small group of people being jailed. It didn’t stop with a small group of people marching throuh one city. As a Business Manager and Engineer, one thing I consistently eat off of is the laziness of the Americanized Caucasian. My question for Americanized white people: Are you all tired of bothering Black people for no reason on Earth at all?…. I’ll wait …Militarily and nominally, HOW MANY BLACK WALL STREETS CAN YOU GET AWAY WITH BOMBING in the 21st century successfully and not set off WW3? If white people claim America is so post racial, fine. You came up illicitly off of Black backs, marginalized us the entire journey, and nicknamed the whole affair “survival”. Fine. Forget you. Don’t get robbed in a non-Black Wall Street while getting out of your car too slow listening to your favorite rapper call you both a cracker and a nigga in one of your favorite songs. Point is, sit back long enough, and we will do this Black utopia thing AGAIN regionally and/or nationally, and we will expect you at weak and wicked loser boys incorporated (and all of its subsidiary entities) to twiddle your thumbs inattentively this time. After all, you DO want us to “NIGGER GO HOME”, and “BUILD YOUR OWN COMMUNITIES” without the white nose dragging its way in right? ….Leave us be. We can deal and decoy these days on many levels if you all choose not to heed. We simply want to do for ourselves what you as the parasitic race have wilfully failed to do for us (and what you’ve trained other races to fail to do for us through the perceptions you’ve mapped of us here in America worldwide).

        The concept of Black Wall Street (no relation to the one built by UNPAID Black slave labor gains—-see Leahman Brothers of Alabama), is a challenge I accept in my state. Last state to build two of these utopias is a rotten egg! I’ll be checking into this forum. Peace to the San Francisco Bay View.

  10. Darrell

    This website by its very nature is racist. Only buy from black business, support black causes, etc., Racism is alive and well here……


      RECIRCULATION OF BLACK EQUITY IS LIFE! Don’t listen to @Darrell y’all. He knows not what time it is.

      View: Black Wall Street Little Africa Tulsa, OK on you tube

      I just did. It will make you not want to listen to Darrell. All things we get from other communities we can provide for ourselves. It’s a little thing called Supply Chain Management.

      Also found a Not really with the chapters and dues b.s., especially when all that anyone of these utopias needs is properly placed land and blueprints.

      Last one to build two in their state is a rotten egg. See y’all at the top

  11. Nytoysha

    I'v been reading the comments from all these people and FYI the Tulsa race riots were real I'm from Tulsa Oklahoma I own a home off of pine street. all news papers and facts about this day were destroyed shortly after the riots. Oklahoma didn't want anything like this associated with the state. so called bible belt state go to YOUTUBE and look up TULSA RACE RIOT OR BLACK WALL STREET. These were the richest blacks in America the money circulated 21 times before it left the community many children didn't know anything about racism because you didn't have to leave the community for anything. See for your self this was all very real !!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH THIS WAS REAL!!!!

  12. HAKEEM

    Very insightful and touching piece of history. This is my take: As callous and evil as what "they" did was and still do, we cannot remain broken or complacent. We are a strong people! Let's bring back Black Wall Street. Maybe not at a particular location and why not? We need to embrace more of entrepreneurial opportunities and make a conscious effort to patronize black owned businesses. The black race is not confined to the back seat for eternity: We need to change our conversation, read more books outside of the classrooms, be more open minded and strive for success in our chosen professions.

  13. Jeri

    How tragic! First of all – because it happened and so many innocent people were killed, injured or permanently scarred and second – because we never were told about this very real event in our history. I am 59 years old, live two hours from Tulsa and I am white. i am absolutely appalled that I never knew this sad history. America should be ashamed. We (Americans) are outraged when we hear about the genocide occurring in 3rd World Countries and yet, we have never admitted that this happened. Thank you for enlightening me.

  14. HghrReality"WISDOM"

    It is spoken of in all of the holy books of the world ( That have not been purposefully misinterpreted to fit the "WHITE MANS" ways ) that there would be a BEAST man who would infiltrate "HUMANITY", Gods people, and cause great destruction and grief upon the lands. It speaks of the BEAST being cast out into the mountains and caves because of there inhumane, "Neanderthal" ways. It was spoken in the great books of the world that this beast would break free of this strong hold in time, and would break down the great gate built by Gods angels. God describes this beast as being hairy with long, wolf like nails, in which directly coincides with researchers perception of what the ancient Neanderthal was and still is. It is proven that only non "Aficans", all non "Africans", still have Neanderthal DNA. This is proof that Blacks are the original people, and we are not the same as the white man.

  15. HghrReality"WISDOM"

    It was spoken that the blacks would worship false gods and go through a great trial until we come back to our roots, and only then will the greatest of all human existence thrive and prosper once again. We are the most ancient and will be the last standing in the form of a tree stump, where the tree will be cut from the stump and the roots saved in order to begin a new journey for the real man. In tune with the universe once again will be Gods people, free of the Beasts of this horrid nation. I encourage all Blacks to get back to your roots, get back to your God, so that we can be uplifted and freed from our restrictive chains. Be free, read the BIBLE.

  16. Curtis

    As a Original man who knows his History and the history of others forced upon us, I find it sad that we as a people argue back and forth about something that factually happened. Regardless if there is financial compensation or not , Those were our Brothers and Sisters that are now dead because we were successfully beating others at their own game. To try to argue about it only diminishes what happened what took place and why. It isn't a debatable situation its a part of history to show us that we can not only become successful as a people but why we aren't today. The truth may not be out there as much as September 11, was but war stories are told by the winners. The ones who lost have to remember and teach their young without the media. Peace

  17. Mr. Muscles

    I have read this travesty of justice. My black people.We came out of slavery to a better way of life . Yes there is opposition but u cant win unless u beat ur apponent. We were tricked into slavery by r greedy chiefs n leaders. Sold for spices n guns n whatever was deemed worthy. We have n still r overcoming daily. Be good to n love each black man n woman undedstanding that it is a blessing n a priviledge to b alive n this era. Amen. God bless u n the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ .Amen Sincerely Mr..Muscles.

  18. jewelz

    @ Joe.. How sickening that you are trying to justify what happened. In your narrow point of view its difficult for you to comprehend the reality of what actually happened. 1000s of ppl killed an entire community destroyed. Left homeless. Their homes were looted. All their belongings that they worked hard for stolen & in your mind they must have done something to deserve this? Its the sick racist mindset like yours that is the reason racism is still alive today. How about a mob invade your home & steal your belongings & leave you and your family homeless would you be saying the same thing?

    & I dont understand why all you kkk members are on here rallying and pouring out nothing but hate. Must be Satan worshipers because a person that believes in God is not cold hearted. This should be not only devastating to african americans but all people

    1. Rhondayes

      It’s too much for them when their jealousy and racism is blatantly in their faces and provable. They’ve always sold themselves as the moral compass, honest, compassionate, and etc.

      They used the same trick they use every single time to bring us down and destroy our communities and progress. a white woman and rape. Why do the brothers have their faces in these womens faces? It destroys us all knowing this bitches lies set us back generational and not just for a minute.

  19. Haywood butler

    What I did know and never exposed to in my so called formal education!!! My children shared and their feelings of resentment.

  20. The Truth

    Not once did this article state that there was no black on black crime, it’s purpose is to shed light in the hate crimes due to race. A lot of blacks were viciously murdered in history because of the color of their skin so this shouldn’t be of any surprise to you, but wait you probably only read on race relations if it is concerning something negative towards the black race

  21. Rhondayes

    Sorry, I forgot to add, there are 2.3 MILLION people imprisoned; of them 770,000 are Black. Is that 90%? Well, if that part of your statement is a lie; the rest of it is therefore a lie. Have a good day.

  22. Rhondayes

    You want to sell those white girls as purity. when you all know how dirty and nasty and seeking of an orgasm those girls are. You sexualize your daughters and they began screwing from very young. Most of the time you all are screwing your daughters, then they are turned loose on society and you want to kill a guy for doing what 30 or 40 other have alread did. Your daughters are not pure. All you daughters want to do is rut in mud like a pig. That’s the truth. You want to blame a man for taking what is being offered to him. They don’t need to be raped…when they are giving it away. Now, that’s the truth. However, in the case of Black Wall Street. That was planned out of jealousy and envy by poor non-working whites. It wasn’t the first time and wouldn’t be the last. You can’t stand being beat by the black man. Hell you all were just being beaten, but whooped. They had private planes and were millionaires. You people were looting to take what was not yours, because you couldn’t earn it on your own.

  23. Cory

    I cannot believe that all these blatant Afro-centric lies are allowed to stay up. Negroes have never been able to do anything like this. It is lies created by negroids and Jews to make blacks seem human and white seem evil. I call bs on all of this.

  24. drumb47

    History is being distorted everyday by those who would do this again if they could get away with it. Now they use the prison systems.

  25. D

    It’s extremely important that we share our history and to never forget the constant injustice that we continue to experience. Please note I am highly educated and it’s disturbing to see the daily set backs that have intentionally been created by others. Education is the key to success. We can recreate Wall Street.

  26. Major Alexander Wilkes

    This is truly disappointing we must destroy deprivation of the OUR BLACK RACE. EDUCATE OUR YOUNG.

  27. Horace Cromwell

    I must do my part and uplift my community by being a positive role model in my community. I must make a change for the better.

  28. KING

    See the fact that people still feel the need to have the “racial hardship” battle and do a bunch of “but we go throught this and y’all did that to us” its all so ignorant and proves the quite frankly as of now THEY have won. The events of this day have served its purpose. Look I’m from a black community more affectionatly reffered to as the “hood” by most and let’s face it the black community ain’t just black anymore. A mexican family lives next door, an indian man owns the corner store. An asian woman owns the babershop doughnut shop and beauty supply but we still draw color lines. Forget where ur from color country religion and come to realize one great truth……. ther is GOOD and there is BAD……. that’s it. Everything else is just a desraction and a mothod used by a few to manipulate the masses. We all bleed the same we all cry the same and if ur good we all love the same. Bad people did this to good people. White people did not do it bad people did it. Its the racial focus that keeps us in that mintal jail that make us look at our neighbor as an enemy. Good people defied overwelming odds and started doing amazing good things. Bad people where threated by the power of unified good people and destroyed it. Now the lesson we need to take from this is the the incredible things we can accomplish as good people working together for good reasons. Not white people did us wrong. Don’t even describe anybody by race anymore just say that good dude over there or that bad guy passed by.


      You’ve coalesced to the fact these were bad people, no doubt, but your solution set to the activity of recirculating Black dollars seems to be non-existent. That is our focus. Calling out anyone’s argument as ignorant for identifying the race of a repeatedly offending attacker is like the sketch artist calling a serial rape victim ignorant for identifying a large facial tattoo on their attacker. It’s something blatant that should not be slept on. If you are feeling sleepy, this not the place to opine with those who are not. Seems you need a lesson in institutionalized power @KING. Being from the “hood” as you put out in quotes, you may or may not have been taught polity and its effect on black economy and esteem in America, depending on the time frame you went to school (color blindess was NOT taught in my schools, thank goodness). I’m a product of the 100‰”hood” (no latinos, no indians, no asians, no whites —dope, guns, 80′s Reagan baby), 100‰ “hood” schools(no soap, government cheese, no books), an HBCU graduate, and working on another degree at an ethnically diverse university as I type this. White people see color all day and night sir, even at the most diverse institutions/fields of study. I experience it from professor, classmates, job interviews, conferences etc. all day and night. They don’t try to hide it, and I don’t try to hide that I know every little detail about white institutionalized structure-play. Makes for easy conversation when they know you know who YOU are and who THEY are, and that you are not willing to serve them anything on the comfort coated platter they have accultured themselves to if it doesn’t belong there. White folk like talking to me about the Black experience, frankly sir, and that usually lead to those moments where you have to explain something to white people IN TERMS OF THEIR RACE. There’s no way around it. If you live long enough, you’re going to have to learn how to do it and get good at it. Color blindness is a luxury only the T.V. screen can stock on its shelves. You have to get with reality or not @KING. Power, in its legitimized and excercised form, DOES INDEED have a color, and decision sets are made from that power skeletonization everyday that affect you and our Black futures whether you see the Casablanca Lily colored jersey coming your way or not. Apathy about the “hood” condition can be any color. Lethargy about the “hood” condition can have any color. But you aren’t writing the erroneous history books in our “hood” schools @KING. Americanized white power is STILL carrying that out. In your words, bad white people. Who makes George Washington out to be a good man who could not tell a lie but owned more slaves than any president? Bad white people. Furthermore, since we’re talking the “hood”, we’re still not flying dope into our neighborhoods. Bad white people. Locking up our young men and women for selling the same stuff they give us. Bad white people. Went door to door through the 60′s to make sure all of our women were “independent” with no man in the home, creating record fatherless homes. President LBJ…bad white people. McDonalds, gunshops, and liquor stores on every corner….bad white people. We’re still not passing off bufoonery as our best and brightest artists and entertainers. That would be bad white people too. Where are the good white people @KING, because they obviously have ZERO effect on a modern-day “hood” existence. No other group seems to be photo-bombing our colorblind lives @KING except them, so let’s just sing the song that’s on the page. I am not waiting on good white people to build my local Black Wall Street.  Think about it. Don’t buy rims. Make a Black Wall Street.

  29. K. Ford

    This is beautiful, it’s very important that our children learn about our HISTORY. This brings tears to my eyes not because what happened but because of how strong our brothers and sisters were and still are. If we today can just be like those who paved away for us. If we could just be as strong as they were and stick together, my God what a blessing. Before I leave Tulsa, I just want to embrace place.

  30. Opk


  31. Patrick

    My black people please take the time to watch a documentary called hidden color 1,2,and now there is a part 3 it is a must see ….very enlighten pls watch!!!! You can find it on amazon


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