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Legendary prisoner ‘Mousy Brown’ perishes

May 7, 2012

by Kenneth G. Keel

Folsom Prison, California’s second oldest prison next to San Quentin, opened in 1880.
On March 24, 2012, Leonard “Mousy Brown” Fulgham passed away while in the custody and care of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

On April 9, 2012, a memorial service for Mousy Brown was held at the Folsom State Prison Greystone Chapel. Everyone in attendance would agree that the event was a dignified tribute for a legendary man. The obituary pointed out in part: “Mousy’s formative years occurred during the period known as the Black Power Struggle and the Civil Rights Movement … Moreover, it should be noted that this brother never forgot his identity or obligation to our ethnic culture or its youth. This man’s presence will forever be felt, missed and recognized by the masses!”

During his prime, body-building was at the top of Mousy Brown’s long list of accomplishments. Before becoming California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with Franco Colombo, filmed a documentary about inmate body-building routines behind prison walls. Mousy Brown was a major part of that documentary.

During the past few years, Mousy Brown waged a tireless battle to regain his good health, to no avail. Despite knowing the nature and extent of Mousy’s medical condition, CDCR officials refused to grant him a compassionate early release to spend his final hours with his loved ones.

Rick James in 1996, the year he left prison
Following is an excerpt from an interview conducted at Old Folsom Prison. Interviewer Johnny Echols: “Question: What was your relationship with Rick James? Were you his protector or just a real friend?” Mousy Brown’s response: “I walked the Folsom prison yard with Rick James from the very first day I met him. Among all of the other prison inmates, Rick James took a special interest in me from day one. He noticed right away that I was a visionary, an advanced thinker with repartee communication who handled myself much better than most of the other prison inmates.

“Next, I am the founder of the Kumi African Nation Organization (also known as 415). … During all of the time that Rick James and I spent together conversing, I became his combination of things. I was his confidant, body-building trainer, right-hand supporter and very close friend. As far as protector goes, since I was a well-known convict throughout the California prison system, it came with the territory of Rick James and I hanging together each day of prison life.”

Rest in Peace, Mousy Brown! And our deepest condolences are expressed to his family members, friends and associates.

Send our brother some love and light: Kenneth Keel, D-12127, FSP 5-C1-38, P.O. Box 715071, Represa CA 95671-5071.


21 thoughts on “Legendary prisoner ‘Mousy Brown’ perishes

  1. Malaika H Kambon

    8 May 2012

    A Warrior's Heart and Spirit; a Warrior's Mind and Soul

    I knew Mousy Brown.

    I just found out yesterday, by reading the above article, that Mousy Brown's physical being had gone.

    Mousy was a Warrior of the People, a person who redefined the word courage, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He fought the Klan in his native West Virginia with the same vehemence as he fought the systemic racism, the 1880 slave mentality of genocide surrounding him, the mind numbing isolation of solitary confinement, and the sadistic pigs of plantation Old Folsom and other u.s. gulags.

    Through it all, he was particularly good at mentoring young AFRIKAN Men who were at risk, and good at protecting – teaching young AFRIKANS and others how to survive the prison plantation(s) without losing their humanity. He knew everyone, and knew people everywhere; and the pigs in all prisons knew that he was not someone to be trifled with, such that they repeatedly attempted to set him up to be killed, to no avail.

    More than once he came to court to testify on behalf of other prisoners. Numerous were the times when, as an accomplished jail house lawyer, he help other prisoners with their court cases. With the utmost resistance and perspicacity, he fought his own legal battles in courts.

    And because of this, because he was nobody's fool, because he was a strong AFRIKAN Man; several times he found himself blocking the weapons of the pigs as his cell doors were allegedly 'accidentally' popped open at strange hours; or he was so-called 'inadvertently' released onto an all white exercise yard where he had to battle for his life.

    All who truly knew him knew that he did not suffer fools and fakers to be around him, that his word was impeccable, his loyalty to his friends and comrades unshakeable, was deadly serious about his commitments, and knew that he had the most profound love for true unity.

    He was one of the rare few who had actually met and lived around Comrade George Jackson; who actually knew Comrade George Jackson before he became famous as well as after.

    He reached out to me and he didn't have to. He helped me through some extremely difficult times, when no one else would, could, or gave a damn to care. He was there for me when other pretenders, idiots, and useless wastes of flesh sought to make my life miserable in the midst of deep tragedy, while I fought both the pigs and the state after they murdered my Loved One. Mousy Brown has always had, has now, even unto death; and always will have my deepest and most profound regard, and my utmost respect, forever.

    My condolences to those of his family who actually cared about him.

    And to this evil u.s. government that caused him to perish, and has created – via genocide and its illegal 13th Amendment – the systemic enslavement into which he was illegally cast: you have my supreme and utter implacability, dedicated unswervingly to your demise. You have incurred and engendered this AFRIKAN'S sore disfavor, and have earned my very coldest regards.

    To all who caused him grief, may you live in interesting times.

    Thank you Leonard A "Mousy Brown" for being there for me, and for being a Warrior for the People.


    1. turtle

      i was mousys cell mate in folsom prison from 2001 till december 2003 and i knew him very well he was a father to me

    2. deasymoney41510

      Hey yall I just wanTed to say that I too was very close to mousey as well. He would walk and talk with me everyday and give me advise. just a good brotha period. My heart bleeds this and I will never forget my teacher, my friend. forever forever 415

    3. Malik Ali

      Peace to AFRIKAN sister who has a heart that bleeds for her comrades…especially the most interesting Man that has saved many.. who were able to come into true revoultionary thought. I am one of those individuals who have the teachings and wisdom of the Late Great Mousy Brown… Power to the People..especially my love ones that are still fighting an very unfair fight ….but still and always remain victorious!!!… 415

  2. Malaika H Kambon

    Slight correction:
    The last sentence should read – "Thank you Leonard Arthur "Mousy Brown" Fulgham for being there for me, and for being a Warrior of and for the People."

  3. turtle

    - "Thank you Leonard Arthur "Mousy Brown" Fulgham for being there for me, and for being a Warrior of and for the People." forever and forever ….may you rest in peace.your son turtle….- "Thank you Leonard Arthur "Mousy Brown" Fulgham for being there for me, and for being a Warrior of and for the People."

  4. turtle dubb

    warm greetings to all my loved ones as i exspress the great pain i feel about our beloved leader and brother mousy brown….even as we loose him we must continue to move forward with our positive sought goals already implemented by mouse….straight forward and togethether,….forever,and forever

  5. Campy

    It's almost been a year to date that we celebrate your homecoming my brother. I can remember us threw the most challenging times we spent in Deuel Vocational Institution(DVI). More than just a cellmate, you became my brother and right hand.. From the years of 1985 to 1995 we lived so close we literally finished each other sentences. I love you MB… Big CampyDo loves you and you will be missed..

  6. cr

    So sorry to hear about the passing of our beloved founder Mousy Brown. I never got a chance to meet you but heard so many good things about you. May the Kumi father rest in peace. Cr


    Beloved Comrades ,Remain Resolute, Continue To Strive Forward, and Stay Focused. FOREVER,FOREVER 2013 ALIVE!!! your BROTHA ,HASIMU (note:

  8. gypsi

    My heart truely bleeds more than ever, You will always be with us , always and four….n'ne moja tano….we love you Mousy B…..your love one, Osama Bin Smashin

  9. dedicated hosting

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable information to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.|

  10. malik ali

    415.. this is Comrade M.Ali.. down here in LA.. trying to get in touch.. hit me ASAP..On the #17 I need to hear from my rad's..hit me… REST IN PEACE.. Mousy.. from my sponser Kharizma out of San Jose and Little Daddy out of the town..those are my nit tight brothers who are still fighting the beauitful struggle inside the plantation..


    I will Live & I will Die,but we will Live 4EVER..
    THANK YOU, your efforts are very much appreciated, our overall plan objectives and goals have not been forgotten as long as there’s blood pumping through my bleeding heart I will continue to push this organization in the direction of your dreams. forever and ever 415 K-nation.
    I know the struggle starts with me I need to continue to be a standing pillar in my community a productive father for my children instilling in them love peace justice respect and solidarity while displaying myself integrity morals values knowledge unity motivation intelligence


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