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Africans in Israel attacked by Zionist government and racist mobs

June 25, 2012

Migrants from Sudan and Eritrea beaten, robbed and threatened with deportation

by Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire

A little African boy waves Israeli flags to ward off Israeli racism.
Since late May the rising animosity toward African migrants in Israel has reached a boiling point. After months of anti-African speeches in the Knesset and the cabinet of Binyamin Netanyahu, mobs began to attack Sudanese, Ethiopians and Eritreans in south Tel Aviv.

People were beaten on the streets, and their businesses were looted amid calls for the banning and deportations of Africans. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians have likened migrant workers and small businesspeople from Africa to a “cancer” within society.

On June 4 four people were taken to a hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation after their home was firebombed in Jerusalem. The arson attack took place at 3:00 a.m. in a two-story building in a poor neighborhood close to the Mahane Yehuda market (, June 4).

It was reported that about 18 people lived in the building where the fire was started in a narrow entrance corridor. Outside the building, racists had painted, “Get out of the neighborhood.”

Violence given official support

These attacks against African migrants are by no means spontaneous but are taking place within a broader political context. The state of Israel, founded on the racist and imperialist notions of entitlement to the land of Palestine, has for decades engaged in massacres, imprisonment and forced removals of the Arab population.

On May 23 a rally in Tel Aviv of 1,000 people was addressed by several leading Israeli politicians, many of whom are members of the ruling Likud Party of Netanyahu. The speakers, accusing African migrants of criminal activity and of taking employment opportunities from Israelis, worked the crowd into an agitated state.

Likud Member of Parliament Miri Regev told the crowd: “The infiltrators are a cancer in our body. The infiltrators must be expelled from Israel! Expulsion now!” (Press TV, May 29).

Later mobs carrying sticks and stones began to rampage through areas populated by African migrants. The crowds shouted, “Blacks Out!” and “Infiltrators, get out of our homes.”

In addition to the vandalism and looting of shops operated and frequented by Africans, two men sitting in a vehicle were assaulted while their car was smashed up. The mobs claim that Africans have disrupted their lives and neighborhoods by threatening Israeli women with sexual assaults and stealing.

An Israeli offers food to African migrants in Tel Aviv June 4.
Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai told the army radio station in an interview, “We must put all these infiltrators behind bars in detention and holding centers, then send them home because they come and take work from Israelis.”

It has been estimated that up to 60,000 African migrants have entered the state of Israel from Egypt since the collapse of the Hosni Mubarak regime 15 months ago. The migrants say they are fleeing the unstable political situations in Sudan and the Horn of Africa where drought, food deficits and Western-backed internal conflicts have created massive dislocation of civilian populations.

On June 3 the Israeli government put into effect a law passed by the Knesset in January that allows for the detention of African migrants for up to three years. Israeli officials say the new law will both discourage migration and provide a legal mechanism for the detention and mass deportation of Africans.

After the mob attacks on May 23, Netanyahu stressed, “The problem of the infiltrators must be solved and we will solve it.” Interior Minister Yishai, who is a member of another right-wing party, the ultra-orthodox Shas, said that the Africans are a threat to the character of Israeli society.

“The infiltrators, along with the Palestinians, will quickly bring us to the end of the Zionist dream. We don’t need to import more problems from Africa,” Yishai said in reference to the burgeoning economic problems in Israel which have sparked demonstrations over the last year by the settler population.

Israel is feeling the impact of the world economic crisis. The Israeli state is based upon the maintenance of a settler population, sustained by government subsidies for housing and social welfare needs. With the overall decline in the manufacturing and service sectors, unemployment and lack of housing have created tensions between the settler population and their government based in Tel Aviv.

Yishai also said of the Africans, “Most of those people arriving here are Muslims who think the country doesn’t belong to us, the white man.” Another right-wing politician, Aryeh Eldad, encouraged the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to shoot on sight Africans attempting to cross the border into the Zionist state (Reuters, June 3).

Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai said of the Africans, “Most of those people arriving here are Muslims who think the country doesn’t belong to us, the white man.”

There are already detention facilities for migrants on the border with Egypt that are overflowing with inmates. Reports indicate that these prisons where migrants are held prior to deportation can house up to 5,000 people.

Nonetheless, the Israeli government approved the construction of another prison for migrants last year. The prison was approved at the same time that plans were made to build a $167 million fence on the border with Sinai, ostensibly to keep out African immigrants as well as revolutionaries who may be engaging in attacks against the Israeli state.

Continuing the legacy of racism and forced removals

Many longtime observers of the state of Israel are not surprised at the latest outbreak of violence against African migrants. Although the rationale for such attacks is supposedly based on the lack of legal immigration documents by Africans from Sudan and Eritrea, similar acts of discrimination are carried out against Ethiopian Jews who were airlifted into the settler state during the 1980s.

African children rally to stay in Israel. – Photo: PressTV
A drought and famine struck the country in 1984-85, during the Ethiopian Revolution. The Soviet Union supplied planes to relocate people to areas where relief could be provided while the Israeli government targeted the Ethiopian Jewish population for immigration to occupied Palestine.

However, these Ethiopians have suffered discrimination since arriving in Israel. Evidence of such racism occurred during the mob violence in Tel Aviv on May 23, when Hananya Vanda, a Jewish Israeli of Ethiopian origin, was attacked by racists who later said they “did not know he was Jewish” (Gulf Today, June 4).

Nearly 65 years after the establishment of the Zionist state, millions of Palestinians remain in refugee camps in and outside of their national homeland. The United States government and ruling class subsidizes the Israeli rulers with billions of dollars in annual aid as well as sophisticated military and intelligence equipment and technologies.

The state of Israel serves as the most important outpost for U.S. imperialism in the Middle East. Last year at the United Nations General Assembly, President Barack Obama urged the Palestinian Authority not to seek recognition as a legitimate state and to return to the negotiating table with Israel. Since the failed Oslo Agreements, no progress has been made in these negotiations in nearly two decades.

The Palestinian enclave of Gaza remains the largest open-air prison in the world. The IDF periodically engages in aerial strikes on the people of Gaza, killing civilians on a near-daily basis.

The elimination of racism and discrimination in Israel will not take place until the territory is liberated from U.S.-backed Zionist rule. The entire political and economic fabric of the state is based on oppression and exploitation. The recent instances of racist violence directed against African migrants provide an even greater opportunity for unity between the Arab and African populations throughout the region.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan-African News Wire, can be reached at Pan-African News Wire, the world’s only international daily pan-African news source, is designed to foster intelligent discussion on the affairs of African people throughout the continent and the world.

Sign the petition

Nunu Kidane of Priority Africa Network writes: “This petition has been put together by organizations working on immigrants’ rights and racial justice – among them the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and Priority Africa Network. We ask you to sign it in support of the refugees and asylum seekers who are under racist attack in Israel. The petition is available at this link:

“And you can also get updates and information on the situation from this blog site:”


23 thoughts on “Africans in Israel attacked by Zionist government and racist mobs

  1. Renaldo Ricketts

    I don't expect anything less from the nazionist state it was created on a land grab.Their racism is blatant and obvious. This is a manufactured society fueled by billions of US foreign aid. Think, these were the people who captured Mandela for the racist regime in S.Africa ,what does that say about their concept of Black people. The Oppenheimers who financed Hitler's war machinary in WWII control the diamonds around the world,do we need proof as to where Israel stands on race? Follow the diamond minds of death and we'll see the true demons emerge from the desert. Where do you thik the money comes from in the Oppenheimer Fund.. The Nazionist state is a death camp for Palestinians they murder them in Gaza with impunity,. The nazionsit doesn't want peace,he wants to con trol and kill in the name of profits.

  2. Roni Hachacham

    If it's so bad in Israel what are you looking for there? Look for your fortune in other african and arabs country/

    1. Jake

      You are a blatant idiot and no absolutely nothing about the middle east. Arabs do not like Africans and they would probably face a worse life then in Israel and this author is a scum journalist and also is clueless as to how anything actually is he just loves his own opinion and imposes it on others through his work which is no different than one who writes a tabloid with no factual basis

    1. Selina

      The South Africans should run the F-ing Oppehiemers out of SA take the diamond mines back and force those Cavedwell'in Basterds back into Isreal

  3. Jamal A Tullock

    Zionist Israeli racists and White Supremacist Nazi racists are like two very ugly narcissists competing to hold the same mirror.
    One is about as beautiful as an alligator and the other is as pretty as a crocodile, when you consider the rapacious and sociopathic ambitions that both cultures reflect in common.

    So, should one finally devour the other, one can no more pity the victim than one can praise the victor because each, following the nature of a predator, will find its appropriate justice.

    And though one can and should sympathize with the many unwitting victims who have become casualties of the intrigues of those monsters among their races who hunger for power, competing to cast the same ugly reflection upon the world, and ensnaring everyone in their trap.

    The Zionist exploitation of the Holocaust to confuse the conscience of anyone who speaks out against the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the unreal State of Isreal is the worst affront to those who echo such sentiments as, "never again," or "never forget."

    Clearly, Zionist "Israel" has forgotten exactly what it was that so many Jews fled from Europe into Palestine to escape. Ironic for a people whose track record of *keeping records* spans over 3,000 years.
    Now, the greatest threat today's Jews seem to suffer from as a people is a dangerously Selective Amnestic Disorder.

    Apparently, the "Israeli" Zionists are hoping their self-inflicted dementia will become contagious enough to share with those less chosen than themselves.

    Apparently, the identity-theft of a deceased nation of Israel–this Zionist occupation of Palestine–is justified by the holocaust and the emotions they can extort from an ironically tragic moral windfall to sew and exploit moral confusion and suspend outrage.

    Perhaps the colonies of Zion are merely honoring an ancient Hebrew tradition that says, "we've been wronged and that makes us right!" What's good for the Goy is not always good for the Jew?
    When it comes to atrocity, injustice, and persecution, one has to appreciate their classically unique talent for introducing relativity into the equation.

    But then again, these people wrote the book on passive martial aggression; on how to patent "persecution," hoarding all rights to being "THE victim" while victimizing others. To invert social consciousness and subvert the sovereignty of true nations.

    Israel was a bastard nation when it was first stolen 3000 years ago from Canaan and it is an abomiNation, today, as it returns to strike once more against the sovereignty of Palestine.

    And, so, from the people who gave us the saying, "there's nothing new under the sun," comes one more self-fulfilling prophesy: the State of Israel.

    For a people eternally chained to a dead covenant, manipulated by an eternal Messianic obsession, there can never be anything new under the sun, because Zionism creates time travelers whose only destination can be the past.

    There is something absurd about the concept of Anti-Semitism, itself, because even among Semitic peoples, Hebrews only make up 25%. The concept acts to exclude its own ethnic majority so as to classify "the Jew" as being most salient among Semitic peoples (as among the vast "un-chosen" majority of non-Jewish people). It seems their own actions would judge them to be Anti-Social. Their version of Anti-Semitism is a clever sophism that works to conceal their own hand in the mischief that ultimately befalls them and everyone around them.

    Considering that "the sins of the father will be revisited upon the sons (up to for generations)," it seems these sons of Abraham are hell-bent on revisiting those sins upon themselves in perpetuity by repeating the same mistakes until it reaches the point that it must seem as if God has truly handed them over to their enemy.

    This "Zionist dream" is a viscous cycle that should have ended with Ancient Israel when the Romans finally shut it down. "Old habits die hard" but it is sad to see how many innocent people are left to suffer and to die that much harder. When they finally get what they asked for, everyone–innocent and guilty, alike–is forced to reap what a few of them have sewn.

    Maybe it is time to break the nomadic cycle of wandering through desert and diaspora in search of an eternally illusive "promised land" which has only vexed the Hebrews for 3 millennia and recognize the world is the promised land of all humanity. Appreciate where you are and come back to your greater human family. We should LEARN from the past, not RETURN to it! Get with the times and maybe you'll finally inherit something other than humiliation and exile.

    1. Renaldo Ricketts

      Jamal you're ion the money you've putnteh beastly zionist in proper perspective .Anyone who critique Israel is labeled anit semite ,the holocaust remnants carrid over 50yrs later. Nice PR ANGLE . Israel doesnt want peace, if you want a good perpective on the middle east read Carter's book. He brings the argument fullcircle and exoplains why th JEWS donlt want peace.

    2. Mark

      You are a stupid liberal and if you went to gaza they'd decapitate you just as fast as an Israeli and you claim to be on they're side. What a fool you are it's honestly disgusting how little you know but claim to

      1. Jamal A Tullock

        I’m a stupid, ignorant liberal because I decry the crimes of Israel?

        I do not believe in such documents as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion because I know them to be fraudulent.
        As was Henry Ford’s, “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem,” which was inspired by the aforementioned forgery and which greatly inspired Adolf Hitler’s genocidal fury.

        I am neither ignorant nor stupid, nor liberal (in my opinion, being Black does not afford me the luxury of choice in my political affiliation).
        You might try “radical” ( a word that is receiving a lot of bad press by the bad press we call the mainstream media).

        I think people would do well to know what they are dealing with in the Middle East.
        It was the ancient, then-reigning European empire of the day that expelled ‘Jews’ from their homeland, plundered the temple and disbursed them out into the world.

        Israel ceased to exist at that point and Jews were exiled into the many global enclaves of the Jewish Diaspora, which exists today as a general term for any community or family in the world that can claim descent from these ancient people.
        Most Jews with sense and with a conscience do not support this modern day Frankenstein called Israel, which is not Israel.

        This European colony of people who exploit the sympathies of those who decry the holocaust (Shoah, or whatever you want to call it) are not the people of antiquity. They have no more claim to that land than the Palestinians who now inhabit the land.
        If anything, you might say that if inhabitants of Palestine could claim descent from Ishmael (maybe not all of them, but how can all Hebrews claim descent from Abraham?), they might have a biblical claim to that land. But I don’t want to frustrate too many Christian and Jewish conservatives who can’t stand it when people think, so, I’ll drop it.

        Ancient Judea and Israel no longer exist. Anything baring those names is a fraud.
        Israel is dead.

        The people who were used to colonize Palestine today were sent there to do just what they are doing now and that is to destabilize the region and give the Europeans who destroyed their homeland, persecuted them for 2,000 years and then sent them back there after the holocaust, a firm, stubborn, and aggressive tentacle in that oil-rich region to do their dirty work.
        And like the obstinate fools they’ve always proven themselves to be, there they go.

        They didn’t just show up there, either. They were backed by British and American guns so as to establish themselves in Palestine by force and proclaim it to be Israel.
        I am personally embarrassed for them and am somewhat ashamed to say that I could claim any descent from these people.

        It is a shame the way they treat Africans who fall for wiles of the Zionist cult and try to join them in their delusional, Messianic insanity. It will always backfire.

        It is no secret how anyone with darker skin is treated in this unholy land. It is a crime what they did to Ofra Haza, who loved Israel with every fiber of her being.

        No one seems to remember what the CIA was established to do and what events coincided with the formation of Israel. You hear the hubris of this “dictator” or that one in proclaiming his determination to wipe Israel off the map and you forget that Israel was never on the map!

  4. Renaldo Ricketts

    The truth about Israel is never printed in the main stream media, the Jewish mob AKA Nazionist circumvent the truth about the status of African in their country of aparthei, they are indeed segregationiast with a bonifide racist agenda. The Israeli lobbyist in this country are powerful bag men with millions of dollars to secure Nazionism rarely is the truth expose in this country,the genocidal practices usually goes unreported as the trecherous regine continue to kill and maligned Africans who live there.

  5. fallana biqa

    When will justice ever prevail for the black man who has suffered a terrible deal of injustice at the hands of “whites” &”Arabs” ? ,i would love to see all the global oppressors being divinely punished for their wickedness and racism towards the sons & daughters of Ham who have commited no crime other than to have a black skin.jewish religion was corrupted by zionism long time ago likewise the christian faith was corrupted by zionism and as a result we have seen wickedness & racism which words could marely describe that has led to untold suffering of black brothers and sisters.The devil is trying to do with islaam what they did with christianity & judaism,by infiltrating the ‘ignorant’ muslims into establishing an alliance with them,hence we can clearly see beyond the shadow of doubt that the bloody massacre of innocent black people in Libya with impunity is a direct result of that alliance that our Lord most high prevented muslims from establishing with the zionists .But a time will most certainly come when justice shall prevail over oppression when falsehood will be defeated and will give way for the truth to establish authority,when power that today rests today in the foundations of disbelief will be destroyed and in its place replaced by power that rests on foundation of faith (like during the reign of prophet suleiman A.S),then at that time we can anticipate the sons & daughters of Ham who have long been oppressed and subjugated by the ‘white ‘ zionists and its agents in arab land notably wahhabi saudi arabia,qatar and most recently the shameles slaughter of black muslims and non muslims alike by the servents of zionists in libya ,to finally get justice and thus history will end in this world after the return of son of marry with glad tidings for all descendants of Ham inshaalah

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