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Toward racial peace in all prisons

January 27, 2013

by Spoon Jackson

The call for racial peace came from Pelican Bay SHU – the hole – and I read about it in the San Francisco Bay View, where my poem “Go On” was published. I think that was a brave, human and needed call for racial harmony. Since I’m a believer in peace and realness – one people, one race – I must echo their cry and add my voice to the chorus. I think it is a call all peace groups around the world, inside and outside of prisons, would welcome.

Spoon Jackson's writing class at New Folsom Prison
Spoon Jackson’s writing class at New Folsom Prison
I always tell my creative writing classes that you must stand up for what is human, true and real. You must stand up for how we want our children, parents, grandparents and spouses to live. Who would want loved ones to live in violence anywhere on the planet? It is a call to peace, love, growth, truth and harmony. No one wants to see their sons or daughters in a bloody pool on the sidewalk or in someone’s back or front yard, or in some prison yard or cell.

We must pay the peace call forward. We must call for racial peace among all prisons, not only in California, but around the world. It is said you know society by its prisons, and if they are a microcosm of society, it is time to make harmonious change inside, and perhaps peace will spill over to the free world. We can hold peace and love in our hearts like a sunset, ocean breeze or soft bird’s song.

In my family, there are many colors and cultures. One of my grandmothers was half Caddo Indian. I have brothers married to Asian, Mexican, White, Native American and Black. I appreciate them all and I am happy my family is like it is.

It is said you know society by its prisons, and if they are a microcosm of society, it is time to make harmonious change inside, and perhaps peace will spill over to the free world.

I have shared the call for peace article with Blacks, Browns and Whites. This call may translate to the streets, if only to affect a few people, a few youngsters. It is time to embrace each moment and repeat Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Ghandi and John Lennon said about unconditional peace.

I cannot sit idle as a poet and artist while brothers of all colors in the hole call for racial peace and not echo those thoughts, vibes, hopes and wishes. We are all human beings and something that affects one of us touches all of us. Nothing human is foreign to any of us.

Send our brother some love and light: Spoon Jackson, B-92377, CSP-SAC C3-119, P.O. Box 290066, Represa CA 95671. This story first appeared in the SJRA Advocate for December 2012, which also includes statements Spoon gathered from his comrades.


2 thoughts on “Toward racial peace in all prisons

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