1. Three. Free meals a day. Free rent. Free bed. Free clean clothes. Books at your disposal. Explain how that sounds like torture? You made choices to do what you wanted criminally so we made choices to find a way to rehabilitate. If that is possible. If it’s not then your right where you should be.

    • Pretty sure you are ignorant to whats really going on and you have been brainwashed but I will give you a few moments of my time to educate you and bring you out of your state of blind ignorance.

      When people are incarcerated, they lose their right to live in a free society, not their human rights and not their civil rights. Above all these are human beings. No one deserves to be tortured, starved, beat, deprived of mail, shower or human contact. No one deserves to have feces, spit, glass or metal in their food. No one deserves to be called nigger, spic or any other derogatory name by racist guards. This is what is happening in the prisons of America. Prisons are a part of the American economy. A prison boom occurred when industry and coal mining jobs left. Most prisons were built in rural areas and areas where white people needed jobs. This maintains supremacy and a separation of races. Laws are made to keep them full so a certain set of people can have jobs and that way there will be no complaints.

      In prison there is no rehabilitation, only punishment and torture. The three meals you talk about consist of slop and not enough to feed a child, sometimes rotten or with maggots. The medical care is given by doctors who flunked out of medical school or were fired due to negligence. Most people in prison are there because they made a bad choice due to poverty. I am not condoning criminal activity but dont be fooled by the thought that all these killers and psychos are running around in prison. Thats a very small percent. For the most part, prisoners do the right thing. The problem is they are involved in a system that wants to keep full like a hungry belly. Our prisons are full of people who should be in mental institutions which have largely been defunded. These people are thrown into solitary and abused by guards who have not a clue as how to deal with someone who has a mental issue so they abuse them.

      If you think all the jobs are overseas, you would be wrong. Many corporations like mcdonald, verizon, walmart, victoria secret are having prisoners work for them for free and giving a kickback to the states. Thats known as slavery and this is a huge part of the american economy. These same companies will not hire these men when they are free.

      Billions of dollars are made off prisoners family members by companies who monopolize the phone calls, commissary and even inmate monies. Prisoner families used to send the money directly to the prisons. Now you have to send it through a company who takes a cut off the top, then the prison takes a cut, then they prison and the company split the profits. They split the profits from the phone, commissary and anything that involves money transfer. Prison is more about making money then getting justice or rehabilitating a prisoner.

      Solitary confinement has no use other then to break a prisoner and destroy their mind. This is not a good concept and a sane person can become insane after only 15 days in solitary. Would you rather have someone returning to society mentally and physically broken by abusive racist guards or someone who is changed.

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