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Don’t miss ‘Picture Bayview Hunters Point’ at Bayview Opera House Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 18-21; it’s FREE!

Bayview Hunters Point is the soul of San Francisco. It’s changing but its history and heroes can’t be erased and must be celebrated. They are the foundation and inspiration for the thriving community we will rebuild. In “Picture Bayview Hunters Point,” a labor of love, says director Joanna Haigood, Zaccho Dance Theatre, a BVHP-based cultural treasure, performs that history and presents those heroes unforgettably. Bring everyone, especially the children and young people, to this lavish but free performance – inside and outside the Opera House.

Behind Enemy Lines

‘Progressive DA’ Larry Krasner, you said you’d overturn wrongful convictions; what about Mumia?

Oct 16, 2018

Given that Mumia’s next court hearing is on Oct. 29, two weeks away, many of us have felt that not enough attention has been paid to challenging Philadelphia’s widely hailed, new “liberal” District Attorney Larry Krasner. His deadly role in Mumia’s current legal proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas has not been understood by many Mumia supporters. We must pressure him to drop his opposition to Mumia’s current legal action aimed at giving Mumia new rights of appeal of his conviction.

Reports of National Prison Strike retaliation and repression slowly manage to emerge

Oct 16, 2018

Statement regarding the Nationwide Prison Strike of 2018 issued Oct. 15, 2018, by the Prison Strike Media Team. The extent of repression and retaliation by prison authorities against suspected participants in this year’s nationwide prison strike continues to emerge slowly. The National Lawyers Guild Prisoners’ Legal Advocacy Network (NLG-PLAN) has received additional details from 12 states.

In San Jose, the National Prison Strike is going down!

Oct 5, 2018

This prisoner-led strike is not only about their list of 10 demands; it’s a clear call for their human rights! This is no small feat – and it’s dangerous! These men and women are putting their lives on the line – for themselves and for us. The retaliation began weeks before the strike even began. Don’t think for one moment this isn’t also about us here on the outside. Most of us are complicit in the horrors that have taken place in our nation’s prisons.

Few prisoners strike at San Quentin

Oct 4, 2018

Few prisoners, if any, at San Quentin State Prison participated in what was reported to be the largest prisoner-led strike in United States history. There are many reasons for these prisoners’ lack of involvement. Most of the men imprisoned at San Quentin were unaware of the strike and the groups involved with it like Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and the Bay Area National Prison Strike Solidarity Committee.

Raw sewage spills at SF Bryant St. jail making prisoners sick – ‘rash, intestinal, lung’ problems reported

Oct 3, 2018

Raw sewage overflows since January 2017 at the San Francisco’s main 850 Bryant St. jail are making prisoners sick, according to a class action lawsuit asking for $150,000 or more in damages filed July 30 against the City and County of San Francisco, the Sheriff and other law enforcement personnel. The raw sewage spill was reported in the District Attorney’s Office in January 2017 but not in the jail.

Comrade Malik: Racism in the US is a symptom of capitalism
Physicians and medical students stand in solidarity with prison strikers
‘An execution date should not be scheduled’ for Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar)
‘It is in the service of God to inflict wrath on the evil doer,’ says Missouri prison nurse in the midst of unparalleled brutality and torture during National Prison Strike
Missouri prisoners protesting ad-seg restrictions in run-up to National Prison Strike shackled to iron bench
The deafening drumbeat of the unfree
Greg Curry: Black August at Ohio State Penitentiary
The old Dixie Boys in Florida still have that Jim Crow mindset
Heroic or heinous: The death penalty case of Thomas Porter
Pennsylvania prisoners launch boycott of new mail system privatized by prison profiteers
Plausible deniability and sinister bigotry ​inside ​Texas prisons
Smyrna 17: Trials of Delaware ‘riot leaders’ begin Oct. 8
Rashid: The prison struggle continues
Prison strike solidarity update: Solid Black Fist newsletter released as striking continues
Prison-assisted drug overdoses: Deadly K2 epidemic is spreading in Texas and many other state and federal prisons

News & Views

Congo in the abyss

Oct 17, 2018

On Feb. 12, 2018, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that there were 4.49 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Democratic Republic of Congo and 630,500 refugees in neighboring countries. The IDP population had nearly doubled in the previous year alone, mainly as a result of clashes and armed attacks. This week I spoke to Swiss Congolese historian and activist Bénédicte Kumbi Ndjoko about recent developments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Pacifica stands with Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Oct 16, 2018

Julian Assange could have turned his cyber-genius into a multi-billion dollar tech empire like Mark Zuckerburg’s, but instead he devoted himself to peace and justice by exposing the machinations of state, corporate and oligarchic power. For that he’s spent the last six years of his life as an asylee, in effect a political prisoner, inside Ecuador’s London Embassy. “The Julian Assange case is a key case for freedom of the press,” and the Pacifica National Board voted to stand with Wikileaks and Assange.

The Kanye conflict over the slavery exception clause: Amending the amendment that ‘abolished’ slavery

Oct 14, 2018

Kanye West has never been afraid to speak out even if what he had to say wasn’t in line with popular opinion. Kanye saying slavery was “a choice” offended many people by degrading the lives of the millions of people who suffered for centuries as slaves. Recently, at the White House, Kanye sprinkled some gold gems in with the foolishness, especially his statement about the 13th Amendment, which did not abolish slavery, not in prison. I refuse to reject the help when entertainers like Kanye West join prisoners in advocating for prisoners’ rights.

Media silent as Navy digs 1,280 radiological objects from Treasure Island

Oct 12, 2018

At the March 2018 Treasure Island Restoration Advisory Board meeting, remediation project manager Dave Clark “recollected” that, between 2006 and 2016, the Navy unearthed 1,280 radiological objects, one for every two residents. By contrast, on Sept. 13, San Francisco Chronicle reporters announced the “startling” discovery at Hunters Point of a single “radium deck marker about the size of a silver dollar” near condos on 75-acre Parcel A, which was transferred to the city in 2004 – startling because “contamination … was cleaned up years ago.”

San Francisco names Bay View newspaper a Legacy Business

Oct 8, 2018

On Sept. 24, our San Francisco Bay View newspaper was recognized as a Legacy Business by the San Francisco Historical Preservation Commission and Small Business Commission. This is quite significant! This status, which honors enterprises with 30 or more years of community service, means additional city and county support, education and promotional assistance to maintain their neighborhood’s traditions and excellence.

Hosted by the Center for Youth Wellness, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Bayview Hunters Point parents discuss how early adversity affects the brains and bodies of children
If cannabis is legal in California, why are so many Black-owned cannabis businesses considered illegal?
Radical Black organization calls on U.S. government to shut down U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)
Parents whose children were taken by CPS file to recall three Contra Costa judges; judges retaliate
Vote courage: Join Gloria Berry’s grassroots campaign for San Francisco District 10 Supervisor
The mid-term election
Hundreds of students at HBCU Fair gain sense of hope and head start for college admissions
San Francisco twins, 11, win OneUnited’s I Got Bank Youth Essay and Art contest
San Francisco’s new ‘Us v. Them’
Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man …
Parallels between national strikes, from prisoners in the US to teachers in Costa Rica
Race and cash in the Assembly 15 campaign: Jovanka Beckles breaks the mold
New report calculates the first unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated people: 27 percent, highest since Great Depression
Jovanka vs. Buffy: In Assembly District 15 race, it’s a choice between local roots and outside money
Hands off SF’s Sunshine Ordinance: Privacy proponents urge No on Prop B

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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October 18, 2018
Civic Center Block Party for all in front of City Hall 5:00 pm Civic Center Plaza, in front of City Hall, San Francisco CIVIC CENTER COMMONS INITIATIVE
October 18, 2018
San Francisco FOOD NOT BOMBS Thursday Food Share 6:00 pm 16th Street Mission station (2000 Mission St) San Francisco, CA 94110 We will share free hot food in the 16th & ... more>>
October 18, 2018
Black reSurgence!TV 7:00 pm Comcast Channel 76, Astoud 30 and ATT 99 In honor of yet another innocent Black Male who has ... more>>
October 18, 2018
Community Meeting: DIVISADERO - NCT & HOUSING 7:00 pm Third Baptist Church of SF, 1399 McAllister St, San Francisco, CA 94115 Community meeting with representatives from the SF Planning Dept. and ... more>>
October 18, 2018
ALICE WALKER: Taking the Arrow Out Of the Heart 7:30 pm First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 Alice Walker, author of the Prize-winning Novel, The Color Purple, ... more>>
October 18, 2018
Zaccho Dance Theatre: PICTURE BAYVIEW HUNTERS POINT 8:00 pm in, on and around the Bayview Opera House, 4705 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124 Zaccho Dance Theatre brings the dreams and aspirations of local ... more>>
October 19, 2018
THE HOMELESS EPIDEMIC: Impact on the African American Family and Communities 8:30 am California Endowment Center for Healthy Communities, 2000 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94612 In California, the homeless population is disproportionately African-American. In Los ... more>>
October 19, 2018
Stop the Sleep Deprivation — RALLY & COURT SOLIDARITY 9:00 am Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse, 501 I St., Sacramento, CA 95814 Defend Prisoner Human Rights!
Sleep deprivation is an internationally recognized ... more>>
October 19, 2018
INSIDER | OUTSIDER: Visionary Art BY, FOR, and ABOUT Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated People 12:00 pm Shelton Hall Gallery at Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave, Oakland, CA 94611 Featuring a variety of artwork collected by Oakland-based East Point ... more>>
October 19, 2018
Vigil - Mothers on the March Against Police Murders 12:00 pm Hall of InJustice 850 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA 94103 Vigil every Friday on the steps of the Hall of ... more>>
October 19, 2018
DREAMGIRLS - musical play that "drives audiences wild!" 7:00 pm Berkeley Playhouse 2640 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 It’s the fabulous ’60s, and Effie, Lorrell, and Deena ... more>>
October 19, 2018
An American Ma(u)l 8:00 pm Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Hilarious and scathing political satire pesented by Brava in association ... more>>
October 19, 2018
Zaccho Dance Theatre: PICTURE BAYVIEW HUNTERS POINT 8:00 pm in, on and around the Bayview Opera House, 4705 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124 Zaccho Dance Theatre brings the dreams and aspirations of local ... more>>

More than 500 years!

Oct 5, 2018

“MORE THAN FIVE HUNDRED YEARS … Of Afrikan Resistance! … MORE THAN FIVE CENTURIES … Of fighting for our Freedom! …
MORE THAN FIVE HUNDRED YEARS … Of building our revolutionary movements! … MORE THAN FIVE CENTURIES … Of Self-Determination and Reparations! … From my latest recording “500 YEARS OF AFRIKAN RESISTANCE!!!” © (P) Hotep Music ** Since Europe first attacked Alkebulan-Afrika more than five centuries ago and kidnapped and enslaved our people in Portugal and Spain, WE have resisted!

The last time I saw Bobbie ‘Spider’ Webb

Oct 4, 2018

It was Saturday, June 30. We were gathered in the courtyard of Midtown Garden Apartments. Bobby Webb carefully removed his sax from the black bag and took the stage. It didn’t take long for us to realize we were in the presence of a master virtuoso, immediately demonstrating his versatility. In retrospect, Bobbie (Spider) Webb may have been playing his own epitaph on that Saturday at the end of June. Less than three months later, Bobbie Webb left the world stage he had graced so brilliantly.

Wanda’s Picks for October 2018

Oct 3, 2018

It’s all about the ancestors, believe it or not. The invisible realm controls the outer. Those who believe in magic are in touch with reality – a truth, the initiated, those beings open to a creation story they participate in. Life is a collection of unedited stories; the end of a chapter does not mean the end of the book. With that said, the MAAFA Commemoration is upon us once again, celebrating its 23rd anniversary.

Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard’s Black Panther Memorial marks history

Oct 2, 2018

Elbert “Big Man” Howard died in Santa Rosa at the age of 80 on July 23. The memorial service was held on Aug. 25. Howard was one of six founding members of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. He was well known as one of the most instrumental members in many facets of organizing during his time with the party. The memorial was packed with original Panthers who shared candid stories of their time with Howard.

Standing in revolution: Laure McElroy joined the ancestors BlackAugust 31, 2018

Sep 29, 2018

“You were right, Tiny. Interdependence does work for us poor mamas.” My revolutionary poet, fellow welfareQUEEN at POOR Magazine and co-founder of Homefulness and KEXU radio Laure McElroy and I spoke quietly on the phone in the kind of intimacy befitting deep sister comrades like we were and had been for many years of deep struggle and deep resistance. Writing this today is so hard for me between tears and pain. I’m so unsure of how to go on without her love. On Sunday, Sept. 23, we held a multi-nationed tree-planting ceremony in Laure’s honor at Homefulness.

‘The Global Imagination of 1968: Revolution and Counterrevolution’
Wanda’s Picks September 2018
Cal Shakes’ stunning ‘War of the Roses’ closes Sept. 15
Tribute to Big Man: Action is supreme
Aretha Franklin, the radical Queen of Soul
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