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Friends of a pregnant woman killed by Hurricane Matthew carry her coffin through the rubble that remains of their homes in Jeremie, Haiti, on Oct. 7. – Photo: Dieu Nalio Chery, AP

Haiti needs us now! Donating to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) puts every dime in Haitian hands

On Oct. 4, Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, killing at least 1,000 people and leaving thousands without shelter or food. The hurricane has devastated the city of Les Cayes and many villages in the Southwestern part of the country. The torrential rains and winds have also hit the capital, Port-au-Prince. With massive flooding comes the increased danger of water-borne diseases, particularly cholera, which has already reached epidemic proportions. We ask that all friends of Haiti donate as much as you can to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.

Behind Enemy Lines

Hell on earth in Alabama: Inside Holman Prison

Oct 22, 2016
Fed-up Holman prisoners rose up like Nat Turner and rebelled on March 11, broadcasting their photos to the world. See more of their photos at

Since opening its doors on Dec. 15, 1969, Alabama’s William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama, has been a bastion of violence, fear, pain and baleful human suffering. A Holman inmate was stabbed during a four-way fight and another died of an apparent suicide less than two weeks after the Department of Justice launched an investigation into violence, sex abuse, overcrowding and other issues at Alabama’s prisons.

Censoring the Bay View shows how much master fears a revolt

Oct 20, 2016
Before the hunger strikes and the Ashker settlement ended indefinite solitary confinement in California and released nearly everyone from solitary into general population, artists in solitary played a major role in the movement. This is by one of the best and most prolific. – Art: Michael D. Russell, C-90473, HDSP D3-20, P.O. Box 3030, Susanville CA 96127

I recently received a form that was generated by the California City Correctional Facility administration. This form notified me that I would not be allowed to read my Bay View newspaper this month. While this may seem like a clear constitutional violation, CDCR has stipulated by law that no inmate may possess any literature “which contains or concerns plans to disrupt the order, or breach the security, of any facility.”

Nationwide epidemic of suicide in solitary: Solitary confinement is murder!

Oct 16, 2016
“Stop isolating suicidal people” was a major message delivered by hundreds of protesters who traveled from around California to the infamous California Institute for Women (CIW) state prison near Los Angeles to protest conditions that have caused a spate of suicides and for a vigil in remembrance of recent victims. – Photo: California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP)

This year at Holman in Atmore, Alabama, there have been five suicides in its segregation unit – more suicides or homicides than in its population. The latest was a mentally ill young man in his 20s. The conditions in the Administrative Segregation housing wings at the H.H. Coffield Unit located at Tennessee Colony, Texas are horrible, and these conditions have driven prisoners to suicide, approximately 13 deaths just this year! We need the broadest exposure of this horrifying trend.

Michigan prisoners rise up!

Oct 15, 2016

Not since the 1980s, when the state of Michigan simultaneously ratcheted up “tough on crime” laws and eliminated good time credits, have Michigan’s prisons been so overcrowded and seething with so much discontent. Crammed into overcrowded prisons, underfed, denied proper medical care and programming while forced to work for declining slave wages as commissary prices rise, no wonder Michigan prisoners are rising up! The only question is, Why did it take so long?

More guards quit Alabama’s Holman Prison as Justice Dept. prepares to investigate Alabama prisons

Oct 8, 2016
Cell phones enable prisoners to break the media ban and reveal conditions and events in prisons, the most censored places in the U.S. FAM is showing the way.

At Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama, only two officers reported for work for the second shift Saturday, Oct. 8. Officers confess being fed up with Gov. Robert Bentley’s putting their very lives in jeopardy simply to further his political agenda of institutionalizing Alabama with plans for new state-of-the-art prisons. The officers at Holman are walking off the job and refusing to come back to work after filing grievance after grievance concerning the ill treatment of prisoners, overcrowding and forced slave labor.

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News & Views

Countdown to Congo’s election: A tale of youth power and a regime decline

Oct 23, 2016
During an opposition rally in Kinshasa on Sept. 19, Congolese protest President Kabila’s decision to delay elections, furious at his attempt to cling to power. – Photo: Eduardo Soteras, AFP

On Sept. 19, 2016, widespread protests took place across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Congolese population sent a clear message to President Joseph Kabila that he had only 90 days left to vacate the presidency because his last of two presidential terms expires on Dec. 19, 2016. President Joseph Kabila has made it clear to the Congolese people that he is bent on holding onto power by any means necessary even if it means gunning down dozens of unarmed protesters in the streets of Kinshasa.

Extreme vetting: Apply it to police

Oct 21, 2016

I’ve been following the U.S. presidential debates very closely. As a Black man who also happens to be a Muslim with a mother who was originally from the Middle East, I am intrigued by this term “extreme vetting,” which is frequently used by presidential candidate Donald Trump. Maybe extreme vetting needs to be applied to the internal threat posed from rogue police.

Alameda County, deliver on your promise of jobs for people returning from prison!

Oct 20, 2016
Formerly incarcerated people rally for the 1,400 county jobs promised by Alameda County last June. Over the past eight years, since the county banned the box, 751 formerly incarcerated employees have been hired. – Photo: Justice Reinvestment Coalition

On Oct. 11, the Justice Reinvestment Coalition of Alameda County held a march and rally calling on Alameda County to fulfill its promise to provide jobs for formerly incarcerated people. In June 2016, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors had voted unanimously (5-0) in favor of a new Re-Entry Hiring Program that aims to provide 1,400 county jobs for people impacted by the criminal justice system and youth in the school-to-prison pipeline in Alameda County.

The ‘woke tailgate’: The brave of Buffalo kneel in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick

Oct 20, 2016
Colin Kaepernick arrived at the Bills game in Buffalo, where he was starting quarterback for the 49ers, wearing a Muhammad Ali T-shirt.

Sunday, Oct. 16, was the 48th anniversary of that indelible moment in 1968 when John Carlos and Tommie Smith put their heads down and fists up on the Olympic medal stand as the anthem played, their friend the Australian silver-medalist Peter Norman standing in solidarity with their protest. Forty-eight years later to the day, in Buffalo, New York, Colin Kaepernick made his first start of the 2016 season as his 49ers took on the Bills.

Six years since Ingabire arrest, 20 since DRC invasion

Oct 19, 2016

Oct. 14 marked the sixth anniversary of Rwandan political prisoner Victoire Ingabire’s arrest, and Oct. 24 will mark the 20th anniversary of Rwanda and Uganda’s invasion and occupation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. KPFA’s Ann Garrison filed this report on these intertwined anniversaries.

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Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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October 24, 2016
Black Women Organized for Political Action / Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment present: Organizing For Power West - Candidates & Voter Education Forum 5:00 pm Greater St Paul Church, 1918 MLK Jr Way, Oakland COST: Free

The candidate forum will allow the public to ... more>>
October 24, 2016
Organizing for Power West EAST BAY CANDIDATE & VOTER EDUCATION FORUM 5:00 pm Greater St. Paul Church, 1827 MLK Jr. Way, Oakland 5:00pm Light Dinner | 6pm Program Begins

Members, friends, community join ... more>>
October 25, 2016
Community Tuesdays at Radio Africa & Kitchen -- dinner for $10 5:00 pm Radio Africa & Kitchen, 4800 Third St., San Francisco You’re invited to “break bread” with us in the ... more>>
October 25, 2016
BAJI Bay Area Forum: “The State of Black Immigrants” 7:00 pm West Oakland Youth Center, 3233 Market St., Oakland Join the Black Alliance for Just Immigration for a Bay ... more>>

‘Already a Legend’: Soaking up game with young rap legend G-Val

Oct 14, 2016

G-Val, born and raised in Bayview, is an artist who spits dope lyrics that young children in inner city communities, especially Bayview, can look up to. G-Val is not just an artist; he is a dream. His smile and positive attitude causes him to be loved by his community and communities nationwide. Check out what G-Val has to say about staying focused and committed to being successful and making it out the hood …

Troubled legacy: a review of Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’

Oct 14, 2016
Nat Turner (Nate Parker) and his rebel force at the armory in Jerusalem face an armed militia.

Perhaps the reason why Nat Turner is almost completely buried within documented and oral histories is connected to the fear his rebellion caused in the Southampton and by extension the Southern antebellum community. Nate Parker’s “The Birth of a Nation” visits this story as Donald Trump draws a white male constituency very much in keeping philosophically with the angry mob who tear the flesh from the iconic Prophet Nat Turner’s body.

We don’t heel, we kneel!

Oct 12, 2016
This stunning mural honoring Colin Kaepernick recently appeared at 22nd and Telegraph in Oakland.

What Colin Kaepemick has done is not only courageous but long overdue. The game plan, henceforth, should be to turn that momentum into a nationwide movement. Yes, the best way to show solidarity and support for Colin Kaepemick is to emulate his heroic act. Stand for something bigger than “self.” You can accomplish this by taking a knee. Let’s see who has the heart, character and courage to kneel for change.

Wanda’s Picks for October 2016

Oct 10, 2016
To mark the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Hunters Point Uprising, Aliyah Dunn-Salahuddin (in the colorful dress), chair of the African American Studies Department at City College, who was born and raised in Hunters Point, organized two commemorative events. The second, exactly 50 years after the police murder of Matthew “Peanut” Johnson on Sept. 27, 1966, which sparked the uprising, included a march down Third Street, the main street in Bayview Hunters Point; here they are on the block where the Bay View lives. The intent of both events was to honor Peanut and all who have been lost over the past 50 years. – Photo: Katrina Williams

This Maafa Commemoration Month we continue to lift “A Love Supreme” as we organize a defense against state violence. Congratulations to Professor Aaliyah Dunn-Salahuddin, whose community vigil and program honored the lives of the Bayview Hunters Point revolutionaries killed 50 years ago when the community rose up after SFPD killed Matthew “Peanut” Johnson and more recently when the community turned out after SFPD killed Mario Woods.

First Tuesdays Spoken Word at Radio Africa Kitchen tonight: ‘Bringing Ideas to Life’

Oct 4, 2016
Come to Radio Africa Kitchen every first Tuesday and meet Karwanna Dyson and Terrell Irving, founders of Big Mouth Productions. Talk with them about what they can do to promote your business or project to boost its success.

Big Mouth Productions is presenting a cultural event for everyone in the community to come together and have a pleasurable time. A recent First Tuesdays Spoken Word event I attended was filled with an abundance of positive energy and great people. The event takes place this evening and every first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Radio Africa Kitchen restaurant, located on the corner of Third and Oakdale in the heart of Bayview Hunters Point.

‘Kicks,’ debut film by East Bay native Justin Tipping
Nathaniel Mason Jr., pillar of the community
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