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The caption for this photo written by The Associated Press describes police-initiated violence: “Police fire teargas as protestors converge on downtown following Tuesday's police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. Protesters have rushed police in riot gear at a downtown Charlotte hotel and officers have fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. At least one person was injured in the confrontation, though it wasn't immediately clear how. Firefighters rushed in to pull the man to a waiting ambulance.” – Photo: Gerry Broome, AP

God bless Charlotte: Clergy believe protester killed by police

A few things we should all be thinking about: First of all, a young man named Cantrell was shot in the head during last night’s demonstrations in Charlotte. The first accounts came from clergy and other eyewitnesses including Eddie Thomas, who lives in Charlotte. This is what he penned on his Facebook page. “Been in Uptown Charlotte with the protesters since 7:30. It was peaceful. Then for some reason, riot cops showed up. And within 5 mins (no exaggeration) a dude lay bleeding on the ground. After the young man went down, it became chaos. The police started this though. Remember that. Don’t let the news lie to you. Don’t let CMPD lie.”

Behind Enemy Lines

Leonard Peltier: On solidarity with Standing Rock, executive clemency and the international Indigenous struggle

Sep 20, 2016

I have been asked to write a SOLIDARITY statement to everyone about the Camp of the Sacred Stones on Standing Rock. Thank you for this great honor. I must admit it is very difficult for me to even begin this statement, as my eyes get so blurred from tears and my heart swells with pride as chills run up and down my neck and back. I’m so proud of all of you young people and others there.

Strike the punishment clause from the 13th Amendment

Sep 18, 2016
A prisoner builds furniture for a company called Furniture Medic – in prison, where concern for workers’ safety is scarce. One prisoner told of having to smash the glass on old TVs and computer screens all day with no protection from the flying glass.

In a society where peaceful resistance is purported to be the correct method of protest, we must ask ourselves why these thousands of prisoners, engaging in peaceful methods of protest, are being retaliated against and punished in the most brutal and inhumane ways? The answer is simple. The actions of these courageous prisoners – however peaceful – are not constitutionally protected.

Is the serious humanitarian crisis developing at Holman Prison an ADOC ploy to build more prisons?

Sep 17, 2016
On April 9, 2016, Free Alabama Movement Mothers and Families called a protest outside Holman Prison to show solidarity with the men inside organizing to end intolerable conditions and prison slavery itself.

Since Sept. 13, 2016, when Warden Raybon released approximately 20 people from segregation, most of whom were there for violent incidents – only to see several stabbings take place, including one person critically injured and another losing an eye – a total of eight more officers have either quit or given notice. Now officers are expressing concern that ADOC commissioners are intentionally exacerbating violence at the expense of human life in efforts to push forward their plan to extort the public for $1.5 billion to build new prisons in next year’s legislative session.

Sept. 9 prison strike was HUGE and is continuing

Sep 15, 2016
In Lansing, Michigan, protesters know that it doesn’t take a crowd to shut down traffic.

Anyone relying on mainstream media wouldn’t know it, but the U.S. prison system is shaking up right now. No one knows how big the initial strike was yet, but the information is slowly leaking out between the cracks in the prisons’ machinery of obscurity and isolation. Over the weekend more than 50 protests erupted across the country and around the world in solidarity with the Sept. 9 nationwide prisoner work stoppage and protest.

George Jackson University supports the historic Sept. 9 strike against prison slavery

Sep 10, 2016
Prisoners were used to clean the beaches after the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf, the largest marine oil spill in history. Exposed to deadly toxins, they were given no protective gear, evidence that prisoners used as slave labor are expendable.

Sept. 9, 2016, is the day that many people in America are wholeheartedly organizing, mobilizing, taking action, standing and locking arms in solidarity against what we know as prison slave labor – yes, legalized slavery – and people are saying, “No more!” Even though there are many taking action and answering the call to cure this particular ill of society, there is an overwhelmingly larger portion of the U.S. population who are absolutely clueless to the fact that slavery still exists.

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Forcing out two women’s prison wardens is scapegoating, not accountability
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Sept. 9: Strike against prison slavery, strike against white supremacy
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Black August, a story of African freedom fighters
The Justice Department is going to stop using private prisons

News & Views

An arrest is made in the quadruple homicide of young African-American sons in the Fillmore

Sep 22, 2016
At right, holding the banner honoring all four young men, is Yolanda Banks Reed, community leader with the Hebrew Cultural Community. – Photo: Poor News Network

“We are determined to get justice for our children,” said Sala-Haquekyah Chandler as she and other mothers stood outside the San Francisco courthouse where the alleged murderer of her son and three other young African sons in a quadruple homicide Jan. 9, 2015, was being tried. Had it not been for the endless resistance, marching, speaking, praying and fighting on the part of the mothers and families of the four murdered boys, this case would not have gotten this far.

Is the U.S. government dumping guns in the hood?

Sep 20, 2016

There is a well-documented history of the U.S. government supplying weapons and arms to both friends and foe for political purposes and for profit. In addition to publicly known global arms deals to U.S. political allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia, revelations about the rise of ISIS indicate that U.S. arms and military trainees have been a critical factor in the rise of the terror group. With the recent rise of violence in Chicago involving over 3,000 shooting victims in 2016 so far, it appears that another case of U.S. sponsored gun-smuggling and intentional destruction of inner-city communities may be at play.

Declaration of genocide against Rwandan Hutu

Sep 19, 2016
These Rwandan Hutu refugees seek safety in a camp in the Congo. Called genocidaires – or perpetrators of genocide – Hutus have been pursued relentlessly wherever they fled by Kagame’s forces.

Since 1994, Rwanda and the international community invested tremendous resources in acknowledging, documenting, remembering and bringing to justice the perpetrators of the genocide against Tutsi. Sadly, though well documented by the international community and known by the victims, there has never been an acknowledgement that the crimes committed against the Rwandan Hutu fully satisfy the definition of genocide according to the Genocide Convention of 1948.

Uganda: ‘A Brilliant Genocide’

Sep 18, 2016
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni – Photo: AFP

“A Brilliant Genocide” tells the story of the Acholi Genocide that President Yoweri Museveni and his army committed against the Acholi people during their 20-year war and occupation of the Acholi homeland in northern Uganda, from 1986 to 2006. Museveni waged that war in the name of fighting Kony and claimed to be protecting the Acholi, not destroying them. RT will air “A Brilliant Genocide” on Oct. 1.

Green Party’s Stein and Baraka on ballot for 90% of US voters

Sep 18, 2016
Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka accept the Green Party nomination at the University of Houston, Texas, in August 2016.

The Green Party campaign for presidential candidate Jill Stein and vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka has completed its 2016 ballot access drive. Stein-Baraka will be on the ballot in 45 states, including Washington, D.C., and they will be official write-in candidates in three more states. Ballots cast for official write-in candidates are counted, whereas unofficial write-in ballots are not. KPFA’s Ann Garrison spoke to Rick Lass, ballot access coordinator for the Stein-Baraka campaign.

Further Hunters Point Shipyard land transfers halted while Tetra Tech’s radiation cleanup fraud investigated
Regulators ask Navy to halt Shipyard land transfers amid investigations
Iris Canada hospitalized: Sheriff’s notice to vacate sends 100-year-old to ICU; eviction of elders = death
Support political prisoner Imam Jamil Al Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown) in Oakland on Friday, Sept. 16
Solidarity with Kaepernick ripples through the NFL on Sept. 11
More than 500 activists lock down entrances to Urban Shield to stop the militarization of police
Lakota women call on President Obama to stop violence by Dakota Access Pipeline
A multi-nationed prayer from San Francisco to Dakota land protectors
Champion of resistance: Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, survivor of 43 years in solitary confinement, speaks in San Francisco
‘Celeste Guap’ sent to ‘rehab,’ then jailed in Florida, as Oakland PD fires, suspends a dozen cops
Praise for Colin Kaepernick at San Francisco’s historic Third Baptist Church
Dominican University partners with CPD to exclude Jill Stein from presidential debates
Haiti: Why is it important to remember Sept. 30, 1991?
Dear readers, let’s reach out to Colin Kaepernick about supporting the SF Bay View newspaper
Gloria’s life lurched to a halt when her identity was stolen

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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September 25, 2016
SF's Concert Across America to End Gun Violence 12:00 pm Victoria Manalo Draves Park, Folsom and Sherman Streets, San Francisco You are invited to SF's Concert Across America to End ... more>>
September 25, 2016
5th Annual Delilah Beasley Tea 2:00 pm Pardee Home Museum, 672 11th St., Oakland Delilah Leontium Beasley, was an American historian, and newspaper columnist ... more>>
September 25, 2016
United Council of Human Services, Mother Brown's Dining Room's 9th Annual Jazz Tea Party 2:00 pm Southeast Community Facility Alex Pitcher Community Room, 1800 Oakdale Ave., Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco The United Council of Human Services, Mother Brown's Dining Room ... more>>
September 26, 2016
Discussion on proposal to remove the City College Southeast Campus out of the building at 1800 Oakdale -- If you live in 94124, come voice your opinion! 6:00 pm Alex Pitcher Community Room, 1800 Oakdale at Phelps, Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco Live in 94124?

Are you community minded?

Do you want to ... more>>

#7: Seventh Son

Sep 24, 2016

Colin Kaepernick, Yusef Lateef, Willie Dixon — Prelude: It’s nev-er, it’s nev-er, ever the time, — It’s nev-er, it’s never, never, ever the way — Never, ever time for free-dom fight-ing — It’s al-ways, it’s al-ways, always the wrong way — It’s al-ways, al-ways, al-ways wrong and unwise — Al-ways wrong and un-wise, to fight for free-dom (REPEAT) — The Chinese had a saying — About single sparks igniting prairie fires — #7’s that spark – for The Fire This Time …

Dameion Brown is Othello in Marin Shakespeare Company production

Sep 23, 2016
Dameion Brown plays Othello in the new Marin Shakespeare Company production. – Photo courtesy Lori A. Cheung

William Shakespeare’s “Othello” rings with contemporary accuracy in the Marin Shakespeare Company’s production. Damieon Brown, who performed in Marin Shakespeare Company’s 2015 “Shakespeare at Solano” theater arts program at Solano State Prison, studied, pursued, auditioned and won the role of Othello, one of Shakespeare’s most complicated and enthralling characters. The show closes Sept. 25.

Original Good in East Palo Alto

Sep 3, 2016
In East Palo Alto for their annual Original Good Community Barbeque are the members of “Original Good,” not “Original Gangsters.”

Black people are genetic experts at dislocation and assimilation; what with centuries of practice, we come to this place with authority and grief. However, Saturday, July 30, at the fifth OG or Original Good Community Barbecue, children, youth and adults had a chance to mingle, eat and enjoy the chance to introduce Gen X to those elders who made this city situated between Silicon Valley giants – Palo Alto and Menlo Park – what it was, if not what it is now.

Colin Kaepernick, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and Curt Flood

Sep 2, 2016
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneels during the national anthem before the team’s NFL preseason football game against the San Diego Chargers, on Thursday, Sept. 1, in San Diego. – Photo: Chris Carlson, AP

Colin Kaepernick just became an instant national hero in the Black community, risking his career like Muhammad Ali, taking a stand or a seat like Rosa Parks, and shocking the sports world by doing what the vast majority of modern day athletes wouldn’t dare even think about doing and jeopardize their million dollar contracts by speak out against injustice. So WE GOT YOUR BACK, CAP!

Wanda’s Picks for September 2016

Sep 2, 2016
Dameion Brown as Othello in Marin Shakespeare production

Actor Dameion Brown, playing the title role in the Marin Shakespeare Company’s production of “Othello,” is getting standing ovations since the production started. Still in previews, Brown has with this role seen a dream come true. Since the MSC production of “Othello” opened Aug. 26 for previews, we learn that Brown is a formerly incarcerated or convicted person (FICP), just released after serving 23 years of a life sentence.

Black Family Resource Network to convene annual Black Family Day on Sept. 17
Black Elders Fund
Black Breastfeeding Week helps moms share in the joys of breastfeeding
We salute Colin Kaepernick
Celebrating a major milestone: Mary Lee Wilson’s 100th birthday
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