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CAPTION: A man faces off with police after shots were fired into a crowd of unarmed youth. The police and National Guard began shooting on word of a sniper. Neither a sniper nor a gun was ever found. This photo and news of the uprising made headlines around the world. – Photo: UPI (United Press International)

Breaking historical silence to heal from historical wounds: Remembering the 1966 Hunters Point Uprising

During the fall of 1966, racial and economic disparity exploded into a violent three-day conflict between local and state law enforcement, the National Guard and the Black community of Bayview Hunters Point after the fatal killing of 16 year-old African-American youth Matthew Johnson by white police officer Alvin Johnson. This left a deep wound adding to the historical trauma experienced by African-Americans. Now more than ever it is time for us to tell our stories. Join the conversation at the Linda Brooks Burton Library on the 50th anniversary of the BVHP Uprising.

Behind Enemy Lines

Forcing out two women’s prison wardens is scapegoating, not accountability

Aug 31, 2016
Women “shout their names” at a CCWP event of that name, holding up women who have died at the hands of police and in prison, on July 31, 2016.

On the surface, the recent “retirement” of the wardens from two of California’s women’s facilities appears to be a needed move in an effort to reform California’s violent correctional system. While many Californians are just beginning to agree that our Department of Corrections does more harm than good, many legal advocates and anti-prison activists have been fighting to make that very point from both inside and out of prison for years.

The key or the peephole: A look inside the prison industrial complex and where movements should go from here

Aug 30, 2016
Anthony Robinson Jr. 2015, web cropped

The Ashker decision was great, the five core demands are all good, but how come we are not writing our own regulations and attacking the “STG” scheme in totality? We know from its inception it was designed to isolate and entrap prisoners with the God given talent to awaken the prisoner class to the exploits of the system and provide those willing to organize for change with practical alternatives to prison enslavement.

Is it illegal to be Black in America?

Aug 29, 2016
The life of Kevin Cooper, since the death penalty moratorium was lifted last November, is in more imminent danger than at any time since he came within hours of execution in 2004. Be prepared, once again, to join the campaign to save and free him. This photo was taken Oct. 23, 2013.

Sometime in the early 19th century, former United States President Thomas Jefferson stated, “Unchecked power twisted white men’s characters.” Since he was a slave owner and an oppressor, he should know what he speaks about! Here in the early 21st century, it still seems that within the hands of America’s criminal justice system as a whole, unchecked power has indeed “twisted” certain white people’s characters.

Sept. 9: Strike against prison slavery, strike against white supremacy

Aug 27, 2016
'Prisoners Are Striking Nationwide Sept 9' Oakland poster by BlackOUT Collective

On Friday, Sept. 9, on the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising in New York, prisoners are calling for a general strike across all prisons in the United States against prison slavery. As the initial call out for the strike stated: “Slavery is alive and well in the prison system, but by the end of this year, it won’t be anymore. … This is a call for a nationwide prisoner work stoppage to end prison slavery, starting on Sept. 9, 2016. They cannot run these facilities without us.”

Free Speech Society emergency bulletin

Aug 24, 2016
Free Speech Society logo

It is no secret that CDCr’s counterintelligence units have been plotting revenge on the class members of Ashker v. Brown to have us returned to indefinite solitary confinement. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that it wasn’t a matter of coincidence, as we embark upon the first anniversary of Brotha Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell’s assassination, that the media began leaking fraudulent reports to the public generated by IGI, ISU, OCS and the FBI about the BGF plotting to avenge the death of Hugo Pinell.

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Announcement of nationally coordinated prisoner work stoppage for Sept. 9, 2016
White House officials and local leaders attend debate, organized by prisoner, between prisoners and Morehouse students
The Black August Slave Rebellion: Every slave has a right to rebel

News & Views

The Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People and Families Movement 1st National Conference is coming to Oakland Sept. 9-10

Aug 30, 2016
Dorsey Nunn, fist raised, and a delegation from All of Us or None deliver more than 100,000 signatures supporting their petition to Ban the Box to the nation’s capital last November.

Of the millions of people imprisoned in the U.S., most will return home someday – but to what? Barriers to finding a place to live or earning a living – or merely surviving – surround formerly incarcerated people like prison walls. We’re organizing The Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People and Families Movement 1st National Conference in Oakland to come together and find ways to break down those walls.

Reparationists take the power, and da funk, to Parliament in London!

Aug 29, 2016
Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at stands with thousands of other reparationists on Emancipation Day, 1 Mosiah (August) 2016, for three minutes of silence for the Ancestors on the Westminster Bridge in London, England. Behind them is the British Parliament – House of Commons and House of Lords – with the “Big Ben” clock tower, where a major rally was later held. Petitions demanding reparations were also delivered to No. 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British prime minister.

On 1 Mosiah (August), thousands of Pan Afrikanists from around England, Europe, the Afrikan continent, the Caribbean, Australia and other former colonies like West Papua – accompanied by billions of our Afrikan forbearers! – assembled in London for major mass actions. In this, the Annual Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March, the themes of “Stop the Maangamizi: We charge genocide and ecocide” and “Demand reparatory justice and reparations” united all.

Who is killing indigenous people in Beni, DR Congo?

Aug 28, 2016
‘Congo’ graphic

Beni Territory is a vivid example of the phrase, “Everybody wants a piece of Congo.” Beni Territory is rich in oil, timber, gold, diamonds, wolfram, coltan and cassiterite. Now the people of Beni are being massacred for their land and its riches. KPFA’s Ann Garrison filed this report after speaking to a Congolese human rights defender and author of “Congolese Genocides from Leopold II to Paul Kagame,” Boniface Musavuli.

Oakland: Standing room only at Uber local business outreach event

Aug 28, 2016
Oakland business owners packed The Oakstop on Aug. 4 – and most of them were Black. They’re hoping to do business with Uber, which will soon be headquartered in Oakland. – Photo: The Registry

On Aug. 4, 2016, Oakland-based firm 360 Total Concept teamed with Uber Technologies for an outreach event to maximize local business participation as the ride-sharing company prepares to expand its headquarters to Oakland. This was the second event in the series of connector sessions for local firms and Uber, also featuring the project developer, Lane Partners.

HUD policies threaten poor, elderly and disabled tenants with eviction

Aug 28, 2016
San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed – Photo: Gabrielle Lurie, SF Chronicle

A proposal by HUD and the Obama administration that is allegedly meant to combat segregation and break up concentrations of poverty actually threatens Section 8 renters (Housing Choice Voucher holders) – the elderly, poor and disabled – with higher rents and eviction. It has many Section 8 tenants worried about their future in the Bay Area, New York and elsewhere.

Colin Kaepernick won’t stand up for slavery
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Huey P. Newton’s brother Melvin speaks on their Panther histories
“Blood in My Eye” 45 years later wit’ David Johnson of the San Quentin 6
SNCC Legacy Project endorses the Movement for Black Lives Policy Platform
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Tajai of Hiero speaks on Hiero Day ’16 roster, Golden Era shoes, and raising an MC daughter
Want to stop the violence? Get involved – really involved
Fake ‘Day of Rage’: COINTELPRO action, not ‘Anonymous’ video

Culture Currents

Upcoming Events

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August 31, 2016
Help Shape the Future of Subways in San Francisco 4:00 pm SE (Southeast) corner of Mission Street and Silver Avenue, San Francisco San Francisco’s transportation network reflects the city’s livability, ... more>>
August 31, 2016
Hot August Nite Yard Party: Come Meet and Greet Organizations That are Doing the Good Work 4:30 pm 349 Mandela Parkway, Oakland FOOD- MUSIC- KID CORNER

Workshops on Air Monitoring


For ... more>>
August 31, 2016
Do we need a Black Panther Party today? 5:30 pm West Oakland Youth Center, 3233 Market St., Oakland Do We Need A Black Panther Party Today?
Do You ... more>>
August 31, 2016
The Commonwealth Club the nation’s premier public affairs forum PRESENTS RHODESSA JONES 5:30 pm Commonwealth Club, 555 Post St., San Francisco SPEAKER:
Rhodessa Jones: Co-Artistic Director, Cultural Odyssey; Actress; Teacher; Writer; ... more>>
September 1, 2016
San Francisco Mime Troupe presents "Schooled," a new Musical, for the Grand Re-opening of the Bayview Opera House 5:00 pm Mendell (Kenneth Harding) Plaza, on Third St. between Oakdale & Palou, Hunters Point, San Francisco Watch Mime Troupe Trailer at more>>
September 1, 2016
Justice 4 Mario Woods Coalition Townhall Meeting: SFPD Exposed! 6:00 pm St John Will I Am Coltrane Church, 2097 Turk (at Lyon), San Francisco Charge the officers with murder! Independent investigation!

The SFPD has ... more>>
September 1, 2016
A seminar on The Real Black Economic Solution 6:30 pm African American Art & Culture Complex, 762 Fulton St., San Francisco Come to this free event, to learn what ... more>>

Black Elders Fund

Aug 31, 2016
Paradise presents Sister Makinya, the First Lady of Kwanzaa, with the very first award from the Black Elders Fund. The party was Feb. 24, 2016, at Kingston 11 Jamaican Restaurant.

The purpose of the Black Elders Fund of Oakland is to serve local elders in need and or purely on the basis of merit, to support them and the work they’re doing, help them with present day needs, provide services for them, rides and financial aid, do errands, check up on them and collect and archive their stories, recipes and wisdom for the community and the diaspora.

Black Breastfeeding Week helps moms share in the joys of breastfeeding

Aug 30, 2016
Black mother breastfeeding baby

In a joint collaboration to spread the joys of breastfeeding, Loving Moments by Leading Lady partnered with the fourth annual Black Breastfeeding Week event by donating nursing bras to participating breastfeeding organizations across the country. Black Breastfeeding Week is a week-long event Aug. 25-31 at the end of National Breastfeeding Month, which celebrates and advocates the health benefits and personal empowerment of breastfeeding.

We salute Colin Kaepernick

Aug 27, 2016
Colin Kaepernick

“Kaepernick’s action was a righteous protest against the epidemic of racism and police brutality in this country,” said Gloria La Riva. “As a socialist and proud, long-time resident of San Francisco, I salute the stand taken by SF 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand for the national anthem at Friday night’s game. La Riva spoke from her San Francisco office in California where she is running for U.S. president as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate.

Celebrating a major milestone: Mary Lee Wilson’s 100th birthday

Aug 25, 2016
Mary Wilson celebrates her birthday over lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Mary Lee Wilson is a native of Texas, born Sept. 16, 1916, in Refugio, Texas, where her early years were spent. Her family later relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas, where she met and married the love of her life, Curtis L. Wilson Sr., and to that union six children were born. They relocated the family to San Francisco, California, in the late ‘40s, where she was very active in the community in which she lived, reaching out to all in need and known to all as Ms. Mary Lee.

Rapper Beeda Weeda talks “Revolution” remix w/ M1, Killa Mike, and Jay Rock

Aug 23, 2016
Beeda3 interviews Oakland’s lyrical kingpin Beeda Weeda right after BET picked up his song “Revolution”, that is currently the West Coast anthem against police terrorism. We also discuss Beeda’s relationship with Too Short and his camp Pushing the Beat, and his upcoming “Revolution” remix that will feature the frontline revolutionary rapper M1, T.D.E.’s Jay Rock, and one of the biggest political voices in rap music today, Killa Mike. Tune in for more at

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